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U.S. video streaming site Netflix is to release its first movie — a sequel to the classic “Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon” — after striking a distribution deal with The Weinstein Company. “Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon: The Green Legend” will be released simultaneously on Netflix and selected IMAX theatres on August 28, 2015. The movie is expected to the first …

A CEO’s passion play

By day Thomas Farrell, the CEO of Dominion Resources, runs a company with 15,000 employees, but on nights and weekends over the past few years, he’s been pouring his soul and his own money into a movie called “Field of Lost Shoes.”

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As technology and entertainment become more closely aligned, more big names in the film and television industries are launching Silicon Valley-like accelerators—short-term programs that include mentorship and education for start-ups—to get early looks at up-and-coming businesses. Time Warner‘s Turner Broadcasting and Warner Bros., along with Disney, have launched accelerators in the past few years, and more …

Still from the movie "Frozen"
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Still from the movie "Frozen"

Fans of Disney’s mega hit “Frozen” will have the opportunity to return to that universe in spring 2015. Disney announced “Frozen Fever,” a new animated short featuring many of the characters from the hit film, during the Tuesday airing of an ABC special on the making of the original, Variety reported. Read More Disney’s ‘Frozen’ becomes top-grossing animated film ever …

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Educational Support Specialists provide online university level tutoring in Mountain View, California.

The $7 billion market for tutoring services is in the midst of a transformation, driven by new technology. And it’s not just nonprofits like Khan Academy and for-profit online schools like University of Phoenix that are making it happen. “Tutoring tends to be a very labor intensive business. But you don’t need tutors in every …

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Time Warner Cable is gradually recovering from multiple nationwide outages, the company stated on Wednesday, after routine network maintenance interrupted service. In the wee hours of Wednesday morning, some of the company’s 15 million nationwide customers across 29 states used Twitter to vent about connections that had inexplicably gone dark. Confirming multiple reports, the company issued a …

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If you have a collection of old comic books in your basement, it might be time to dig them out. Several recent big-ticket sales bolster the belief among several analysts that collectible comics are becoming a viable alternative investment for some people. (Warning: if your mother threw away your collection, stop reading.) One example: In …

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YouTube stars can draw millions of followers and tens of millions of views, but now a rival is looking to steal some of its marquee names—and draw more viewers. Vimeo, IAC‘s video platform, has lured three major YouTube stars, each with millions of subscribers and tens of millions of video views. Why? A better chance to …


Robin Williams leaves behind a legacy of Hollywood success that spanned decades and generated billions of dollars. The actor-comedian’s movies, which included his Oscar-winning role in “Good Will Hunting,” and Golden Globe awards for “Good Morning, Vietnam,” “The Fisher King” and “Mrs. Doubtfire,” have grossed $3.2 billion in U.S. box office sales, according to the number-crunching …

Dispute erupts between Disney & Amazon

Amazon is taking on Disney in an effort to gain more control over pricing online.

Time Warner & 21st Century Fox report earnings

Shares of Time Warner fell after 21st Century Fox withdrew its bid for the company. Did the media giants say anything about the withdrawn deal when the companies reported earnings?

Disney posts strong earnings

Blowout earnings after the bell from Dow component Disney. Those encouraging results could set the tone for trading on Wednesday. Julia Boorstin spoke with Disney CEO Bob Iger and has her one big takeaway from Tonight’s earnings report.

Pedestrians walk past the Time Warner Center in New York. 21st Century Fox withdraws offer for Time Warner on Aug. 5th, 2014.
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Pedestrians walk past the Time Warner Center in New York. 21st Century Fox withdraws offer for Time Warner on Aug. 5th, 2014.

Twenty-First Century Fox withdrew its offer to acquire Time Warner Tuesday afternoon, according to a statement from the company. Twenty-First Century Fox chairman and CEO Rupert Murdoch said in the statement that the proposal had “significant strategic merit,” and its approach had “always been friendly.” But he said Time Warner’s refusal to accept an offer, coupled with other factors, led to …


One of the biggest drivers in the Dow this year has been Disney. Julia Boorstin takes a look at what investors should expect from the company’s latest quarterly earnings report.

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The Time Warner Center in New York City.

When media giants Time Warner and Twenty-First Century Fox report earnings Wednesday, investors will listen for what their results might mean mean for a potential merger between the two. The quarterly reports—and their earnings calls—are a crucial opportunity for both companies to make their case to investors: Fox for buying Time Warner, Time Warner for staying independent. For Fox, …