Global Economy

While the sudden moves in the Chinese currency—and the concurrent concern about a slower economy—are the main cause of China’s stock market volatility, the country’s stock market structure may itself be exacerbating the selloff.

Welcome to the new year, and what a welcome the stocks market is giving investors today. Yikes!

China tested its new system-wide circuit breaker last night. The good news is it works. The bad news is the circuit breakers themselves may be part of the problem.

One of the largest state-ordered executions in Saudi Arabia has sparked a diplomatic and trade row with Iran and left many concerned over destabilization across the Middle East.

China is moving to revitalize the ancient Silk Road trade route, and its plan runs through a nation that has bedeviled both the U.S. and Russia for decades: Afghanistan.

The European Central Bank cut interest rates to kick start that region’s economy, while the Federal Reserve may be on the verge of tightening for the first time in nearly a decade.

Oil prices rise and bond yields inch lower after Turkey shot down a Russian fighter plane.

Beijing may hope for a second-child baby boom but Chinese citizens have mixed feelings about the country’s famous one-child policy being abandoned. And, if it works, the loneliness of being an only child could be the driving force. On Thursday the ruling Communist Party announced it would relax family planning restrictions that since 1979 have …

Eunice Yoon explains the details of China’s new plan that aims to double the size of its economy by 2020.

Puerto Rico could be completely illiquid by November, pushing it closer to defaulting on major debt payments, the territory’s top officials said Thursday.

China’s recent slowdown has raised widespread concerns that any weakening demand there for goods and raw materials from the rest of the world could weigh on the entire global economy.

Puerto Rico’s fiscal problems could turn into a humanitarian crisis, a top U.S. Treasury official warned on Thursday.

Are you feeling clueless? Has the seven-year bull run in equities left you feeling nervy in the face of a potential rate hike in the U.S. and weakening growth in China? You are not alone. The results of a client survey released by the Swiss bank Credit Suisse on Thursday highlighted that global investors were …

Equity markets in China outperformed the region on Monday, following a report by the China Securities Journal that quoted a senior central banker saying that the country’s stock market correction is “almost over.”

The freshly inked Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) – the biggest trade pact in two decades encompassing 40 percent of the world economy – may be hailed as transformational, but it will take many years before the economic benefits are actually felt, say analysts. After five years of talks, a dozen countries across the Pacific Basin – …