NBR Show Clips

Phil LeBeau reports on the tightened security on U.S.-bound flights due to threats of terrorism.

Morgan Brennan reports on the effect of fewer operating days, expansion of ground network, and rising fuel prices on FedEx’s earnings.

Courtney Reagan reports on the future role of brick-and-mortar stores.

Jane Wells reports on the growing trend of retirement jobs.

Diana Olick takes a look at how deregulation could impact the housing industry.

Eunice Yoon reports on one of the key topics discussed at the China Development Forum in Beijing.

A record number of people are expected to fly this spring. Phil LeBeau reports on why so many travelers are taking off.

Steve Liesman sat down with Philadelphia Fed President Patrick Harker to discuss rising rates and inflation concerns.

Shares of Amgen and other drug makers fell today, following the disappointing results from Amgen’s cholesterol study. Meg Tirrell reports.

This week’s Market Monitor is finding opportunities in three global names he says are misunderstood by the market.

Figuring out if deregulation will be a growth driver is not an easy task. Steve Liesman explains.

Bob Pisani reports on how deregulation could impact the broader market and the economy.

Tyler Mathisen reports the story of how a group of working moms turned a small basement business into a multimillion-dollar venture.

The Department of Transportation faces a funding cut of about $2.5 billion under the Trump administration. Morgan Brennan reports on how this could potentially impact travelers.

Now that the Federal Reserve rate hike has passed, investors are now wondering what lies ahead for stocks. Bob Pisani reports.