Market Monitor

Market Monitor: Greg Abella

As the Dow nears 18,000, our guest says he still finds value in this market.

Market Monitor: Janelle Nelson

Our Market Monitor says investors should expect more near-term volatility in the oil market.

Market Monitor: Erik Ristuben

Tonight’s Market Monitor guest weighs in on what Europe and China’s central bank moves will mean for the U.S.

Market Monitor: Derek Bruton

Our Market Monitor guest says it’s never too early to be thinking about stocks that will do well in a rising interest rate environment.

Market Monitor: Phil Orlando

Our Market Monitor has a few stock picks he thinks could gain 20-percent in the next year.

Market Monitor: Jim Lowell

Our Market Monitor guest is betting big on the U.S. consumer and he has three picks for your portfolio.

Market Monitor: Rob Thummel

Our Market Monitor guest has energy stock picks he says are direct beneficiaries of the U.S. energy renaissance.

Market Monitor: Kevin Caron

Looking for steady-eddie stocks to buy and hold in this volatile market? Our Market Monitor guest has a list of recommendations.

Market Monitor: James Awad

Our Market Monitor guest has a list of stocks he says can help you find stability in this uncertain market.

Market Monitor: John Traynor

Our Market Monitor is recommending stocks that he says will do well as the economy and labor markets improve.

Market Monitor: David Rainey

Tonight’s Market Monitor says investors need to be more selective when choosing stocks in today’s market.

Market Monitor: Charlie Bobrinskoy

Tonight’s Market Monitor says he isn’t looking to join the frenzy over Alibaba’s IPO.

Market Monitor: Chris Orndorf

Looking to invest in dividend stocks for the long haul? Our Market Monitor has a list of stocks you may want to consider buying for your portfolio.

Market Monitor: Ed Perks

Our Market Monitor is a classic stock picker who like companies that put shareholders first. He’s Ed Perks, Portfolio Manager for the $97 billion Franklin Income Fund, a unit of Franklin Templeton Investments. The fund is up 9.5 percent for far this year.

Market Monitor: Craig Hodges

Tonight’s Market Monitor tells us why small cap stocks are the big shots in this market.