Federal Reserve

Nearly 80% of the 43 respondents believe the Fed will cut interest rates on Wednesday, according to the CNBC Fed Survey of fund managers, economists and strategists.

As the Federal Reserve begin a two-day meeting on whether to raise interest rates, Mike Santoli reports on why this is such a critical meeting for Wall Street.

Joining us on the show is David Lefkowitz, a Senior Equity Strategist at UBS Wealth Management Research, to talk more about what’s ahead for the markets in a busy week.

On Friday, the S&P 500 finished just shy of a record with a busy week on tap with the Federal Reserve meeting, a jobs report, and more earnings to follow. Bob Pisani has more for us from the New York Stock Exchange.

The Federal Reserve likely will cut interest rates next week, but in doing so will make a pair of adjustments aimed at signaling that the current easing cycle could be over, according to a Goldman Sachs forecast.

Steve Liesman reports why the Federal Reserve is keeping a close eye on the upcoming corporate earnings.

Joining us on the show is Luke Tilley, a Chief Economist at Wilmington Trust, who gives us his perspective what we can expect next with the Federal Reserve and interest rates.

With the recent tentative deal with Brexit and possible U.S. thawing tensions with China, some wondering what this means for the Federal Reserve and the future of interest rates. Steve Liesman reports.

The Federal Reserve could soon pause in its latest rate-cutting cycle, and, depending on economic data and developments in trade talks, that could happen at, or more likely, after the Oct. 29-30 meeting.

Steve Liesman reports on how two economic reports that came out may sway policymakers to make another interest rate cut.

Chicago Federal Reserve President Charles Evans agrees with the two interest rate cuts this year but thinks that’s probably enough for now.

The Fed is trying to figure out how much free internet services are worth to the economy.

Ylan Mui reports from Washington where the latest minutes report of the Federal Reserve meeting shows a division regarding policy going forward.

Steve Liesman reports on the latest comments Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell made and why it’s important to investors.

The Federal Reserve will soon start growing its balance sheet again, a response in part to the jolt to overnight lending markets in September, Chairman Jerome Powell said Tuesday.