NBR Show Clips

Kate Rogers heads to southern California and reports about the need for workers in the solar panel industry as business is now booming.

Is the U.S. economy slowing down? Steve Liesman breaks down the numbers for us to see where the state of the economy is today.

Two high profile IPOs made their trading debuts: Pinterest & Zoom. Bill Griffeth recaps the buzz of these new IPOs from both the Nasdaq and the New York Stock Exchange.

There’s a new car that’s turning heads at the New York Auto Show worth about $3 million and it’s already sold out. Robert Frank gives a close look at this new car in demand.

We speak to the CEO of Lake Avenue Financial, Alex Chalakian, and get his perspective on the future of financial technology with companies such as Square and Paypal.

PepsiCo recorded all-time highs after reporting strong quarter results. What helped this growth and how is their stock competing with their chief rival Coca-Cola? Sara Eisen explains.

With the Nasdaq-100 rebounding in the latest trade session, will this be a much needed turnaround for tech stocks? Timothy Lesko, a principal from the Granite Investment Advisors, gives us his insights.

On Wednesday, the Nasdaq-100 closed on a record high. Did the legal settlement between Apple and Qualcomm helped with this rise? How did the tech heavy weights like Facebook and Amazon do? Bertha Coombs has the details.

Bob Pisani is at the New York Stock Exchange and gives us a recap of what has been working with investors so far this year and which sectors are at new highs.

When you think of Godiva, you think of chocolates, right? Well, this major chocolate company is looking to expand it’s growth to the café business. Courtney Reagan has more and speaks with the CEO of Godiva.

Has the world’s second largest economy, China, stabilized its growth? What is China’s GDP and industrial output? Eunice Yoon is in Beijing with the details.

Are automakers embracing electronic vehicles and what type of luxury brand electric cars may be in the market in the near future? Phil LeBeau reports from the New York International Auto Show.

Was there any growth in the U.S. economy? Steve Liesman reports on the Beige Book released from the Federal Reserve.

With earnings season upon us, Wall Street was keeping their eyes on powerhouse companies like IBM. How did “Big Blue” do? Deirdre Bosa gives us the breakdown.

With Netflix raising prices in Q1, how did the major streaming service report with their earnings with investors focusing on Netflix subscriber numbers and competition with Disney and Apple? Julia Boorstin reports.