NBR Show Clips

Macy’s reported an earnings miss due to higher costs from tariffs and deep discounts that affected its profits. Courtney Reagan has more for us.

On Wednesday, the Dow plummeted 800 points which is its worst day of the year as the bond market flashed an ominous sign and fears of a worldwide economic slowdown. Bob Pisani has more for us from the New York Stock Exchange.

With fears of a recession hurting the stock market, we discuss what it may mean for your portfolio investments and what opportunities you should keep an eye on in the market. Ben Phillips, Founder and CIO at Event Shares, give us his ideas.

Emergencies happen and there are four legal papers everyone needs to have to be better prepared for them. Our Senior Personal Finance Correspondent, Sharon Epperson, joins us on set to discuss about these documents.

A new report shows older Americans owe a lot more money now than just a decade ago. Could that make retirement a predicament? Joining us to discuss this topic is Joe Brusuelas, Chief Economist at RSM US.

The Chinese pork industry has been devastated by the spread of the African swine flu disease where the Chinese are stocking up on pork reserves. But, as Eunice Yoon tells us, the Chinese are looking to shift their strategy.

Stocks rallied on Tuesday after President Trump eases his stance on a new round of duties sending the Dow back above 26,000. Kayla Tausche has more for us.

We discuss more about the tariff delay and how it impacted the markets and both the tech and retail sectors. Peter Sorrentino, Chief Investment Officer at Comerica Wealth Management, joins us on the show.

Throughout the world, there are a number of hotspots which investors are keeping their eyes on. Bob Pisani reports.

For the fifth consecutive month, Boeing announced it has not ordered any of its 737 MAX planes. Phil LeBeau has more for us.

Joining us on the show is Jeff Kleintop, who’s a Chief Global Investment Strategist at Charles Schwab, to discuss about the numerous geopolitical hotspots we are currently seeing around the world.

Stocks plunge on Monday after a wave of selling hits Wall Street as investors grow concern that trade troubles will slow the global economy. Bob Pisani reports from the New York Stock Exchange.

The Strait of Hormuz is considered one of the most important oil passageways in the world and we have a special look on the international maritime trade on those waters. Hadley Gamble reports.

The banking sector is retreating as yields fall which could cut in the profits of an industry that is considered an engine of the economy. More to talk about this topic is Eric Compton, an Equity Analyst at Morningstar.

With students soon heading back or even starting college, Scott Cohn reports on ways parents can properly use admissions coaches despite the recent college admissions scandal.