South by SouthWest: what’s trending

The South by SouthWest technology and music conference in underway where big ideas are shared and innovative products are born.

Google and real estate

Google’s investment arm just put the Internet real estate company on the map big-time, giving it a $50 million cash infusion.

Privacy wars: Keeping your data safe

Earnings from Target show the discounter is paying a hefty price for last year`s massive credit card data breach. Eamon Javers reports from San Francisco where key industry leaders are tasked with keeping our data safe from hackers.

Broadband wars

Some of the biggest cable TV and broadband providers are now battling Google and its high-speed internet service.

Behind the Facebook WhatsApp deal

What is WhatsApp, why did Facebook pay $16 billion to acquire it and who are the overnight billionaires behind the deal?

Twitter’s future

How concerned should investors be about Twitter’s growth prospects?

Twitter disappoints

Twitter’s shares plunged following the company’s first earnings report, which failed to impress investors.

Facebook turns 10

Facebook turns 10 today and we want to know what the company will do in the next decade.

Amazon union vote

A vote to unionize a small group of Amazon employees could have a major impact to the company.

Cyber security stocks

As hackers attack, companies are spending big money to protect themselves.

Battle for your home

Internet providers and tech companies are joining forces and fighting for your home.

Equal access denied

A legal ruling on net neutrality could impact everyone who uses the internet.

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Last week, the Treasury Department’s Bank Secrecy Act Advisory Group met in Washington, D.C., to discuss a topic important to Washington state. It’s debating when and how to allow banking for marijuana growers and retailers in that state, along with Colorado, since both of them have now legalized recreational marijuana. Banking is considered the biggest challenge facing the …

2014: Internet IPOs

After a big year of IPO’s many investors are wondering what’s in store for 2014.

Twitter’s Biggest Tweet

The microblogging site hopes to woo investors with its staggering revenue growth despite never having made a profit in the past three years.