NBR Show Clips

People are leaving the state of California in droves and it could leave a lasting mark on the world’s 5th largest economy. Jane Wells reports.

Joining us on the show to give his perspective on what may be ahead for the oil sector is Rob Thummel, Portfolio Manager at Tortoise Advisors.

Brian Sullivan reports on what we may expect to see in the energy sector in 2020.

Joining us on the show to talk more about the Nasdaq passing 9,000 and what’s in store for 2020 with the tech stocks is Chris Retzler, Portfolio Manager at Needham Growth Fund.

Bob Pisani is at the New York Stock Exchange for us and reports on a belief on Wall Street that those stocks and sectors that outperform for one year may underperform the following year.

On tonight’s “Market Monitor”, we speak with Andy Kapyrin, Co-Head of Investments at Regent Atlantic, who has three stock picks he says you should own in a slow and steady economy.

With many consumers now returning and exchanging gifts and in a twist that can actually be a good thing for retailer sales. Frank Holland explains.

On Thursday, the Nasdaq hits 9,000 for the first time ever and the Dow & S&P close at all-time highs. Frank Holland has more for us.

Deirdre Bosa reports on what the giant e-commerce company, Amazon, may have in store for its investors and Wall Street in 2020.

Joining us on the show is Dana Telsey, CEO and Chief Research Officer at Telsey Advisory Group, to talk more about which retailers are the big winners this holiday shopping season.

If there is a Santa Claus rally, how does this impact investors and their stocks? Joining us on the show to talk about this is David Sowerby, Portfolio Manager at Ancora Advisers.

On Christmas Eve, stocks were quiet heading into the holiday but as Bob Pisani tells us it’s quite the difference from last year’s Christmas Eve.

As more Americans shop for their mortgages online, Diana Olick reports on how one company is trying to remove the potential bias when it comes to getting a mortgage.

With the consumer driving today’s economy, the way folks are spending money now is different than couple of decades ago. Ylan Mui explains for us.

On tonight’s “Market Monitor”, we speak with Richard Steinberg, Chief Market Strategist at The Colony Group, who recommends three growth stocks heading into 2020.