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With major art fairs taking place across the globe from Chicago to Istanbul to Shanghai, art enthusiasts, collectors and sophisticated investors alike are questioning whether to acquire works of fine art as investments. And as significant appreciation emerges in some corners of the art market, we see growing interest from clients about incorporating art into …

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The stock movements inside the Shanghai Stock Exchange in the Lujiazui Financial district of Shanghai on September 22, 2015.

Few investors are eager to jump into emerging markets — for good reason. Most emerging markets stocks and funds have been clobbered. But that makes it all the more noteworthy for the emerging markets managers who avoided the collapse. Here are investing tips from three of the emerging markets fund managers who have easily beaten …

Four horsemen of the fourth quarter

With the books almost closed on September, attention turns to the fourth quarter and the four things investors need to watch.

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If a bear market doesn’t improve the outlook for active investment management, probably nothing will. Over the last decade, assets have been flowing out of actively managed investment funds that try to beat a market benchmark and into low-cost passively managed ones that simply track the benchmark. But active fund managers are hopeful that they’ll …

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If you’re enrolled in a 401(k) plan at work and put your contributions in a target-date fund, you might be wondering if it’s the best option. Some financial advisors are on the fence. “Are they perfect? Absolutely not. But nothing is,” said David Mullins, a certified financial planner and owner of David Mullins Wealth Management. …

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A lot of investors breathed a sigh of relief on Thursday after the Fed decided to hold interest rates steady. While it will happen eventually, a number of financial experts say an increase in rates could derail global markets. With our world more intertwined than ever before, what happens in America could impact the rest …

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Sick of paying high prices for prescription drugs? Buying drugstore stocks may be the best revenge—and most profitable. Big drugstore chains now make most of their money from prescription drugs or pharmacy services. In the next few years, these sales are expected to spike even higher, driven by costlier generic and specialty drugs. Spending on …

Staple stocks for your portfolio

Consumer staple stocks haven’t been performing well lately, but there could be pockets of opportunity in the space.

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A worker adjusts the valve of an oil pipe at an oil reception and delivery point owned by Bashneft, near Ufa, in Russia's Republic of Bashkortostan.

Over $300 billion has poured into emerging markets funds. This popular asset may be poisoning your 401(k).

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As index funds and exchange-traded funds continue to outpace their actively managed mutual fund peers, the church of passive investors has enjoyed an undeniable membership surge. Why pay for professional management, the argument goes, if they can’t deliver higher returns? “There have been massive inflows into passive funds over the last few years,” said Katie …

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Warren Buffett

Berkshire Hathaway‘s Warren Buffett shared his outlook on the U.S. economy on Tuesday, saying he believes it is growing at a rate of about 2 percent. “We’re still on that path we’ve been on for six years,” the chairman and CEO of Berkshire Hathaway said on CNBC’s “Squawk Alley.” “That’s not a bad rate, but …

Opportunity in transports?

Does the selloff in transport stocks provide an opportunity for investors?


“Picking international bond exposure is difficult because there are lots of moving parts,” FactSet’s Britt said. Currency and currency hedging are just one issue that investors need to consider. BlackRock’s iShares J.P. Morgan USD Emerging Markets Bond (EMB) doesn’t exactly hedge currency exposure, but instead holds only bonds issued in U.S. dollars by emerging markets …

Bullish signs vs. bearish signs

How can investors know if the market is in for a longer-term bounce back, or positioned for a prolonged pullback? Dominic Chu tells us what to watch out for.

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Investors—however smart, seasoned or wealthy—are only human. Faced with dramatic market fluctuations like those seen over the last few days, many otherwise even-tempered investors might be tempted to act rashly—and irrationally. Certified financial planner Geri Eisenman Pell, CEO of Pell Wealth Partners, notes that the study of behavioral finance—how and why people make the financial …