NBR Show Clips

Diana Olick reports on some borrowers fudging their incomes in order to qualify for loans.

Bill Griffeth reports on the abrupt departure of General Electric CEO John Flannery.

Phil LeBeau reports on September auto sales, which were mixed.

Andrea Day reports on an international extortion scheme where callers convince victims that their son or daughter has been taken and demand money to save them.

Taylor Morrison Homes is the nation’s seventh largest publicly traded homebuilder by revenue. Its leader, Sheryl Palmer, is the first and only one of her kind in those ranks, a female CEO. Diana Olick reports.

Sharon Epperson reports on saving trends among parents who are putting money away for their children’s college expenses.

Phil LeBeau takes a look at how China’s latest round of tariffs are impacting a U.S. auto parts supplier.

Diana Olick reports on how the ongoing trade war is impacting home renovators.

You can buy or lease a car, but did you know that you can also subscribe to one? Phil LeBeau explains how auto subscriptions work.

While demand for housing the US remains solid, there’s a new headwind that’s impacting both sellers and buyers. Diana Olick explains.

The lack of affordable housing has been an ongoing issue for many home buyers, and as more tariffs are slapped on Chinese goods that go into home building, that pain point could get worse. Diana Olick reports.

As the 50th U.S. Open kicks off, Eric Chemi takes a look at what changes are being made in tennis to attract and retain fans.

Phil LeBeau reports on Musk’s decision to keep Tesla public after saying he would consider taking the auto maker private.

This week’s market monitor has three picks for your portfolio that he says could rise 20% over the next year.