Natural Disasters

Jane Wells reports on what’s ahead for the California utility company PG&E after a very volatile year which included several settlements with wildfire victims, insurers and state regulators.

Steve Liesman has a special report for us about how IBM is using big data to make bigger improvements to weather forecasting.

Diana Olick reports on how there’s an investment strategy to help prevent wildfires like the ones we are now seeing in California.

Former California Gov. Gray Davis says the state can turn around its wildfire crisis in the next 18 months if it does the work that’s needed.

Contessa Brewer reports on how the California wildfires are impacting the insurance industry.

Jane Wells continues her reporting from California where the massive wildfires there has impacted some of the wealthiest neighborhoods in Los Angeles and some of the utility companies may have its day of reckoning.

California Rep. Ro Khanna told CNBC on Tuesday the government should take control of PG&E as the nation’s largest utility puts millions of state residents in the dark in hopes of preventing more wildfires.

Jane Wells is in California for us and gives us the latest on the wildfires that has caused major destruction both in the northern and southern part of the state as California’s largest utility companies are trying to stay one step ahead of the blaze.

California’s governor declared a statewide emergency on Sunday as wildfires fueled by high winds continue to ravage parts of the state and millions are left without power because of planned power shutoffs.

Homeowners and renters in hurricane-prone areas should take some time to evaluate their insurance coverage and make sure their important financial records — and photos that document their belongings — are stored safely.

Are you covered? As Hurricane season is approaching, insurance rates are climbing. Our Contessa Brewer has more on this.

RMS’ estimations include property damage and business interruption in residential, commercial, industrial and automobile businesses while factoring in post-event loss amplification.

David Fountain, Duke Energy’s North Carolina president, says the impact of Florence on his state has been the most severe he’s ever experienced.

Firefighters continue to battle intense wildfires in California that have destroyed hundreds of structures and chased 190,000 people from their homes.