NBR Show Clips

Malls around the nation is evolving with the changing demands of consumers. Courtney Reagan reports on the the different experiences you may see in the biggest shopping centers around the country.

Americans are feeling more confident about their retirement but are there financial security really more secure? We speak with our senior personal finance correspondent, Sharon Epperson.

Bob Pisani is at the New York Stock Exchange and gives us a recap of the record day with Tuesday’s markets seeing the S&P 500 and Nasdaq closing at new highs.

March home sales numbers point to a stronger housing market going forward. New home sales are now rising. Diana Olick reports.

There is a new report that shows social security and Medicare may be running out in the near future. What’s the best way to plan for this possible shortfall? We speak with Liz Miller, a financial advisor at Summit Place and Sharon Epperson, our senior personal finance correspondent.

The simple act of shopping spurs a legion of data that is often aggregated and then sold. Leslie Picker reports on how our data is helping hedge funds get a trading edge.

With earnings report season upon us, four major Dow components – Coca-Cola, P&G, United Technologies, and Verizon – reported their results. How did each do? Dominic Chu tell us.

Robert Frank reports on a study that found that the wealthy paid little taxes in the 1950s and 1960s despite many Democratic lawmakers suggesting otherwise.

Facebook, Twitter and Snap are looking new ways to grow their respective products. Julia Boorstin has more.

A new report came out that homes sales are weaker than expected. Diana Olick explains.

The Trump administration is now putting tougher sanctions against Iran. How will this affect the oil markets? Ylan Mui reports.

There’s sharp gains in the semiconductor sector and investors will keep a close attention to what is said about the issues to drive the sector higher. Josh Lipton has more.

With oil prices at a six-month high, what can we expect from the oil market outlook and which countries should we keep our eye on now? We speak with John Kilduff, a founding partner from “Again Capital”.

With Pinterest now trading publicly , what’s next for this Silicon Valley company? Julia Boorstin reports.

Kate Rogers heads to southern California and reports about the need for workers in the solar panel industry as business is now booming.