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After a few sessions of relative stability, risk aversion returned in a big way to China’s stocks Tuesday with the Shanghai and the Shenzhen Composite both down 6 percent by the end of the session.

China lowers value of yuan

China devalues its currency sending shockwaves throughout the global financial system.

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China’s surprise devaluation of its currency is an admission of economic weakness and could delay the timing of the Federal Reserve’s expected U.S. interest rate hike, strategist Boris Schlossberg told CNBC on Tuesday. While agreeing the currency move signals economic troubles in China, Jim McCaughan, chief executive of Principal Global Investors, said the Fed will …

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Renminbi banknotes are placed on a bank staff's table in a bank in Lianyungang, east China's Jiangsu province

Investors around the world were taken by surprise on Tuesday after the People’s Bank of China (PBoC) devalued the yuan by almost 2 percent against the U.S. dollar, causing the currency to suffer its biggest fall in over two decades. The move sent shockwaves through markets, as currencies with heavy trade exposure to China hit …

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A trader works the pits at NYMEX in New York.

Everyone likes a bargain. But this one could spell trouble for the global economy. Led by a steep slide in energy prices over the last 12 months, the prices of a wide range of global commodities—everything from iron ore to sugar—has been falling lately, in part, due to slower demand from once red-hot developing economies …

Suez Canal expands

An expansion of the Suez Canal could mean a smoother passage for the shipping industry and aid the fragile Egyptian economy.

Luxury companies’ China concerns

As the Chinese stock market pulls back and the economy slows, Chinese consumers are spending a lot less.

Is China impacting the Fed?

Tyler Mathisen explains what China’s slowdown and extreme market volatility could mean for the Federal Reserve.

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A worker repairs steam locomotive parts in Fuxin coal mine locomotive repair plant in Fuxin, China.

China: call it the good, bad and ugly for earnings. The world’s second-largest economy has become a big topic for investors as a deluge of U.S. companies report second-quarter results that have taken a hit from China’s slowdown. From software companies to drugmakers to fast food chains, economic weakness in China is denting multinational companies—and …

Why Caterpillar matters

Dominic Chu explains why Caterpillar’s earnings provide a read on the global economy.


A broad selloff in commodities and dollar strength point to disinflationary pressures on the horizon that weaken the argument for a near-term rise in U.S. interest rates, according to some analysts. This week has seen gold prices tumble to five-year lows and U.S. oil prices dip below $50 a barrel for the first time since …

Cuban embassy reopens in DC

It was a historic day in the relations between the U.S. and Cuba, but as Michelle Caruso-Cabrera reports there’s still a long road ahead for normalization.

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Greeks wait to withdraw money from an ATM in Athens, July 11, 2015.

As Greece lurches from one crisis deadline to another to try to save its beleaguered economy and banking system, cash continues to flee the country. European leaders in Brussels reportedly reached a third bailout deal for Greece on Monday morning, after more than 17 hours of talks on the thorny subject of reforms and more …

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IMF Managing Director Christine Lagarde

The International Monetary Fund said Thursday it has trimmed down its expected global growth for 2015 to 3.3 percent, citing weaker-than-expected economic activity in North America during the first quarter. (Tweet This) In April, the organization said its global growth projection for this year was at 3.5 percent. Other factors contributing to the IMF’s downward …

China stock market turmoil

Investors around the globe are focused on the emergency measures China is taking to stabilize its stock market.