Market Monitor

Market Monitor: Randall Eley

Our Market Monitor has bargain stocks he says are worth owning in this volatile market.

Market Monitor: Jamie Cox

Our Market Monitor guest has a list of stocks he says will protect your portfolio from the red hot greenback.

Market Monitor: Hank Smith

Our Market Monitor guest is finding opportunity in some blue chip stocks he says should be in your portfolio for the long term.

Market Monitor: Don Wordell

Our Market Monitor guest says now is the time to invest in a sector that’s seeing massive merger activity.

Market Monitor: Cathie Wood

Our Market Monitor guest likes stocks she says are changing the way the world works.

Market Monitor: Mike Mussio

As the health care industry undergoes tremendous change, there are some stocks that our Market Monitor says could see big gains.

Market Monitor: Jason Pride

Our Market Monitor is finding opportunity in large cap stocks, even though they have under-performed small cap stocks so far this year.

Market Monitor: Chris Bertelsen

Our Market Monitor guest is making a big bet on small caps in what some consider one of the market’s riskier sectors.

Market Monitor: Jim Lowell

Our Market Monitor guest says buy the manager not the fund. He has three mutual fund picks for investors.

Market Monitor: Mark Luschini

Tonight’s Market Monitor says even though stocks are near record levels, there is still value in this market.

Market Monitor: Brian Peery

Looking for cheap stocks? Our Market Monitor tonight will take us bargain hunting.

Market Monitor: Margie Patel

Our Market Monitor is betting on the consumer and has some stocks she says will rise at least ten percent over the next year.

Market Monitor: Mark Yusko

Investors cheered the latest employment report, but what should they do with their money in this market?


Stocks rallied on the first day of the month and our Market Monitor guest has some stock picks for this market.

Market Monitor: Ross Gerber

Our Market Monitor guest has a list of stocks he says will increase by 20 percent or more by the end of the year.