Robert Frank reports on how the rental market is buzzing in Manhattan, especially with the luxury high-end apartments.

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Apple announced its arrival to the luxury watch market this week with the $10,000 Apple Watch Edition. Social media and commentators went wild discussing the whopping price tag and whether it made sense for Apple to pit its 18 karat gold model against the stalwarts of the Swiss watch industry. Why would you buy an …

Once aimed at a small elite with their blingy designs, luxury smartphones are being toned down as manufacturers look to broaden the appeal of their high-end devices. Vertu has released a £4,200 ($6,800) smartphone known as Aster, with a 5.1-inch sapphire crystal screen and titanium casing, materials often used on expensive Swiss watches. Consumers can …

Chinese brides and Indian festivals will drive diamond demand into new year, the CEO of De Beers told CNBC, as the market for the precious jewel continues to rebound. The U.S. is by far the biggest diamond market in the industry that was worth $72.1 billion in 2012 but China and India are the fastest-growing, …