Stocks rose as investors remained unfazed by geopolitical tensions, while the Dow Jones industrial average kept marching toward 20,000.

“Stocks are higher because of the interest rate environment,” billionaire Bill Gates tells CNBC.

If Trump chooses to continue targeting companies, some are more vulnerable than others, Fidelum’s Chris Malone says.

Stock ownership is increasingly concentrated in the hands of the wealthy.

U.S. equities closed higher on Monday, unfazed by a key vote in Italy which led to Prime Minister Matteo Renzi’s resignation.

“Junk bonds” have broken away from stocks of late. Could they now present an attractive opportunity?

Stocks closed mixed on Wednesday, the last day of the month, as energy stocks surging on an OPEC deal to cut production.

U.S. stocks closed lower as financials lagged, while a massive post-election rally eased, and investors kept an eye on oil prices.

U.S. equities opened higher, hitting new all-time highs, as investors awaited housing data and kept an eye on Donald Trump’s policy agenda.

U.S. equities traded higher as oil prices rose on renewed optimism that OPEC was closing in on a deal to cut production.

U.S. stocks traded mostly lower as a post-U.S. election rally slowed down while investors parsed through a host of economic data.

The last two times the Dow outperformed the S&P and Nasdaq in a year when all three were higher year to date were in 2006 and 1996.

Data analysis from Kensho shows that the Dow Jones Industrial Average tends to rally further once it closes above a new 1,000 level.

U.S. equities closed mixed on Thursday as investors repositioned their portfolios following the presidential election.

CNBC’s Jim Cramer talks Donald Trump’s election and how financial, energy and infrastructure stocks are responding.