Markets have rebounded sharply since touching correction territory on October 15, with two S&P sectors posting double-digit gains since. S&P Sectors Price Intraday Low on 10/15 % Chg. Since 10/15 Health Care 782.54 700.15 11.77% Industrials 475.56 431.87 10.12% Information Technology 668.81 616.46 8.49% Consumer Discretionary 540 500.86 7.81% Financials 320.45 296.79 7.97% Utilities 230.04 …

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Marissa Mayer

Yahoo has been on a tear recently. What shareholders might not realize: They have more to thank than Alibaba‘s share price. Shares of Yahoo have risen by more than 20 percent in the last 10 days, reaching the highest level since the dotcom bubble in 2000. The most obvious explanation is a 13 percent rise …

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“There aren’t bad investment products, just poor uses for them.” This was a line I was taught to parrot years ago in my training at one of the world’s largest insurance companies. But while clever and convenient, it’s complete and utter nonsense. A great number of investments simply don’t deserve your—or anyone else’s—attention or dollars. …

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America’s obesity epidemic is arguably showing up more in the results of public companies, but not always in the ways that companies want. McDonald’s sales are declining, and Coca Cola’s latest results didn’t give out too many smiles, either. Meanwhile, some “healthier” food options continue to gain: Chipotle Mexican Grill shares are up 15 percent …

Amazon posts huge loss

Shares of Amazon tumbled after the company reported its largest quarterly loss in 14 years. Should investors stick with Amazon?

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Traders on the floor of the New York Stock Exchange, October 23, 2014.

The stock market is acting as if the mid-October swoon never happened, despite a general—and fairly recent—sense of caution on Wall Street. Strategists at JPMorgan and Bank of America Merrill Lynch released reports this week that, while overall bullish, told clients to prepare for more muted returns. Individual investors, though, don’t seem to be listening, …

New trend for small caps?

During the week’s market turmoil, small cap stocks easily outperformed much larger companies and the overall market. Could this signal an opportunity for investors to make a big move into small caps?

Your next move

If you’re looking to get aggressive or defensive, we have a fund manager with some investment suggestions.

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Trader on the floor of the New York Stock Exchange.

If scary markets frighten you as much as scary movies, then you might want to keep your hands over your eyes for a while longer yet. Though stocks staged a rally Tuesday, the issues that have bedeviled the market in 2014 haven’t really gone away, in much the same way that horror movie legends Jason …


Yields on 10-year US Treasurys will hold and stocks will bounce, fund manager Jeffrey Gundlach told CNBC on Tuesday. Gundlach said 2.20 percent should be the low in interest rates on the 10-year, and that sentiment was driving rates moreso than data. The 10-year was most recently yielding 2.222%. (What are bonds doing now? Click here) …

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Most women have something in common when it comes to their money: At some point in their lives, they will need to learn how to manage it themselves. Women are marrying later, or never marrying, at a higher rate than ever, with marriages down 60 percent from 1970, according to a 2013 study by Bowling …

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The high-profile departure of Bill Gross has cost Pimco another customer. As the fallout continues since Gross left the Newport Beach, California-based asset manager last month, the Arkansas Teacher Retirement System said it has cut ties, according to a report in Pensions & Investments. Pimco had managed about $475 million for the fund as part …

Three things to watch

What is causing the turmoil in the markets? Bob Pisani takes a look at three things investors are closely watching.

Protecting your portfolio in volatile markets

In a month that has seen the Dow move more than 2,000 points, how can you protect your portfolio from all this volatility?

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Warren Buffett

Warren Buffett often makes investments that are out of reach for ordinary investors. But in the case of his recent car dealership deal, there’s a rare chance to join him for the ride. Last week, the Oracle of Omaha bought privately owned car dealership Van Tuyl Group for an undisclosed sum. The deal surprised some …