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Health experts say they’re examining a possible link between McDonald’s salads and an intestinal parasite that has sickened at least 61 customers. Kate Rogers takes a look at whether McDonald’s will be able to contain the damage better than Chipotle did when it faced a similar issue.

Kate Rogers reports Starbucks plans to eliminate plastic straws from its stores globally by 2020.

Starbucks said Monday that it would eliminate single-use plastic straws from all of its cafes globally by 2020.

Andrew Ross Sorkin reports on the departure of Starbucks chairman and former CEO Howard Schultz and speculation he may seek opportunities in politics.

In the wake of Howard Schultz’s departure as Starbucks Executive Chairman, Kate Rogers takes a look at what this means for the company, as the food and beverage environment becomes more competitive.

Kate Rogers reports on Chipotle’s quarterly numbers with a new chief executive at the helm.

Dunkin’ Donuts posted earnings that beat analyst expectations on Tuesday.

CNBC’s Landon Dowdy discusses Budweiser dropping to the fourth most popular beer, trailing Miller Coors beers and the company’s own Bud Light.

Jack in the Box is teaming up with Merry Jane to launch curated meals to celebrate recreational pot becoming legal in California.

Reports surfaced on Wednesday that Chipotle Mexican Grill’s food safety woes are still not behind it.

China has become Starbucks’ second largest and fastest growing market, and one the company expects to eclipse the U.S. market one day.

Chipotle shares tank after “Supergirl” actor Jeremy Jordan said he had been hospitalized after eating at the restaurant.

Starbucks reported revenue that missed analysts’ expectations on Thursday, sending shares down nearly 6 percent.

McDonald’s shares are up more than 34 percent in 2017, as the Golden Arches’ focus on offering value and technology upgrades in stores.

CNBC caught up with Kobe Bryant to talk about his post-basketball career as a businessman, investor, creative visionary and storyteller.