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Market Monitor: Jordan Posner

Our Market Monitor says individual stock selection is a much more significant factor in portfolio performance this year that it was in 2013, when virtually every stock in the S&P 500 and Dow went up. He’s Jordan Posner, Senior Portfolio Manager with Matrix Asset Advisors.

Market Monitor: Eric Marshall

Our Market Monitor says if your looking for big gains in the stock market, think small. He’s Eric Marshall, President and Portfolio Manager of Hodges Capital Management.

Market Monitor: Chris Bertelsen

Tonight’s Market Monitor is looking for bargains in the market and he has picks for your portfolio that he called “stupid cheap.”

Market Monitor: Michael Farr

Our Market Monitor guest explains why buying defensive stocks may be your best offensive.

Market Monitor: Erik Ristuben

Tonight’s Market Monitor says stocks are performing as he expected they would, moving up, but with more volatility than in 2013.

Market Monitor: Ed Cowart

Tonight’s Market Monitor says he’s sticking with high quality, large cap names in this volatile stock market.

Market Monitor: Jill Cuniff

Our Market Monitor says big companies are not the only ones that pay attractive dividends that grow overtime, small and medium sized companies do too.

Market Monitor: Mark Lehmann

If you’re looking to invest in companies with big growth potential, our Market Monitor has a list of stocks that are relatively young and newly public.

Market Monitor: Michael Jones

Tonight’s Market Monitor is investing in a Main Street recovery and he’ll name a stock he says will benefit.

Market Monitor: David Samra

With overseas markets in focus, Morningstar’s International Stock Fund Manager of the year tell us the companies he thinks can ride out the storm.

Market Monitor: Larry Rosenthal

Our Market Monitor has something for everybody, a classic blue chip, a value play and a tech stock.

Market Monitor: Jason Pride

If you’re looking for stocks that are expected to grow their dividends, our Market Monitor may have some names for you.

Market Monitor: Wasif Latif

The return of the mid-single digit returns?

Market Monitor

Our Market Monitor has a list of stocks he says are must-haves in a bull market.

Market Monitor

Our Market Monitor has what he calls quality stocks that still offer value as the market hits new highs.