Labor Unions

General Motors CEO and Chairman Mary Barra on Tuesday pleaded for United Auto Workers union leaders to assist, not hinder, the company’s ongoing restructuring efforts to better position GM for the future.

It’s been more than two decades since the last major auto union strike but the UAW and the big three automakers are currently in labor talks and most agree it could get contentious. Phil LeBeau reports.

The Teamsters’ pension fund is warning hundreds of thousands of members that their benefits may be cut.

Phil LeBeau tells us why Fiat Chrysler auto workers are preparing to go on strike.

Morgan Brennan tells us about another labor dispute at the nation’s biggest port complex.

The tentative labor agreement between the Pacific Maritime Association and the International Longshore and Warehouse Union is a welcome relief to businesses around the globe, ending a nine-month standoff between the two groups that at times brought ports on the West Coast to a halt. The total economic damage of continued congestion could cost retailers …

The West Coast ports are up and running again, but it will be months before things are back to normal.

There’s still no agreement between dockworkers and shippers at the West Coast ports, but as Jane Wells reports, deal or no deal, things won’t get back to normal anytime soon.

West Coast docks are paralyzed as employers and longshoremen continued to spat about contracts and congestion problems. There are plenty of losers. Exporters, like farmers and ranchers, can’t get their perishables to Asian markets during the Lunar New Year when demand for fruit and meat is particularly high. And importers large and small are beginning to …

West Coast dockworkers and their employers have not yet reached a labor deal, a source close to the talks said Friday, shooting down earlier reports to the contrary. The Journal of Commerce reported early Friday that there was a deal, though the well-respected industry publication took the story down minutes later. Any arrangement would end …

Goods in cargo containers are stalled at the West Coast ports, disrupting billions of dollars in trade.

The West Coast port slowdown is weighing on the toy industry.

A new report puts a number of the amount of economic activity tied to the West Coast Ports, causing even more concern over the slowdown.

Retailers’ anxiety levels are rising as gridlock grinds on with contract negotiations between West Coast dockworkers and port terminal operators. It has been a long nine months for those dealing directly, or indirectly, with the lack of a West Coast port contract, and after a temporary shutdown over the weekend, retail lobby groups and consultants …