As tensions with other countries climb, American investors are sticking close to home.

While 66% of Americans said foreign equities could diversify their portfolios, just 48% of investors hold 1% to 25% allocations to these stocks in their portfolios.

Warren Buffett told CNBC he has no tensions with 3G Capital, Berkshire Hathaway’s partner in troubled Kraft Heinz.

Beijing billed President Donald Trump’s 2017 trip as a “state visit-plus” — rolling out the red carpet for an unprecedented private dinner in the Forbidden City, marching a military parade through Tiananmen Square, and hosting a signing ceremony in the colossal Great Hall of the People to unveil business deals totaling more than $250 billion.

Facebook announces its own digital currency making a big push for it to go mainstream but how does exactly Libra work? We speak with CNET Senior Reporter, Ben Fox Rubin, who gives us a quick tutorial.

Wall Street analysts reacted with great fanfare after Facebook finally revealed the details of its long awaited cryptocurrency, Project Libra, on Tuesday. Most analysts believe the crypto project will give the company a major boost and continue pushing Facebook to further greatness.

Recently, billionaire hedge fund manager Stanley Druckenmiller said he wouldn’t have a problem with a higher tax rate on capital gains. But, how would this impact individual investors? Ben Phillips, founder and CIO at Eventshares, joins our show with his analysis.

Flippers are getting help from an unexpected source: Ubers drivers. Diana Olick has more on this for us.

In Apple’s annual developers conference, there were new features, apps, and tools introduced. Why is this important to investors? Josh Lipton reports from Silicon Valley.

We speak with the Chief Market Strategist at TD Ameritrade, JJ Kinahan, and get his perspective what retail investors should be concerned about with the volatility in the stock market .

After seeing steep declines in the markets the past couple of days, how should investors react to this volatility? We speak with Tim Maurer, a personal finance director from the Bam Alliance, with his insights.

Tesla is raising $2.7 billion in fresh capital but that is only “a 12-month bridge,” Morgan Stanley said on Monday, as the firm thinks Elon Musk’s electric vehicle company needs to begin manufacturing and selling its lower-priced cars in China.

Wall Street strategists urged calm after the latest threats from President Donald Trump after a series of tweets Sunday afternoon. Trump warned that tariffs on $200 billion worth of Chinese goods could rise to 25% on Friday and China was considering canceling this week’s trade talks with the U.S. in light of the threat.

With the calendar marking the 1st of May, usually investors “sell in May and go away” but are you better off ignoring it this year? Bob Pisani reports.

Leading up to its public market debut, Uber hopes investors will align the stock with Amazon’s rather than its close rival, Lyft. Uber plans to compare itself to Amazon during its pre-IPO roadshow in order to justify the billions of dollars it continues to lose, The New York Times reported.

There’s sharp gains in the semiconductor sector and investors will keep a close attention to what is said about the issues to drive the sector higher. Josh Lipton has more.