Bob Pisani evaluates how actively managed funds are stacking up against the broader market.

Stocks fell after the ECB slashed its economic growth forecast for 2019 and announced a new round of stimulus to help banks in the region.

Stocks are riding high in 2019 thus far, but recent gains have mostly come through buybacks and inflows into exchange-traded funds while individual equities are shunned, data compiled by Bank of America Merrill Lynch show.

Mike Santoli reports on economic developments since the market bottomed out in March on 2009 – and what investors can expect moving forward.

The biggest bank says trading is off to a slow first quarter, especially compared to last year.

Mike Santoli looks at the sustainability of the rally on Wall Street.

Buffett says he doesn’t think the deal is on the table any longer but does not say why not.

Stocks surged on Monday after President Donald Trump said he would delay placing additional tariffs on Chinese goods. Equities also got a boost from dealmaking activity.

We are still in the longest bull market on record, yet the entire trading community seems convinced the bull is about to roll over.

Bob Pisani takes a look at how a trade deal with China, interest rates, and the global news of the earnings recession could impact markets.

Stocks could get a short-term boost as fear of missing out on gains leads more investors to plow more money into the U.S. equity market.

Stocks surged on Friday amid increasing hopes for a U.S.-China trade deal as equities were on pace to post another solid weekly gain.

Stocks fell on Friday as market participants continued to worry about ongoing U.S.-China trade negotiations as well as slowing economic growth.

January largely reversed the December stock market slump, due in part to strong earnings and the Fed’s rate decision. But will the year follow these strong results? Mike Santoli takes a look.