NBR Show Clips

Aditi Roy takes a look at what a cut in the corporate tax rate could mean for the low-income housing market.

Bob Pisani reports on why pulling the health care bill led to a rally in the markets.

Phil LeBeau takes a look at how airport upgrades could fix the ballooning flight time problem.

Courtney Reagan reports on Macy’s new CEO, Jeff Gennette, and the challenges he faces as the department store sector continues to shrink.

Phil LeBeau reports on Ford’s low first quarter earnings as investments in future technologies raise costs.

Morgan Brennan takes a look at the trucking industry’s policy priorities.

Julia Boorstin reports on the growing boycott of advertising on YouTube by brands concerned with ad placement alongside hateful videos.

Courtney Reagan takes a look at doubt in the market about Sears’s survival.

Diana Olick reports on why home sales decreased in February.

Dominic Chu reports on where some cracks may be forming in the market’s fundamentals.

Kate Rogers reports on the possible effects of a border tax on small businesses.

Susan Li takes a look at why the hotel industry wants to branch out.

Bob Pisani takes a look at the anxieties behind the worst market day of the year.

Sara Eisen reports on Nike’s increasing competition from Under Armour and Adidas.