Can Netflix stock keep running?

Why are investors piling into Netflix and what could cause the run to cool off? Julia Boorstin reports.

Cable TV deals on the table

Cable programmers are gathered at the Internet & Television Expo to talk about the future of the industry.

Disney yields magical results

Disney beat on both earnings and revenue with a big lift from the company’s theme parks.

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Marcus Mariota (left) and Jameis Winston

With spring finally starting to show its true colors, it seems like a good time to plan a weekend full of outdoor activities. Not so fast! This may be one of the greatest weekends in sports and entertainment in a long time. It’s loaded with big-name events, athletes, celebrities and even horses. What follows is …

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The ESPNZone logo is displayed outside the facility at L.A. Live in Los Angeles, California.

Sports network ESPN has sued Verizon for an alleged breach of contract relating to the telecom giant’s new cable plan. The network is seeking damages related to the plan, which allows FiOS customers to choose a smaller bundle of television channels each month. In a suit filed Monday in New York Supreme Court, ESPN said …

Comcast – Time Warner Cable deal collapses

Comcast walks away from its $45 billion bid for Time Warner Cable. So what happens next to the companies and the broader industry?

Comcast and Time Warner Cable to meet with DOJ

What happens next to the proposed cable TV mega merger as executives from Comcast and Time Warner Cable meet with regulators? Julia Boorstin reports.

FIOS breaks the bundle

Verizon is rolling out a new pay plan that’s a big departure from the traditional model of cable bundling. Julia Boorstin takes a look at just how disruptive the move could be.

Big business of Star Wars

Julia Boorstin tells us about the big money behind Star Wars, the movie that revolutionized Hollywood decades ago and remains a multibillion dollar empire.

Streaming subscription battle

Say goodbye to old fashioned ad-supported TV, now everyone seems to be in the business of selling subscription content.

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Rob Lowe in a DirecTV ad

DirecTV is reportedly ending its advertising campaign featuring actor Rob Lowe. The series of ads—which features a debonair Lowe touting DirecTV while less-charming alter egos subscribe to its competitors—stopped last week in favor of new commercials featuring a model and a talking horse, the Los Angeles Times reported. This change comes as the Council of …

Viacom restructuring

Viacom announces a big restructuring and the suspension of its buyback. Julia Boorstin explains why the media company isn’t alone in facing challenges as more TV viewers get their fix digitally.

A fast and furious open

Fast and Furious 7 brought in nearly $400 million worldwide in its opening weekend. Julia Boorstin tells us why the movie’s performance could be a big deal for Hollywood.

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Ellen Pao (center) arrives outside the San Francisco Superior Court with her lawyers on March 24, 2015.

With the final arguments in Ellen Pao’s gender discrimination lawsuit against venture capital firm Kleiner Perkins coming Tuesday, there’s no question that gender disparity in Silicon Valley is now in the spotlight. Industry insiders and attorneys are mixed on whether the suit will have a chilling effect on hiring women—prompted by fears that hiring women …

Is the force with Disney?

It may seem like the force is with Disney shares, but some big hurdles remain.