NBR Show Clips

President Trump may be willing to extend the March 1 deadline on China tariffs if a deal is near. Eunice Yoon reports that both sides are expressing optimism – but that Chinese negotiators say some of the US’ demands are too harsh.

Ylan Mui reports that lawmakers have reached a shutdown compromise – but it remains unclear if President Trump will sign the deal.

Seema Mody reports that markets rallied Tuesday amid optimism on talks around two issues – trade with China and averting another government shutdown.

Fed chair Jerome Powell recently visited the Mississippi Delta, where many poor residents don’t have bank accounts. Steve Liesman reports from the region, where credit unions are now bringing banking services to some of the poorest people in the country.

Julia Boorstin reports that while movie sales are down – upcoming blockbuster hits may help turn the tide.

Josh Lipton reports that revenues are down at video game company Activision Blizzard – and that the company is reporting a weak outlook for the first part of 2019. This comes as the company cuts 8% of its workforce.

Robert Frank reports that some lawmakers are rolling out plans to dramatically raise taxes on wealthy Americans.

Eunice Yoon reports on the latest efforts by US and Chinese officials to reach a trade deal by March 1.

Bob Pisani reports from the 12th annual Inside ETF conference and explains some current trends in the ETF industry.

Diana Olick reports that as older Americans choose to stay in their homes as they age, fewer homes for sale are putting pressure on home prices.

Ylan Mui reports that lawmakers from both parties are in discussions to avert another government shutdown.

Scott Cohn explains that some colleges are offering “income sharing” – a way to pay for college by agreeing to pay the school a portion of your future income.

Bob Pisani reports that the markets ended the day up despite concerns about trade, global economic growth, and a slowdown in earnings.

Scott Cohn reports that Amazon executives may be reassessing the company’s decision to build a second headquarters in New York City.

This week’s market monitor likes stocks that are leading the digital transformation.