Market Monitor

Market Monitor: Kevin Caron

Looking for steady-eddie stocks to buy and hold in this volatile market? Our Market Monitor guest has a list of recommendations.

Market Monitor: James Awad

Our Market Monitor guest has a list of stocks he says can help you find stability in this uncertain market.

Market Monitor: John Traynor

Our Market Monitor is recommending stocks that he says will do well as the economy and labor markets improve.

Market Monitor: David Rainey

Tonight’s Market Monitor says investors need to be more selective when choosing stocks in today’s market.

Market Monitor: Charlie Bobrinskoy

Tonight’s Market Monitor says he isn’t looking to join the frenzy over Alibaba’s IPO.

Market Monitor: Chris Orndorf

Looking to invest in dividend stocks for the long haul? Our Market Monitor has a list of stocks you may want to consider buying for your portfolio.

Market Monitor: Ed Perks

Our Market Monitor is a classic stock picker who like companies that put shareholders first. He’s Ed Perks, Portfolio Manager for the $97 billion Franklin Income Fund, a unit of Franklin Templeton Investments. The fund is up 9.5 percent for far this year.

Market Monitor: Craig Hodges

Tonight’s Market Monitor tells us why small cap stocks are the big shots in this market.

Market Monitor: Sandy Lincoln

Our Market Monitor says Janet Yellen’s comments at Jackson Hole should make investors more confident about buying stocks.

Market Monitor: Marty Leclerc

Our Market Monitor guest says we are in a “rip roaring bull market,” despite geopolitical concerns about Russia and Ukraine.

Market Montior

Why did the markets react the way they did on Friday? NBR’s Market Monitor breaks down the trading day.

Market Monitor: Gene Peroni

Tonight’s Market Monitor is calling the recent selloff in the markets a “short lived retreat.”

Market Monitor: Gregg Abella

Tonight’s Market Monitor says there are some large cap stocks that are cheap in this market.

Market Monitor: Mark Yusko

Tonight’s Market Monitor guest says there are pockets of opportunity in the market right now, you just need to know where to look.

Market Monitor: Keith McCain

Tonight’s Market Monitor has one important word of advice for investors right now: diversify.