The future of the internet

Leaders from the nation’s biggest internet companies meet to discuss the policy issues and new regulations that could shape the future of the industry.

Will Google connect Cuba?

Michelle Caruso Cabrera tells us why Google is struggling to get Cubans online.

Justin Solomon | CNBC
Cubans using their mobile devices in Havana, Cuba.

Cuba needs all sorts of infrastructure improvements, but none of them is as politically thorny as Internet access. Google and other U.S. tech companies, with the endorsement of the U.S. government, want to provide that infrastructure, but the Cuban government is wary of Americans bearing advanced technology gifts. Instead, it may turn to an old …

Regulating the internet

There may be big changes coming to the way the internet is run, but should it be considered a utility and regulated like one?

Active vs. passive investing

Why are more investors are pouring money into passive index funds and turning their backs on stock pickers?

Net neutrality debate

President Obama took a firm stand on an open and free internet, which sent shares of cable companies down.

Getty Images
Apple CEO Tim Cook speaks during an Apple special event at the Flint Center for the Performing Arts on September 9, 2014 in Cupertino, California. Apple is expected to unveil the new iPhone 6.

The CEO of Apple appeared to make a rather critical commentary of some of the tech giant’s Silicon Valley rivals on Wednesday with Apple unveiling its new privacy policy in an open letter to customers. In the message, signed by Tim Cook and uploaded to Apple’s website late Wednesday, Apple said that its business was to sell …

The pros & cons of alternative mutual funds

Wall Street regulators are looking into alternative mutual funds. According to the Wall Street Journal, the Securities and Exchange Commission is investigating this new kind of investment vehicle that mirrors strategies used by hedge funds: investing in private debt or by shorting stocks. They are targeted for individual investors, giving them access to assets that …

Apple Ready to Impress Again?

Think you’ve seen the best from Apple already? Just wait. One of the tech giant’s top executives told the Re/Code Conference this week that Apple’s pipeline is the best he’s seen in 25 years.


Many people in their 20s are dealing with large amounts of student loan and credit card debt and are living paycheck to paycheck, while dreaming of the day they can allocate some of their money to reach their financial goals. If you’re a 20-something, you may think financial planning at this stage in your life …

Sell in May and go away?

As investors look to tomorrow and as the up and down month of April draws to a close, Dominic Chu takes a look at whether April showers may give way to brighter days ahead in May and beyond.


Who should control the internet? The Federal Communications Commission is proposing new rules and they’re not without controversy.

Heartbleed bug

The so-called Heartbleed bug which caused chaos for some big name Web sites may be worse than first feared.

NYT takes the ‘Gray Lady’ mobile

The New York Times is going mobile. The newspaper unveiled a pair of digital apps for smartphones and tablets as it tries to attract new readers willing to pay for news stories. But will today’s consumers – so used to getting internet content for free- really pay for the “Gray Lady’s” stories?

Facebook and its virtual world

Facebook announced its first-ever acquisition of a hardware company, paying two billion dollars for the privately held Oculus VR which makes virtual reality goggles. The trouble is Oculus has no real revenue just yet, and its technology is largely untested.