The Securities and Exchange Commission is investigating German automaker BMW, a company spokesperson confirmed Monday following a report of the probe by the Wall Street Journal.

Courtney Reagans has a special investigative report for us on the brazen crime that’s hurting retailers’ profits.

The world’s largest market place for luxury consignment says everything it sells is 100% authenticated. But, our investigation finds a different reality inside The RealReal. Andrea Day has more on this special report.

Apparel and shoe company Under Armour confirms a probe into its accounting practices while facing a lot of questions and offering a few answers. Courtney Reagan reports.

We have a special investigative report on an issue no one wants to talk about in the gaming community and why it’s hurting profits. Josh Lipton reports.

Goldman Sachs has joined the flight of institutional investors from Fisher Investments.

The giant investment bank is pulling $234 million from Camas, Washington-based Fisher, according to a source close to the matter.

President Donald Trump said Friday he would keep his desire for China to investigate the Biden family separate from high-stakes trade talks with Beijing.

Tesla is facing new scrutiny from a federal auto safety agency around battery issues in some Model S and Model X vehicles.

President Donald Trump on Thursday said that China should look into former Vice President Joe Biden and his son Hunter, on the eve of restarted trade talks between the two economic superpowers.

Andrea Day reports on how the recent hacking on high profile Twitter accounts, including Twitter’s CEO Jack Dorsey, is likely coming from someone tricking the cell phone providers.

Former SEC Chairman Harvey Pitt on Monday questioned the motivation of Harry Markopolos, the Bernie Madoff whistleblower who unveiled a long list of allegations against General Electric last week in an investigation for a short seller.

The man who blew the whistle on Bernie Madoff is accusing General Electric’s finances as a “bigger fraud than Enron” and now GE’s CEO is hitting back hard. Morgan Brennan joins us on the show to discuss about this developing story.

William “Rick” Singer, who has admitted to running the largest college admissions scam ever prosecuted by the U.S. Department of Justice, is accused of crimes dating to 2011.

Authorities say that during that time, he gamed the system for hundreds of wealthy and powerful families to get their kids into some of the nation’s top colleges.

You know your laptop or computer could be hacked but what about the monitor or your office phone. The everyday things in the workplace that are vulnerable to attack. Andrea Day has this special investigative report for us.

We have a special investigation piece where we take you inside the black market for cannabis where illegal dispensaries openly break the law, which is all part of a $70 billion nationwide illicit market that’s hurting the legal industry. Melissa Lee has a CNBC investigation report: Weed Killers.