NBR Show Clips

Mike Santoli and Jeff Bush weigh in on how much influence individual presidents can have on market performance.

Dominic Chu takes a look back at which presidents have seen the best S&P 500 returns.

Sharon Epperson has some reminders of what you need to know when filing your tax returns under the new tax laws.

While CBS missed on earnings estimates – Julia Boorstin reports on one segment of the company that is growing.

Phil LeBeau reports that Airbus has decided to cease production for its A380 – a jet that failed to meet high expectations.

Retail sales for the holiday season fell to lowest numbers since 2009. Steve Liesman looks at what this means for the economy.

Contessa Brewer reports on Amazon’s controversial decision to cancel plans for its New York City headquarters. Then, Diana Olick reports on how Amazon’s announcement impacts real estate in the New York City area.

Coca-Cola’s stock plunged Thursday after the company said it expected sales to slow this year. Sara Eisen has more on the company’s outlook for 2019.

Eunice Yoon reports that high-level US and Chinese officials are in the first of two days talks to develop a framework for a trade agreement.

Willem Marx reports that British Prime Minister Teresa May is struggling to make headway in Brexit negotiations.

Jane Wells reports from the World Agricultural Expo, where farmers weigh in on the hit they’ve taken from the US-China trade dispute.

Eunice Yoon reports on positive developments in the trade talks between high-level US and Chinese officials.

Bertha Coombs explains that CVS is rolling out new “health hubs” where customers can get one-on-one health advice, receive treatments for sleep apnea and take yoga classes.

Dominic Chu reports that earnings have been generally positive this quarter – but explains why that could cause market volatility later this year.

Phil LeBeau reports that BMW is working to keep up the demand for luxury SUVs.