Old media, new money

A solid debut for CBS Outdoor Americas. That’s the billboard giant spun off from broadcaster CBS. It began trading for the first time today. Shares moved higher out of the open surging more than five percent on the session. Morgan Brennan has more on why this so-called “Old media” form of advertising is now attracting …

NYT takes the ‘Gray Lady’ mobile

The New York Times is going mobile. The newspaper unveiled a pair of digital apps for smartphones and tablets as it tries to attract new readers willing to pay for news stories. But will today’s consumers – so used to getting internet content for free- really pay for the “Gray Lady’s” stories?

South by SouthWest: what’s trending

The South by SouthWest technology and music conference in underway where big ideas are shared and innovative products are born.

Changing Hollywood

The Hollywood business model is rapidly changing, from the way films are financed to where they’re produced.


Sunday night is the biggest night in Hollywood. Except … Much of “Hollywood” has left Hollywood. Winners probably won’t see a big post-Oscar boost. Many of the nominated films were financed outside traditional channels. The movie business set a box-office record last year, with $10.9 billion in ticket sales. But while ticket prices rose, the actual …

Game changer?

Netflix agreed to pay Comcast for faster access. Is this agreement a game changer for the industry and will there be more deals like this one to follow?

Mega media merger

The nation’s largest cable operator, Comcast, wants to get even bigger. But what could its purchase of Time Warner Cable mean for consumers and what do regulators think of the deal?

Disney beats

Disney reports an earnings beat helped by the animated film “Frozen” and ESPN growth .


Disney has a reputation for beating expectations—it doesn’t issue guidance—and Wall Street is expecting an impressive quarter when earnings are announced after the bell Wednesday. Deutsche Bank has a “buy” rating on the stock and calls Disney its “top pick in media,” projecting 15 percent to 18 percent earnings-per-share growth every year over the next three …


Denver’s not the only one that couldn’t score on Sunday. Early ratings for Super Bowl XLVIII confirm what many suspected – the Seahawks’ thumping of the Broncos turned viewers away from Fox’s broadcast. (Read more: Super Bowl coverage) Early ratings from Sunday night’s game fell from last year’s and appear to have touched a four-year low. There wasn’t …


The Beatles earned a total of $10,000 from three performances on “The Ed Sullivan Show” in 1964. A month before the 50th anniversary of their debut on the show, they’re still making millions. They could have gotten more for even a single performance on the popular television show back, but their manager, Brian Epstein, negotiated a lower …


Could the success of “The Wolf of Wall Street” signal that the market is near a top? Carter Worth, chief market technician at Oppenheimer, argues that the Oscar-nominated movie should indeed give bulls pause. After all, he said, interest in the film shows that interest in the market has gone mainstream—an observation bolstered by measures …


Netflix’s outlook is nothing but rosy, the company said after its quarterly results Wednesday, and CEO Reed Hastings helped light a fire under Netflix shares with a confident outlook—and a personal shot at rival HBO. It wasn’t just earnings, revenue, subscriber numbers and a first quarter outlook that beat expectations. In Hastings comments in a letter to …

Netflix earnings preview

Will Netflix, the best performing S&P 500 stock of 2013, blow past earnings estimates Wednesday?

Equal access denied

A legal ruling on net neutrality could impact everyone who uses the internet.