FANG stocks have gotten crushed this year, but you won’t believe how bad one trader expects it to get for one of the stocks.

bank of america

The bank index was at present levels back when America was doing the “Macarena.”

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“Don’t be a hero,” one strategist warns.


LinkedIn said it expects first-quarter revenue around $820 million, but Wall Street had expected about $868.3 million.


CNBC went all the way to World War II to see if bear markets can predict recessions, and what other impact they might have.

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One of the world’s riskiest investments may be getting ready for some relief rallies.


With Alphabet overtaking Apple as the most valuable company, CNBC Pro asked experts whether it will suffer from the winner’s curse or be the exception.


Stressed-out markets will get a look Wednesday at the health of the U.S. services sector.

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Major averages were sharply lower as falling oil prices continued to weigh on global stock markets.

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Stocks opened lower as low oil prices and earnings weighed on the market ahead of the expected release of the Fed meeting statement.


This earnings season could provide the answer to one of investors’ biggest questions.


The recent market slide may have made stocks, at the least, less expensive than they have been recently.

market art

A 24-year-old artist has been charting stocks’ price movements and turning them into paintings.

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As investors question the future of specific stocks, one portfolio manager says they should instead be looking to the past.


Stocks erased huge intraday losses with buyers jumping into momentum and other downtrodden names.