Philadelphia area manufacturing rebounded sharply in July, just as the Federal Reserve is expected to cut interest rates to boost economic activity.

We explain how the world’s largest rail manufacturer, which is a Chinese company, is balancing economics and national security during the this time of trade tensions with China. Ylan Mui takes us inside this factory in Springfield, Massachusetts.

A manufacturer plant in New Jersey is limiting their growth plans due to the high tariff costs. Contessa Brewer reports from the plant.

With trade talks continuing between China and the United States, some industries may heavily be affected by the tariffs…some that you wouldn’t believe. Ylan Mui is in South Carolina and speaks with a local bike manufacture company.

The UK’s steel industry could be facing more trade restrictions by the end of this month. Willem Marx reports.

Morgan Brennan takes a look at changes in the tax law that may be a win for manufacturers.

As investors prepare for 2016, they should keep in mind what’s going on in U.S. manufacturing, Wells Fargo Securities’ Mark Vitner said Thursday. “If the year gets off to a slow start, like it has the last couple of years, it’s likely due to some additional slowing in manufacturing. All of the forward-looking data on …

Mary Thompson takes a look at employment growth in the 3D printing industry.

Phil LeBeau reports on why the manufacturing sector is still struggling to create jobs.

Europe’s largest plane maker has officially started building commercial jets in Alabama.

The southeastern portion of the U.S. is seeing an increase in manufacturing jobs, thanks in part to the rapid expansion of the auto and aerospace industries.

Courtney Reagan introduces us to one American small business owner who’s pushing to get his product on Wal-Mart’s shelves.

Manufacturing jobs have a reputation—and it’s often not complimentary. The clichéd image of a manufacturing job is of dirty, backbreaking, low-paying labor. And women need not apply—it’s an industry dominated by men. But separating fact from fiction about the actual people behind the welder’s mask and on the assembly line can be tricky. One of …

When it comes to the manufacturing sector in the U.S., it’s not quite “Happy Days Are Here Again,” as some have been singing for the past few years. Once you look closely at the data, it’s more like “Those Were the Days.” That’s because since the Great Recession, manufacturing is down 3.2 percent, according to …

In late 2013, two former University of Tokyo professors entered their humanoid robot into a competition sponsored by the U.S. Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA). After completing a series of rescue challenges—piloting a vehicle and climbing up a ladder, among them—the SCHAFT S-One robot easily took first place in the inaugural DARPA Robotics Challenge …