For the past few years, we have not seen major inflation yet in the U.S. economy. Why is that and what can we expect in the near future? We speak with the chief economist and macro strategist at Mellon, Vincent Reinhart.

Now that we’ve heard from more than three quarters of companies in this earnings season, there’s a trend: Companies across industry groups—from food to technology to health care—are raising costs for the consumer. Hershey, for instance, announced it’s raising prices by an average of 8 percent across the majority of its chocolate and snack portfolio …

Inflation is also something investors need to pay attention to. Dominic Chu looks at what rising prices could mean for your investments .

It’s not just gold and gas prices that are rising, but just about everything. Federal Reserve Chair Janet Yellen didn’t seem overly concerned about it at Yesterday’s new conference. But today, some economists say she’s too complacent, they’re worried. So how concerned should you be about inflation?