U.S. equities closed mostly higher on Friday as energy stocks stemmed this week’s sell-off.

The S&P 500 ended marginally higher for the week following a deal that ignited a sell-off among big retail and grocery companies.

U.S. equities closed mixed on Wednesday after the Federal Reserve raised interest rates for the second time this year.

President Trump met with Fed Chair Janet Yellen, according to the Wall Street Journal, citing sources.

U.S. equities closed lower on Tuesday as Wall Street hedged bets ahead of key events slated for later this week.

With stocks trading close to their record highs, James Advantage Fund President Barry James has a warning for investors.

U.S. equities closed slightly lower on Monday, but held near record levels, while shares of Apple declined on a rare downgrade.

The investing world heads into the first full week of June with a slew of events that will test the market’s mettle.

U.S. equities rose to record levels on Friday as Wall Street parsed through a jobs report that came in well below expectations.

U.S. equities closed lower on Tuesday as investors digested key economic data, but a rise in tech stocks helped cap losses.

Stocks closed mixed as on Friday ahead of the Memorial Day holiday weekend and digested key economic data.

Stocks closed higher as tech stocks climbed while Wall Street remained positive about the Federal Reserve’s plan to trim its balance sheet.

Stocks traded mostly higher on Tuesday as hope around the Trump trade was renewed among investors.

U.S. equities closed higher on Friday as concerns about Donald Trump’s presidency recede for the time being.

Technical analysts expect a shallow pullback at best, even if stocks dropped on worries about whether the Trump could implement on pro-growth proposals.