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Former Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke told CNBC on Monday that slow productivity growth is weighing on the economy, and there’s too much reliance on the central bank. He said other policymakers in the government need to step up. With the Fed considering an interest rate hike that would be the first in nine years, he …

Fed’s 2015 rate hike in question

The weak jobs report may change the timing of a possible interest rate hike by the Federal Reserve.

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Federal Reserve Chair Janet Yellen listens during a reception for her on Capitol Hill in Washington.

Thank you, Janet Yellen, for finally taking a side and clearly stating that an interest rate hike seems likely sometime this year. And thank you for finally clarifying the sudden emphasis that was placed on developments abroad in the last FOMC statement. Specifically, thank you for this clarification: “The Committee is monitoring developments abroad, but …

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Federal Reserve Chair Janet Yellen speaks at the University of Massachusetts in Amherst, Massachusetts September 24, 2015.

Federal Reserve Chair Janet Yellen is said to be OK after receiving medical attention following a speech at the University of Massachusetts at Amherst on Thursday. The U.S. central bank’s head appeared to pause and cough multiple times while wrapping up her remarks on inflation and monetary policy. Yellen was offered help to leave the …

Yellen: rate hike this year

Janet Yellen gives her first public comments since last week’s big rate decision.

Fed’s outlook for U.S. economy

Steve Liesman explains the Federal Reserve’s outlook for slow economic growth.

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A lot of investors breathed a sigh of relief on Thursday after the Fed decided to hold interest rates steady. While it will happen eventually, a number of financial experts say an increase in rates could derail global markets. With our world more intertwined than ever before, what happens in America could impact the rest …

Interest rates remain unchanged

Hampton Pearson explains why the Federal Reserve decided that now is not the right time to raise interest rates.

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The Federal Reserve Bank building in Washington, D.C.

Investors will have at least one more month to worry about whether the Federal Reserve is raising rates. In the face of jittery financial markets and a global slowdown, the Fed blinked. September was supposed to be the month the U.S. central bank finally came off its zero interest rate policy, but instead it opted …


Bond fund giant Pimco has two words of advice for the Federal Reserve: Hike already! Scott Mather, chief investment officer of Pimco’s U.S. core strategies, told CNBC’s “Power Lunch” on Thursday, the Fed should raise rates, because the U.S. no longer needs emergency monetary intensive care. “While it is probably close to a coin toss …


The last time the Fed raised interest rates was in 2006. There was no Twitter. There were no iPhones. The world has changed a lot since then, and almost 10 years later, we may be close to seeing another rate hike by the Fed, if not Thursday, then at some point in the next few weeks …

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Traders work on the floor of the New York Stock Exchange.

A rate hike will come and the bull market will stumble, bond yields will climb and the economy will slip into a recession. This we know. What we don’t know is how long all of that will take and how long it will last. For the economy specifically, history offers little guide about timing. A …

Timing the Fed rate hike

Ahead of today’s much anticipated Federal Reserve meeting, we examine both sides of the rate hike debate.

Fed rate hike: 2006 vs. today

The economy looks a lot different today than it did last time the Federal Reserve hiked rates nearly a decade ago. Steve Liesman compares then and now.

How rate hikes work

Steve Liesman explains how the Federal Reserve raises interest rates.