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Russia is already feeling economic pain from its Ukrainian land grab—even without tougher sanctions from the West. A fresh round of violence in Ukraine has prompted calls for Western leaders to ratchet up economic sanctions against the Kremlin. But with capital flooding out of the country, the local stock market falling and Russia’s currency weakening, …


Russia is going to great lengths to try to reassure investors, foreign businesses and its own people about its economic and political stability. But in the midst of escalating violence in Ukraine and huge capital outflows, Russia has already dug itself a deep economic hole—and it’s getting worse. On Thursday, with U.S. Secretary of State …

Economic sanctions

Tensions between the U.S. and Russia are rising in what some are calling the worst superpower dispute since the Cold War.


Investors shrug off the vote in Ukraine over the weekend. But how long will the upswing last?


Markets around the world are getting rattled by what’s happening between Russia and Ukraine as well as the possibility of slowing economic growth in China. Despite the fact that all of those places are thousands of miles away from America’s shores, they’re still having a profound impact on U.S. markets. Traders up and down Wall …

Jessica Morris and Katrina Bishop

The looming referendum in Crimea saw Russian markets continue to slide on Friday, as Goldman Sachs reported that capital outflows from the country had hit $45 billion since the start of the year. Russia’s MICEX index was around 2 percent lower on Friday morning, as concerns about the outcome of a referendum in Crimea on …

China slowdown

What’s really going on inside the world’s second largest economy, how much is it slowing and what does it mean for the global markets, we get some answers.

Deflation wave?

If prices start falling on Chinese-made goods, could that lead to a wave of deflation in our economy and across the globe.


The rapid deterioration in China’s economic momentum has put focus squarely on the world’s number-two economy, with several banks sharply cutting their gross domestic product (GDP) forecasts. Bank of America Merrill Lynch (BofAML), Barclays and Nomura lowered their growth projections for the mainland economy late Thursday, following a spate of disappointing economic data for the …


The crisis on Ukraine can still send the markets into a tailspin, despite Russia appearing to back away from all-out war and the international wheels of diplomacy whirring into life, analysts and economists have warned. (Read more: Ukraine fin min: We’re broke but we won’t default) The country is still on the verge of further violence. …

Growth targets in China

China’s National People’s Congress met today to lay out growth targets and spending plans for the world’s second largest economy.

Fueling the future

Some of the biggest names in the energy business are at CERA Week discussing everything from Ukraine to natural gas and crude oil exports.

ConExpo 2014

What do sales of bulldozers, backhoes and other big construction machines say about the global economy? Jane Wells finds out more at this year’s ConExpo event.

Ukraine tensions ease

Easing tensions in Ukraine ignite a rally on Wall Street. But will the optimism last?


Easing of tensions in Ukraine ignites a rally on Wall Street. But will the optimism last?