Federal Reserve

Reading the signs from the Fed

Hampton Pearson tells us why many members of the Federal Reserve agree that a rate hike in June is highly unlikely.

Q1 GDP debate continues

There may be a big problem with the way the government has been calculating first quarter growth.

Top young economic minds

High school students from across the country got to test their knowledge of the Federal Reserve and economics in the National Economics Challenge. Steve Liesman moderated the competition.

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Ben Bernanke listens to a question during a discussion at the Brookings Institution in Washington.

Former Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke on Friday decried recently proposed legislation that would limit the U.S. central bank’s lending authority during a financial crisis, adding to the recent criticism of the bill’s sponsor, Sen. Elizabeth Warren. The Bailout Prevention Act—a bipartisan bill introduced Wednesday—would seek to curb risk-taking from large banks by removing some …


Chicago Federal Reserve President Charles Evans said Thursday the central bank should push any interest rate hike into next year, despite what he expects to be a rebound in the economy in the second quarter and the rest of 2015. “There are uncertainty reasons to sort of make you say, ‘Why should you be in …

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Janet Yellen

Federal Reserve Chair Janet Yellen on Wednesday warned that equity market valuations were “quite high,” though she said the Fed was not seeing the hallmarks of a bubble. She also noted that the Fed was watching the issue closely. “I would highlight that equity market valuations at this point generally are quite high,” Yellen said, …

Federal Reserve downgrades the economy

Hampton Pearson explains what the Federal Reserve said in its policy statement that has some market watchers scratching their heads.

Markets expecting easier Fed

Steve Liesman tells us what the nation’s top money managers and strategists expect from the Federal Reserve as it begins a two-day policy meeting.

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Stanley Fischer

Although the first quarter of the year was “poor,” an economic rebound is already underway in the U.S., according to Federal Reserve Vice Chair Stanley Fischer. The central banker acknowledged in a Thursday interview that most expect the Fed to raise interest rates sometime this year, but he attempted to assure markets that such a …

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Every year, the Federal Reserve takes it upon itself to conduct stress tests of the nation’s biggest banks, measuring them for how well they would hold up under the weight of another crisis the likes of which engulfed the financial system in 2008 and 2009. The results purport to give a clear picture of the …

A divided Federal Reserve

The Federal Reserve released the minutes of its March meeting and it turns out Fed officials were split on when to raise interest rates.

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William C. Dudley, the Federal Reserve Bank of New York

Whether or not March’s jobs report points to a substantial slowdown of the U.S. economy is still unclear, William Dudley, president of the New York Federal Reserve, said Monday. Dudley made his remarks after the U.S. economy added 126,000 jobs last month, well-below economists’ expectations of about 250,000. Nevertheless, Dudley also said the U.S. economy faces …


Atlanta Fed President Dennis Lockhart, a centrist, said Thursday he would increase interest rates midyear or even later—as the economy throws off “mixed signals” at the moment. Economic growth in the first quarter looks “very soft,” he told CNBC—held back by the harsh winter weather in February and the fluctuations in oil prices. He did, …

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A market that just a week ago worried that the Federal Reserve would begin raising rates too soon is now entertaining a very different set of possibilities. The most extreme among them: Speculation over a chance, however remote, that the Fed may not only tighten later and slower than expected, but may choose to employ …


The Federal Reserve fired its first warning shot Wednesday that it is going to start hiking interest rates–sometime. As the global investment community focused its attention on the U.S. central bank, the Fed Open Market Committee lived up to expectations: It dropped the word “patient” from its post-meeting statement, an indication, subtle though it may …