Market Monitor

Market Monitor: Mark Yusko

Tonight’s Market Monitor guest says there are pockets of opportunity in the market right now, you just need to know where to look.

Market Monitor: Keith McCain

Tonight’s Market Monitor has one important word of advice for investors right now: diversify.

Market Monitor: Richard Steinberg

Tonight’s Market Monitor has his doubts about stocks going much higher for the rest of the year.

Market Monitor: Mark Tepper

Our Market Monitor guest tonight is confident that the stock market still has more room to run and he favors value stocks over growth stocks.

Market Monitor: Susan Fulton

Our Market Monitor guest tonight says investors are too worried about things everybody is worrying about, but not worried enough about the world’s less talked about risks.

Market Monitor: Phil Orlando

Tonight’s market monitor says he’s expecting a five to ten percent correction in the markets this summer.

Market Monitor: Charlie Smith

Our Market Monitor tonight is cautious. Charlie Smith expects stocks to be flat for the rest of the year. He says, though, that investors can still make money.

Market Monitor: Don Wordell

Our Market Monitor expects lots of noise and volatility to drive the markets over the next few months, but says fundamentals are key to getting from point A to B in the long run.

Market Monitor: Brian Lazorishak

Our Market Monitor tonight says while large cap stocks will do better this year, he has a few mid-cap names that will also do well.

Market Monitor: Patrick Kaser

Our Market Monitor says its hard to find value in the stock market, but he’s still finding some gems.

Market Monitor: Ann Miletti

Ann Miletti joins us with her analysis on today’s jobs report. She also has stock picks she says you should own in an economic environment that might be accelerating.

Market Monitor: Barbara Marcin

Our Market Monitor guest is closely watching recent global developments in the Ukraine crisis.

Market Monitor

Our Market Monitor guest tonight says investors should buy this dip. He’s optimistic about stocks and not worried about the recent sell-offs.

Market Monitor: Jordan Posner

Our Market Monitor says individual stock selection is a much more significant factor in portfolio performance this year that it was in 2013, when virtually every stock in the S&P 500 and Dow went up. He’s Jordan Posner, Senior Portfolio Manager with Matrix Asset Advisors.

Market Monitor: Eric Marshall

Our Market Monitor says if your looking for big gains in the stock market, think small. He’s Eric Marshall, President and Portfolio Manager of Hodges Capital Management.