Federal Reserve

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Janet Yellen

The central bank printed $4.5 trillion and all we got was a lousy 0.2 percent wage increase. While that sounds like a T-shirt for policy geeks that one might buy at the shore, it actually pretty accurately describes the plight of the average American worker. After years of easing never seen before in global central …

Fed holds steady on rates

The Federal Reserve gives investors few clues as to when it will start raising rates and the market seemed to like it.

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Federal Reserve Bank Chair Janet Yellen.

With Wall Street looking for any clues that tighter policy is coming, the Federal Reserve on Wednesday declined to raise interest rates or provide any clues about when a hike is on the way. In a move widely expected on Wall Street, the U.S. central bank’s Open Market Committee kept its key funds rate near …

Is China impacting the Fed?

Tyler Mathisen explains what China’s slowdown and extreme market volatility could mean for the Federal Reserve.

Yellen defends Fed

As Janet Yellen testified on Capitol Hill, lawmakers took the opportunity to turn up the heat.

Fed remains on track for a hike

Fed chair Janet Yellen says the central bank remains ready to hike rates this year.


As Wall Street frets over when the first interest rate hike in nine years will come, Federal Reserve Chair Janet Yellen is sticking to the script. In a speech delivered Friday to the City Club of Cleveland, the U.S. central bank chief reiterated familiar Fed talking points: The economy is improving, unemployment is dropping, inflation …

Greece & China on Fed’s radar

Federal Reserve policy makers expressed concern about Greece and China and their possible effects on the U.S. economy.

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San Francisco Federal Reserve President John Williams

A liftoff from near-zero interest rates will likely happen this year, and delaying a hike for too long poses risks, a top Federal Reserve official said Friday. San Francisco Federal Reserve President John Williams remains in “wait-and-see mode” on interest rate policy, he noted in prepared remarks following the The National Bureau of Economic Research …

When will the Fed raise rates?

Federal Reserve chair Janet Yellen says the central bank isn’t ready to raise rates, but when it does, the focus should be on what happens next.

Janet Yellen, Chair of the Federal Reserve.
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Keeping a tight lid on its future intentions, the Federal Reserve on Wednesday held interest rates steady at zero and provided only faint clues about when the first hike in nine years might occur. Adhering to market expectations, the Fed’s Open Market Committee voted essentially to maintain the status quo that has prevailed since the …


The Federal Reserve is set to release its latest policy statement Wednesday, and it’s sure to leave investors hunting eagerly for clues about when the central bank will raise short-term interest rates. And if the central bank strikes a surprisingly hawkish tone, high-dividend stocks with expensive valuations could be the hardest hit. The Fed has …

2015 rate hike expectations

The Federal Reserve will release its policy statement, so what do some of the nation’s top money managers, strategists and economists think the Fed will do next?

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The Federal Reserve Building in Washington, D.C.

Live by central bank liquidity, die by central bank liquidity. That could well become the mantra for a bond market that, after years of support by the Federal Reserve and its global counterparts, now finds itself suffering under the unintended consequences of the trillions in easing distributed to allay the fears of a market in …

Fed’s rate hike on hold?

Steve Liesman takes a look at why the Federal Reserve may not be ready to move on interest rates.