The WeWork initial public offering is full speed ahead, sources familiar with the matter tell CNBC’s David Faber, despite a number of a setbacks including a dramatic cut in its valuation and its biggest outside investor urging the controversial real estate company to shelve the offering.

Peloton is going public on Wall Street but some investors are pondering why the fitness startup company is listing itself as a media company during a time when that industry is facing numerous challenges. Julia Boorstin reports.

The world’s biggest brewer is tapping into Asia and looking to raise nearly $10 billion dollars by listing shares in Hong Kong to produce the biggest IPO of the year. Frank Holland has more for us.

A new company will be making its debut on Wall Street: Slack. This company software is used by businesses to help employees communicate. It will be going public in a non-traditional way: direct listing. Leslie Picker explains.

Chewy priced 46 million shares at $22 apiece, above the indicative range of $19 to $21 that it had given. The amount of stock offered in the deal was 5 million more than expected, and raised $1 billion.

It’s already been a very busy IPO market on Wall Street and we’re seeing a warm reception with most of these IPOs. Bob Pisani reports from the New York Stock Exchange.

We discuss how some stocks that soar in a short period of time may look like something you want to own but should you? David Sowerby, a portfolio manager at Ancora, joins us with this analysis.

Peloton, best known for its exercise cycles, announced Wednesday it has filed with securities regulators for an initial public offering.

Uber reported their first earnings report since going public on Wall Street. How did the ridesharing company do? Deirdre Bosa breaks down the numbers for us.

Will Uber ever make it to the market’s key index, the S&P 500? Mike Santoli explains.

Uber made it’s highly anticipated IPO debut on Wall Street. But, as Deirdre Bosa reports, the ridesharing company had to hit the brakes on its first day of trading.

Uber CEO Dara Khosrowshahi plans for 2019 to be the company’s peak year for losses and says the company should be compared to Amazon’s rise.

With Uber now going public, many investors are concerned about when the company will make a profit. But, what we do know is how much Uber loses money. Deirdre Bosa reports.

With both Uber and Lyft earnings debuting this week, we compare the business models of each rideshare company. Deirdre Bosa reports.

The first vegan IPO made its Wall Street Debut with “Beyond Meat” – a plant based burger— and from looking at their results after the bell on their initial day – it was sizzling. Aditi Roy has more on the vegan product and what their expectations are in the alternative meat market.