Health Care

Allergan will not bid for Shire, according to sources close to the company.

The senators join the growing chorus of people calling on the Food and Drug Administration to help stop Juul’s popularity among kids and teens.

The medicines, which help unleash the immune system on cancer cells, were tested in patients with advanced lung cancer.

Mount Sinai in New York is among the first to explore a personalized vaccine to combat some of America’s deadliest cancers, including lung, breast, gynecological and bladder cancers.

The Food and Drug Administration is slapping more safety requirements on the permanent contraception device Essure, made by Bayer.

Walmart is exploring an acquisition of Pillpack, which manages prescription medications by packaging, organizing and delivering the meds. It has raised more than

Health savings accounts are often touted for their unrivaled tax benefits. These steps could help you reap even more benefits.

Meg Tirrell reports on the early phases of experimental flu vaccines in human trials.

A universal flu vaccine would protect against all strains of the virus and be durable for multiple years – if not a lifetime.

When it comes to tackling pharmacy benefits, the former CEO of Apple says real change has to go beyond just cutting fees.

Meg Tirrell reports on the Securities Exchange Commission charging Theranos CEO Elizabeth Holmes with massive fraud.

Martin Shkreli’s actions involving pharmaceutical pricing have had a long-lasting impact.

Pfizer quitting neuroscience is latest sign that the search for Alzheimer’s drugs has been a failure. More doctors are focused on lifestyle.

Amazon is reportedly making a bigger push into the medical supply business.

What’s different this time? The firms are coming together to form a not-for-profit company to try to leverage the companies’ market power.