U.S. equities closed higher, reversing earlier weakness following a terror incident near New York City’s Times Square.

The instinct to protect gains is opposed by hopes for typical year-end strength.

U.S. stocks opened sharply higher as investor sentiment was boosted the Senate narrowly passing a major tax bill over the weekend.

Bob Pisani reports on the stock market rally on the heels of tax reform optimism.

Stocks finished lower on Friday after a report that Michael Flynn was directed by Trump to talk to Russians sent investors on a wild ride.

The Dow Jones industrial average closed at an all-time high as investors bet the U.S. economy’s momentum would continue.

Retailers closed higher on Monday as investors bet on strong sales during the holiday season following a strong Black Friday.

U.S. equities rose on Friday as investors placed bets on a strong holiday shopping season.

A big downfall in the stock market is brewing and investors aren’t noticing, according to strategists at investment bank Societe Generale.

U.S. equities fell on Friday as worries about tax reform lingered on Wall Street.

Bitcoin price sinks as traders bet on its offshoot, bitcoin cash.

U.S. equities fell on Thursday, pulling back from record highs, on worries that tax reform could be delayed until 2019.

The S&P 500 is up about 21% since Trump won the US presidential election in 2016. International markets have outpaced this bull run.

The spread between bulls and bears hasn’t been this high since shortly before the Black Monday crash, according to Investors Intelligence.

Twenty years ago Friday, for the first and only time, systemwide circuit breakers shut the market before the official 4 p.m. close.