Federal Reserve

President Donald Trump and Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell, who have been at odds over the direction of monetary policy, met Monday to discuss a variety of economic issues.

Amid a roaring stock market and ever-increasing levels of corporate and government debt, Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell said Thursday he does not see signs of bubbles brewing or immediate dangers being posed by trillion-dollar deficits.

On Wednesday, the Dow and the S&P close at all-time highs as the Fed chair signals the pause in interest rate cuts is not set in stone. Steve Liesman has more for us.

The Federal Reserve is unlikely to adjust interest rates anytime soon so long as the economy remains on its present path, central bank Chairman Jerome Powell told Congress on Wednesday.

Eamon Javers is in New York City for us and recaps President Trump’s economic speech regarding domestic growth, the Fed and trade talks with China.

President Donald Trump railed against Jerome Powell on Thursday, claiming that “people are VERY disappointed in” the Fed chairman despite the central bank’s third interest rate cut this year.

Brian Nick, who’s a Chief Investment Strategist at Nuveen, joins us on the show to talk more about the latest interest rate cut and how it will impact the markets.

The Federal Reserve cuts interest rates for the third time this year but it was its outlook for future rate hikes that sent the S&P 500 to its 15th record close this year. Steve Liesman has more for us from the nation’s capital.

The Federal Reserve approved an expected quarter-point interest rate cut Wednesday while also indicating that the moves to ease policy could be nearing a pause.

Nearly 80% of the 43 respondents believe the Fed will cut interest rates on Wednesday, according to the CNBC Fed Survey of fund managers, economists and strategists.

As the Federal Reserve begin a two-day meeting on whether to raise interest rates, Mike Santoli reports on why this is such a critical meeting for Wall Street.

Joining us on the show is David Lefkowitz, a Senior Equity Strategist at UBS Wealth Management Research, to talk more about what’s ahead for the markets in a busy week.

On Friday, the S&P 500 finished just shy of a record with a busy week on tap with the Federal Reserve meeting, a jobs report, and more earnings to follow. Bob Pisani has more for us from the New York Stock Exchange.

The Federal Reserve likely will cut interest rates next week, but in doing so will make a pair of adjustments aimed at signaling that the current easing cycle could be over, according to a Goldman Sachs forecast.

Steve Liesman reports why the Federal Reserve is keeping a close eye on the upcoming corporate earnings.