Health Care

For many, getting a cancer diagnosis is financially devastating. Research shows that cancer patients are more likely to declare bankruptcy than the average person.

Mike Bloomberg’s announcement to run for president didn’t deliver full details of his platform, but his 12-year run as mayor and his philanthropy in political causes provide good clues. Here are some issues Bloomberg cares about and the industries they would affect.

Eamon Javers reports on Friday’s meeting at the White House between executives from the vaping industry and President Trump.

President Donald Trump delayed announcing a flavored e-cigarette ban because officials were “spooked” by the political ramifications, but a plan will likely still be implemented, former FDA Commissioner Scott Gottlieb told CNBC on Friday.

Another 118 people have fallen ill and five more have died from a lethal vaping lung disease, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said Thursday.

Meg Tirrell reports how artificial intelligence is being used to drive the next big medical breakthrough.

The House Judiciary Committee approved a bill Wednesday that legalizes marijuana on the federal level, removing it from Schedule 1 of the Controlled Substances Act.

The Massachusetts Senate has approved legislation banning the sale of flavored tobacco products and levying a 75% excise tax on e-cigarettes as state officials aim to curb a spike in underage vaping.

John Harwood is in Atlanta for us at the latest Democratic Presidential Debate where ten candidates will likely be talking about the economy.

Some patients have been reluctant to admit they vape, a critical piece of information for doctors to know.

After lagging in the market, health care is making a come back and the outlook could be just what long term investors are looking for. More now to talk about this sector is Damien Conover, Equity Analyst at Morningstar.

New York state is suing e-cigarette giant Juul, accusing the company of targeting teens, downplaying the presence of nicotine and hooking a generation on e-cigarettes, Attorney General Letitia James announced Tuesday.

A new study shows that some heart surgeries are not needed leading to questions about a multi-billion dollar market. Meg Tirrell has more for us.

The White House wants to force hospitals to reveal the price of care so that people can look for better deals. Bertha Coombs has more for us.

Kayla Tausche takes a look at the economic and health care policies from the moderate Democratic Presidential Candidates.