NBR Show Clips

Josh Lipton is in Berkeley, California for us and reports on the latest developments with the PG&E’s power outages and how it’s impacting the local economy.

Contessa Brewer shows us how a start-up software company is launching a tech product to keep passengers entertained in the backseat of vehicles.

Julia Boorstin reports on how things are changing in the digital media advertising industry with some surprising winners.

Eunice Yoon is in Beijing for us and reports on the growing rift between the NBA and China.

We’re seeing the rules for retirement are different from before as savers now are trying to navigate the new “normal”. Joining us on this discussion is Liz Weston, who’s a Financial Planner for Nerdwallet.

President Trump will be meeting with China’s chief trade negotiator in the latest trade talks between the two biggest economies in the world. Kayla Tausche has more for us from Washington.

Shares of Bed Bath & Beyond were soaring thanks to the announcement of its new CEO whom is hoping to turn the company around. Courtney Reagan has more for us at the New York Stock Exchange.

Ylan Mui reports from Washington where the latest minutes report of the Federal Reserve meeting shows a division regarding policy going forward.

Joining us on the show is Eric Marshall, a Portfolio Manager at Hodges Capital, who gives us his tips on what investors should do in a low interest rate environment.

Joining us on the show is Marguerita Cheng, CEO at Blue Ocean Global Wealth, who gives us tips on what you should know if your employer changes the terms of your retirement plan.

Eric Chemi reports on how some young baseball prospects are looking to improve their skills by using a high tech vision test.

A new report shows the U.S. is less competitive than it was a year ago after Singapore knocks it out of the top spot as the world’s most competitive economy. Is the U.S. losing its competitive edge and should investors be worried? More now to talk about this is Michael Yoshikami, Founder & CEO at Destination Wealth Management.

Meg Tirrell reports on the surprise verdict by the jury where Johnson & Johnson was slapped with $8 billion in punitive damages.

Talks between the U.S. and China resume on Thursday with the stakes are high and the relationship complicated. Kayla Tausche has more for us from Washington.

We have a special report from Wyoming, the heart of coal country, where our Scott Cohn tells us President Trump’s promises to save the country’s coal industry is facing a roadblock – the free market.