NBR Show Clips

Julia Boorstin takes a look at the cutting edge technology one police department is using to fight crime.

With tech giants reporting earnings this week, Josh Lipton tells investors what they can expect.

Diana Olick reports why this may be the strongest seller’s market ever.

Michelle Caruso-Cabrera reports the latest on the French election.

Jane Wells spoke to a visual futurist about what tomorrow’s infrastructure may look like.

Our Market Monitor has three stock picks he says will benefit from demand in the housing industry and any tax rate changes out of Washington.

Humana is the only insurer offering exchange plans this year in Knoxville, Tennessee, but the company plans to drop out of the market in 2018. Bertha Coombs speaks to a family who’s concerned they may be left with no healthcare options.

Industrial giants General Electric and Honeywell reported better-than-expected earnings. Bob Pisani reports.

Michelle Caruso-Cabrera takes a look at France’s ‘Rust Belt’ and why that area supports presidential candidate Marine Le Pen.

House Republicans may be nearing a healthcare deal. Kayla Tausche reports.

All three of the major indices rose higher today, and as Bob Pisani reports, there were several factors that fueled the rally.

Phil LeBeau is in Shanghai, China, taking a look at Cadillac’s solid growth in that country.

Your smart devices could make you vulnerable to a cyber attack. Andrea Day reports on how you can protect yourself.

Morgan Brennan takes a look at plans to build the world’s fastest train in the U.S.

Google is investing a lot of money in a new study to find out why healthy people get sick. Meg Tirrell reports.