Federal Reserve

The next recession in the U.S. could be triggered by still-restrictive Federal Reserve policy unless the central bank makes a committed and sustained effort to lower interest rates, Stifel’s Barry Bannister says.

More now to talk more about the latest on the Federal Reserve, trade tensions with China, and the markets’ reaction to all of this is Alicia Levine, Chief Strategist at BNY Mellon Investment Management.

The U.S.-China trade war intensified on Friday, sending shock waves throughout Wall Street and rattling the global economy. Seema Mody has more for us from the New York Stock Exchange.

The Federal Reserve says it will do what is necessary to support the economic expansion but adds that there is no rule book for a trade war. Steve Liesman reports from Jackson Hole, Wyoming.

Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell repeated his pledge Friday to keep the economic expansion going while acknowledging that tariffs and other factors are causing growth to slow.

President Donald Trump on Friday again ripped into Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell, questioning whether he is a “bigger enemy” to the United States than Chinese President Xi Jinping.

The White House is reportedly discussing a variety of options to try to juice U.S. economic growth ahead of the 2020 election, including a rotation of Federal Reserve governors that would make it easier to check the power of Chairman Jerome Powell.

More to discuss about what the Federal Reserve might decide regarding interest rates and how the market may react is Sarah Hunt, a Portfolio Manager at Alpine Woods Capital Investors.

A divided Federal Reserve meets thousands of miles away from Wall Street in what’s turning into a high stakes event for investors. Steve Liesman has more for us from Jackson Hole, Wyoming.

The main part of the yield curve inverted once again on Thursday as the yield on the benchmark 10-year Treasury note traded under that of the 2-year note, the third time the recession indicator has been triggered since last Wednesday.

Philadelphia Fed President Patrick Harker said Thursday that while he reluctantly supported the central bank’s rate cut in July, he doesn’t see the case for additional stimulus.

Federal Reserve officials who voted to lower interest rates three weeks ago agreed that the move shouldn’t be viewed as an indication that there is a “pre-set course” for future cuts, according to meeting minutes released Wednesday.

President Donald Trump insisted Wednesday that the economy is healthy and said the only thing holding U.S. growth back is the Federal Reserve.

Joining us to discuss the very busy week ahead for the markets and what’s at stake for the U.S. economy is Burns McKinney, a Portfolio Manager at Allianz Global Investors.

President Donald Trump raised his demands Monday on the Federal Reserve, calling for the central bank to cut interest rates by a full percentage point and to restart its crisis-era money-printing program.