Market Monitor

Market Monitor: Margie Patel

Our Market Monitor is betting on the consumer and has some stocks she says will rise at least ten percent over the next year.

Market Monitor: Mark Yusko

Investors cheered the latest employment report, but what should they do with their money in this market?


Stocks rallied on the first day of the month and our Market Monitor guest has some stock picks for this market.

Market Monitor: Ross Gerber

Our Market Monitor guest has a list of stocks he says will increase by 20 percent or more by the end of the year.

Market Monitor: Michael Cuggino

Our Market Monitor guest has some stock picks to get you ready for the week ahead.

Market Monitor: Diane Jaffee

Our Market Monitor loves cost-cutting companies. She has a couple of names she thinks can get you at least 20 percent over the next few years.

Market Monitor: Chris Bertelsen

Our Market Monitor has a list of stocks he says could see double digit returns over the next year.

Market Monitor: Kevin Caron

Our Market Monitor has a list of stocks to buy that may provide some stability for your portfolio.

Market Monitor: Mark Luschini

As Apple is set to become the newest Dow component, our Market Monitor guest tells us why he’s recommending the stock.

Market Monitor: Erik Ristuben

Tonight’s Market Monitor is positive on equities and has stock picks he says will benefit from the strong U.S. economy.

Market Monitor: Tech talk

As the Nasdaq takes one step closer to 5,000, our Market Monitor has a list of technology stocks to put on your buy list.

Market Monitor: Eric Marshall

Tonight’s Market Monitor guest has three small cap stock picks.

Market Monitor: Jason Pride

Our Market Monitor guest says even though U.S. equities are slightly overpriced, there’s still opportunity here. He has three stock picks that he says will do well in the current economic environment.

Market Monitor: Jamie Cox

Our Market Monitor thinks February will be a good month for stocks.

Market Monitor: Channing Smith

Tonight’s Market Monitor guest is cautious on stocks, but says investors should be focused on yield and opportunities that will be coming in the energy sector.