Kate Rogers reports on reaction to Attorney General Jeff Sessions’ action on marijuana and its impact on financial institutions funding cannabis start-ups.

Just days after recreational marijuana in California was legalized, Attorney General Jeff Sessions’ moved to end marijuana enforcement protections. Aditi Roy reports.

Attorney General Jeff Sessions is signaling that he will crack down on federal drug laws.

A new marijuana referendum before California voters next month may lead the way for the rest of the country.

Bec Koop owns Buds & Blossoms, specializing in pot-infused weddings. Her motto? “Straight from your bouquet to your bowl.”

Industrial real estate that houses pot production is in high demand, and is about to become the first opportunity for investors to get in on marijuana.

Lured by the growth of legal U.S. pot sales, cannabis incubators have emerged in Colorado and California to help entrepreneurs.

If you believe medical marijuana can help humans deal with pain, chemotherapy or anxiety, why not try it on pets?

Pot is illegal on the federal level, but the IRS code states, “Marijuana businesses are required to file federal income tax returns.”

Armed with New York state medicinal marijuana licenses, dispensaries are gearing up to sell cannabis legally in the state in the new year. The cannabis experiment continues as medicinal marijuana use becomes more widespread. New York state, as an example, has rolled out dispensary licenses and is getting doctors and patients on board. Start-ups are growing …

If there’s one thing as surprising as the fact that outsider newcomers have outpaced establishment veterans in the Republican presidential race so far, it’s that the contest is playing out in a state that has legalized marijuana.

Score one for the stoners: The pot industry is poised to be gigantic as more states embrace legalization. And, if you want to get in on the ground floor, several advocates say now is the right time to bet big on marijuana. “Overall public opinion of marijuana has changed,” said Dan Humiston, president of the …

As the legalized pot industry grows, some pot entrepreneurs have found a new niche market: pot for pets.

With almost half the country having passed legislation that legalizes marijuana to one extent or another, the pot economy has bred a new wave of entrepreneurs looking to cash in on America’s newest legal cash crop. Last year alone, marijuana brought in about $2.7 billion to states that have legalized it, whether medicinally, recreationally or …

Today, 4/20, is a very special day in the marijuana world. Even if you don’t imbibe in any forms of the cannabis plant, saying that number—and it must be pronounced “four-twenty,” not “four hundred twenty”—on this date, or any other, will illicit either a knowing nod, wink or smile or a blank stare and a …