NBR Show Clips

Courtney Reagan on the hot toys for this coming holiday season.

Frank Holland reports on one of the world’s largest package delivery companys, DHL, looking for skilled workers ahead of the holiday shopping season.

Kate Rogers reports on the aviation industry’s growing need for mechanics, and what one New York high school is doing to help close the gap.

The baseball bat business is dominated by a few big players, but an entrepreneur with a bright idea found his way into the game. Bill Griffeth has his story.

Our market monitor says his three stock picks will grow at least 10% over the next year regardless of geopolitical tensions.

Ylan Mui breaks down the numbers in the September jobs report.

A sharp rise in the 10-year treasury yield caused mortgage rates to jump to the highest level in seven years. Diana Olick reports on what that means for the housing market.

Aditi Roy reports on why the government cracking down on e-cig maker Juul could be lighting a fire under big tobacco giants.

With midterm elections one month away, all eyes on are on Florida, which is considered a battleground state for the Senate. And as John Harwood reports, the Sunshine State will likely determine this year’s race.

Bob Pisani explains why bond yields have been rising.

Bloomberg is reporting that nearly 30 U.S. companies including Apple and Amazon may have been secretly subjected to surveillance by the Chinese government. Josh Lipton reports on what happened.

Geoff Cutmore reports from the Russian Energy Week in Moscow on the state of oil markets.

More and more companies are using two-factor authentication to make customer accounts more secure. But as Andrea Day reports, the hackers have already found a way to bypass that security feature.

Phil LeBeau reports that General Motors and Honda have announced a partnership to develop and build an autonomous car together.

Real estate sales in the first quarter posted their largest drop in nearly a decade. Robert Frank reports on what’s driving the weakness.