Federal Reserve

The White House and congressional Democrats have moved close to a budget deal that would raise the U.S. debt ceiling for two years, a source close to the talks told CNBC.

Interest rate cuts might come too late to save an economy that is dangerously close to slipping into recession, according to Morgan Stanley economists.

Will the Federal Reserve cut interest rates? The rate debate was fueled further by conflicting remarks from Fed officials and stocks lost momentum on Friday. Steve Liesman has more for us.

New York Fed President John Williams’ assertion that policymakers need to “act quickly” as economic growth slows was drawing from research, not hinting at what may happen at this month’s Federal Open Market Committee meeting, a spokesperson for the central bank said.

Philadelphia area manufacturing rebounded sharply in July, just as the Federal Reserve is expected to cut interest rates to boost economic activity.

Central bankers need to act quickly and forcefully when rates are low and economic growth is slowing, New York Federal Reserve President John Williams said Thursday.

The Fed is expected to lower interest rates this month despite signs the economic expansion remains intact.

On Tuesday, three issues were talked about on Wall Street: Trade, Fed, and Earnings. Steve Liesman gives us a real time assessment of the economy and what we can expect.

J.P. Morgan raised its 12-month S&P 500 forecast on Monday, telling clients the market is set for even more gains in the second half of the year as the Federal Reserve pivots toward easier monetary policy and the Trump administration looks to end its entrenched trade war with China.

On Thursday, Wall Street hits a new milestone with the Dow hitting 27K thanks to optimism on interest rate cuts from the Federal Reserve. Bob Pisani reports from the New York Stock Exchange.

Our Steve Liesman gives us a recap of Fed Chairman Jerome Powell’s second day of testimony on Capitol Hill where there were strong signals that an interest rate cut will be coming.

Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell said the relationship between unemployment and inflation has collapsed.

We speak with Brian Nick, who’s a Chief Investment Strategist at Nuveen, to get his assessment on the Federal Reserve and how it will impact the markets.

Diana Olick explains about the shift that’s underway in the housing sector and how this change may be a problem for buyers.

Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell signals an openness to a rate cut and Wall Street liked what it heard with the S&P 500 surpassing 3,000 for the first time and the Nasdaq finishing the day with a record close on Wednesday. We have two reports: Steve Liesman on the recap of Powell’s testimony and Bob Pisani at the NYSE with the markets’ reaction.