Investors are shoveling money into bonds at a furious pace, despite having virtually every conceivable reason to ditch the sector. April, in fact, saw the most money devoted to fixed income since October 2014.

Jeffrey Gundlach speaks at the 2018 Sohn Conference in New York.

Researchers find that not only do funds of higher-testosterone managers produce lower returns, those managers also have a greater propensity to be terminated.

The founder of DoubleLine Capital spoke to CNBC’s “Halftime Report.”

President Trump criticizes Amazon over taxes on social media Thursday, targeting the company’s “third party” seller tax collection policies.

Professional investors see global growth prospects at their lowest level since Brexit as fears of a trade war surge, according to the latest Bank of America Merrill Lynch Fund Manager Survey.

As more than half of S&P stocks sit in correction territory, some market participants are recommending bargain buys at these levels.

General Electric’s CEO says on an investor call Tuesday that he is looking at how to “reshape” the company.

Dominic Chu takes a look at what stocks have historically performed well during the winter months.

Gold’s getting hit, and the drop could be because of the bitcoin boom.

Bond guru Bill Gross thinks investors need to “be careful in 2018” and cites six areas they need to watch as the calendar is set to turn.

Buying Home Depot, General Electric, Nike and Goldman Sachs in December could make investors a lot of money, history shows.

Liberty Media Chairman John Malone shares his views in an exclusive interview with CNBC’s David Faber Thursday.

The National Football League’s weak viewership has Wall Street on edge, and the numbers aren’t looking any better for Week 10.

CVS Health’s bid to acquire Aetna is a “really smart” way of staving off competition from Amazon, according to one analyst.