NBR Show Clips

Frank Holland reports on the deliveries being sent right before the Christmas holiday.

Our Senior Personal Finance Correspondent, Sharon Epperson, reports on how blended families handle their challenging financial situations.

Jane Wells reports on what’s ahead for the California utility company PG&E after a very volatile year which included several settlements with wildfire victims, insurers and state regulators.

On Monday, the Dow got a bounce thanks to Boeing’s stock among other factors which included tariff news from China. Bob Pisani has more for us from the New York Stock Exchange.

Diana Olick reports on how homebuilders are anticipating growth in 2020 if they can change one thing.

Seema Mody delves into the major risks we are seeing lately with the emerging markets including new risks investors may see in 2020.

On tonight’s “Market Monitor”, we speak with Mariann Montagne, Portfolio Manager at Gradient Investments, who has defensive and dividend paying stock picks she says you should have in your portfolio in the coming new year.

Josh Lipton reports on what the video game console business is doing to fight off competition from the mobile gaming and streaming services.

Boeing’s CEO is out as the fallout from its grounded 737 MAX continues. What does it all mean for the company? Our Phil LeBeau joins us on the show to discuss.

With the new leadership changes at Boeing, how does this impact Boeing’s stock and its investors? More now with his analysis on this is David Dietze, President at Point View Wealth Management.

Joining us on the show is Jack Ablin, Founding Partner and CIO at Cresset Capital, to talk more about the market’s outlook for the remainder of the year.

Joining us on the show is CNBC.com Sports Business Reporter Jabari Young to talk more about Nike’s Jordan brand hitting its first ever billion dollar quarter.

In the month of December, consumer sentiment rose and shows more positive signs about the current and future economic conditions. But, will this momentum carry on to the next year? Steve Liesman has more for us.

United Airlines has pulled the grounded Boeing 737 MAX from its schedule again…this time until the start of the summer travel season. Phil LeBeau has more for us.

On tonight’s “Market Monitor”, we speak with five-star value funded investor, Randall Eley, President and Chief Investment Officer at The Edgar Lomax Company, who has three value stock picks he says belongs in your portfolio for 2020.