Federal Reserve

Stocks jumped to record highs Wednesday after testimony from Federal Reserve Chair Jerome Powell bolstered the case for easier monetary policy in the U.S.

Asked by Democratic Rep. Maxine Waters, chair of the House Financial Services Committee, “If you get a call from the president today or tomorrow and he said ‘I’m firing you. Pack up and it’s time to go.’ What would you do?”

“Of course I would not do that,” Powell said during his testimony.

Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell was asked by Congress on Wednesday whether the recent strong U.S. jobs report changed his outlook on the economy and interest rates.

Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell will be testifying on Capitol Hill and answering questions about the economy as well defending the Central Bank’s independence. Steve Liesman has more for us.

Wall Street is keeping a close eye on the Federal Reserve as the Fed Chief, Jerome Powell, testifies on Capitol Hill later this week. Will it lead to any clues if the Fed will cut interest rates? Steve Liesman gives us a preview of this critical week for the Federal Reserve.

We speak with Chris Varvares, the co-head of U.S. Economics at Macroeconomic Advisers By IHS Markit, with his assessments on the latest jobs report and the state of the economy.

The month of June saw an increase on the jobs front but this may cause Wall Street on the edge. Why is that? Our Ylan Mui explains.

Larry Kudlow, director of the National Economic Council, is “very optimistic” about the health of the U.S. economy but believes that because of low inflation, the Federal Reserve should “take back the interest rate hike” it made in December.

President Donald Trump lambasted the Federal Reserve yet again on Friday, saying he thinks the economy will “be breaking records” even though the central bank has rates set too high.

With Wednesday’s mixed number in the labor market, what’s next for the economy? We speak with Gus Faucher, a chief economist at PNC Financial, with his insights.

President Trump has named two nominee picks for the Federal Reserve’s board of governors. Ylan Mui has more for us from Washington on these picks.

In tapping Judy Shelton to become one of two Federal Reserve Board governors, President Donald Trump selected one of the minority of mainstream economists supportive of a return to the gold standard and critical of central bank activity.

After the Fed’s recent stress test, banks have been boosting their dividends but will it make this sector grow again to prosperity? We speak with Ed Groshans, who’s an analyst at Height Analytics Financial Services, with his analysis.

Is an interest rate cut in July a done deal? Wall Street is looking for it but Fed Chairman Jerome Powell is still “grappling” over that decision. Dominic Chu has reports.

For some, value investing has been left for dead after years of underperformance. However, Goldman Sachs says there’s still life left in the classic factor strategy, especially with the Fed set to cut rates again.