Federal Reserve

Beige book bounce

The Federal Reserve says the U.S. economy is continuing to expand. Is this the groundwork the Fed needs to raise interest rates?


As Wall Street prepares for the first rate hike in nearly a decade, traders are expecting to see some big swings in one particular market. The Fed has discussed raising rates as early as this year, although some analysts have predicted a delay into 2016. Federal Reserve Vice Chairman Stanley Fischer said Friday on CNBC …

The Fed’s next move

One of the concerns hanging over the market has been the timing of a possible interest rate hike by the Federal Reserve. Steve Liesman has the inside word from Jackson Hole.

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Stanley Fischer, vice chairman of the U.S. Federal Reserve.

It’s still too early to tell if recent market turmoil has made a September rate hike more or less compelling, Federal Reserve Vice Chairman Stanley Fischer told CNBC on Friday. Investors are watching the Fed closely for signs of an impending tightening—as international and U.S. markets swung wildly this week, some questioned whether the conditions …

Central bankers set to convene

Central bankers meet in Jackson Hole, Wyoming as the odds of a September rate hike erode.

Market moves & economic fears

A nearly ten percent drop in the Dow Jones Industrial Average has caused rate hike sentiment to shift.


The Fed rate hike derby keeps getting more and more intense.

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Conditions for a rate increase are “approaching” though not at hand, according to the minutes from the most recent Federal Reserve meeting.


Wednesday afternoon’s release of Fed minutes will be more important than usual, since they will be gleaned for clues that could tip the debate about whether the Fed will hike rates at its September rates meeting.

manufacturing - p

The drumbeat of disappointment is continuing for the U.S. economy, with the latest numbers showing the third quarter looking a lot like the first quarter.

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China’s surprise devaluation of its currency is an admission of economic weakness and could delay the timing of the Federal Reserve’s expected U.S. interest rate hike, strategist Boris Schlossberg told CNBC on Tuesday. While agreeing the currency move signals economic troubles in China, Jim McCaughan, chief executive of Principal Global Investors, said the Fed will …


Stock traders will wade through dozens of earnings reports Thursday, but the real news comes Friday with the release of the July employment report.

Road to Fed’s rate hike

Want to know if the Federal Reserve will hike rates is September? There are a few things you need to watch in August.

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Janet Yellen

The central bank printed $4.5 trillion and all we got was a lousy 0.2 percent wage increase. While that sounds like a T-shirt for policy geeks that one might buy at the shore, it actually pretty accurately describes the plight of the average American worker. After years of easing never seen before in global central …

Fed holds steady on rates

The Federal Reserve gives investors few clues as to when it will start raising rates and the market seemed to like it.