Market Monitor

Market Monitor: Channing Smith

Tonight’s Market Monitor guest is cautious on stocks, but says investors should be focused on yield and opportunities that will be coming in the energy sector.

Market Monitor: John Traynor

Tonight’s Market Monitor guest says this is not the year for passive investing and he has a list of stocks he says are worth owning.

Market Monitor: Randall Eley

Our Market Monitor has a list of neglected stocks he says are ready to rise.

Market Monitor: Richard Steinberg

Tonight’s Market Monitor guest has three stock picks for 2015.

Market Monitor: Steven Dudash

Our Market Monitor guest says financials and technology are the places to invest in 2015.

Market Monitor: Mark Luschini

Our Market Monitor guest sees investment opportunity in the struggling energy sector.

Market Monitor: Peter Sorrentino

Our Market Monitor has a list of stocks you may want to consider for the new year.

Market Monitor: Ross Gerber

Our Market Monitor guest has three stock picks he thinks can get you 20-percent gains over the next six months.

Market Monitor: Sarat Sethi

Our Market Monitor guest says stocks will rise by as much as 10 percent in the new year, but it will be a rocky road.

Market Monitor: Greg Abella

As the Dow nears 18,000, our guest says he still finds value in this market.

Market Monitor: Janelle Nelson

Our Market Monitor says investors should expect more near-term volatility in the oil market.

Market Monitor: Erik Ristuben

Tonight’s Market Monitor guest weighs in on what Europe and China’s central bank moves will mean for the U.S.

Market Monitor: Derek Bruton

Our Market Monitor guest says it’s never too early to be thinking about stocks that will do well in a rising interest rate environment.

Market Monitor: Phil Orlando

Our Market Monitor has a few stock picks he thinks could gain 20-percent in the next year.

Market Monitor: Jim Lowell

Our Market Monitor guest is betting big on the U.S. consumer and he has three picks for your portfolio.