Labor Unions

Former Ford CEO Mark Fields said that the United Auto Workers corruption probe will make it harder for union leaders to get their rank-and-file members to sign off on any potential new labor deal with Detroit automakers.

GM workers walk off the job for the first time in a dozen years and both sides have a lot at stake. Phil LeBeau reports from Michigan.

Michelle Krebs, Executive Analyst at Cox Automotive, give us her assessment on the impact of the GM workers’ strike on the auto industry.

About 48,000 members of the United Auto Workers union went on strike early Monday as contract talks with General Motors broke down.

The UAW and GM are facing intense negotiations with a union scandal complicating things as workers get ready to walk. Phil LeBeau reports.

Contract negotiations between the United Auto Workers and General Motors are expected to run down to the wire as both sides work to get a deal before their current labor agreement expires just before midnight on Saturday.

A Thursday meeting between President Donald Trump and General Motors CEO and Chairman Mary Barra at the White House comes at a critical time for the automaker’s business operations and automotive industry.

United Auto Workers members overwhelmingly granted union leaders authorization to strike during contract negotiations this year with General Motors, Ford Motor and Fiat Chrysler, if needed.

Federal agents searched the home of the UAW President just as contract talks with the big three automakers heat up. Phil LeBeau has more for us.

Federal agents raided the home of United Auto Workers President Gary Jones on Wednesday, the Federal Bureau of Investigation told Dow Jones.

A federal investigation into misuse of millions of dollars in training center funds by Fiat Chrysler executives and United Auto Workers leaders has expanded to General Motors.

Job seekers have the upper hand in today’s labor market — so much so that employers are beginning to be more flexible in order to bring on new talent.

Democratic presidential contender Bernie Sanders released a plan Wednesday that aims to dramatically increase U.S. labor union membership.

American Airlines has accused the unions representing its mechanics of a purposeful work slowdown to win leverage in contract talks, which has led to more than 900 flight cancellations over the last two months. Now it wants compensation from the unions.

General Motors CEO and Chairman Mary Barra on Tuesday pleaded for United Auto Workers union leaders to assist, not hinder, the company’s ongoing restructuring efforts to better position GM for the future.