Interest Rates

With stocks nearing an all-time high and dollar looking stronger, gold is still performing very well and hitting a six year high. Scott Nations, who’s the President and CIO at Nationsshares, joins us in discussing how gold is still hitting its stride in the markets today.

Is an interest rate cut in July a done deal? Wall Street is looking for it but Fed Chairman Jerome Powell is still “grappling” over that decision. Dominic Chu has reports.

For some, value investing has been left for dead after years of underperformance. However, Goldman Sachs says there’s still life left in the classic factor strategy, especially with the Fed set to cut rates again.

Veteran trader Art Cashin told CNBC on Monday he believes the Federal Reserve could slash short-term interest rates by an aggressive half-percent at its next policy making meeting at the end of July.

With S&P closing at a record high, what’s next for stocks and are we still in a long term bull market? We discuss this with Brian Levitt, who’s a Senior Director of Investment Strategy at Invesco.

Low interest rates have been helpful to dividend paying stocks and could even get better if the Federal Reserve drops interest rates. More to discuss this topic is David Dietze, who’s the President and CIO at Point View Wealth Management.

Investors are having optimism in the markets lately due to the idea the Fed will cut interest rates eventually. But is it the right time to cut rates now? Steve Liesman takes a look for us.

For consumers, the so-called Powell Pivot may mean a reprieve in escalating borrowing costs. At the same time, stashing cash in a savings account is reaping a better return than it has in years.

The Federal Reserve holds interest rates steady but signals that the door may be open for change in the near future. Steve Liesman has more for us from Washington.

We speak with Diane Swonk, a chief economist at Grant Thornton, to get her reaction and more analysis on the recent Federal Reserve meeting and what might happen next with interest rates.

A divided Federal Reserve held the line on interest rates Wednesday and indicated formally that no cuts are coming in 2019. The decision came amid divisions over what is ahead and still leaves open the possibility that policy loosening could happen before the end of the year depending on how conditions unfold.

This just might be Fed Chair Jerome Powell’s toughest meeting yet, because whatever the outcome, odds are high that it will disappoint a large group of people, and that’s not even counting President Donald Trump.

Major Wall Street economists believe the Federal Reserve will not cut rates on Wednesday, but will signal a “readiness” to act in the future.

Should the Federal Reserve meet market expectations and signal a rate cut at its meeting Wednesday, the move will come under some unusual circumstances.

The biggest issues facing the market right now are trade talks and the upcoming Federal Reserve decision. We speak with Art Hogan, chief market strategist at National Securities, about his analysis on what might happen.