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Stephen Curry and Jordan Fliegel

Private athletic coaching used to be something for the pros, or the rich, but CoachUp, a Boston-based start-up is trying to change that. “It’s nothing new. At the highest level, all the best athletes in the world all do private coaching… that’s because it really works. It’s the best way to improve,” explained Jordan Fliegel, …


In 2003, only months after a Super Bowl victory, Casey Crawford gave up a lucrative NFL career and decided to cash in on a booming real estate business.

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EXPLO Startup camp participants (from left to right) include Luca Steinert, Kareena Dani, Amaal Shaikh, Jadon Cochran and Teddy Siker.

While some kids attend summer camps, playing sports and experiencing the great outdoors, Jadon Cochran and Teddy Siker are developing a business plan. The 13-year-olds have brainstormed an app to encourage users to support the environment like picking up trash off the ground. Users send in photos of themselves that document environmentally friendly moves. The …

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Cuban interns Gabriel Garcia, Gabriela Rodriguez and Raul Perera (left to right) are participating in a NYC-based tech accelerator program.

While many young Americans can launch start-ups with a strategic collection of resources, would-be entrepreneurs in Cuba face many hurdles launching ventures. In the communist nation, mentorship opportunities—and even basic necessities such as consistent broadband connections—can be scarce. A new initiative wants to change this by giving young Cuban interns a chance to learn about …

Entrepreneur breaks bank drought

Meet a New Hampshire entrepreneur who was frustrated with his bank and decided to open up his own.

Business lessons in Los Angeles

Kate Rogers speaks to entrepreneurs about overcoming obstacles.

When success is in the genes

Three generations of men, grandfather Victor, son Paul, and grandson Eric, are all entrepreneurs, each having started a business.

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Industrial uses for drones are increasingly common. Here, a drone photographs flooding near oil operations in Kersey, Colorado, May 11, 2015.

Nothing may say 2015 more than a company that claims it’s “the Uber for drones.” While the Federal Aviation Administration figures out how to regulate drones, it continues to approve their use. Nearly 400 “exemptions” have been allowed, and the number of industries that want to use the unmanned aircraft is growing. However, drones cost …

New breed of entrepreneurs

Some older Americans are taking a leap of faith and becoming entrepreneurs.

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With almost half the country having passed legislation that legalizes marijuana to one extent or another, the pot economy has bred a new wave of entrepreneurs looking to cash in on America’s newest legal cash crop. Last year alone, marijuana brought in about $2.7 billion to states that have legalized it, whether medicinally, recreationally or …

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Troy Reed and his son Chase Reed are Harlem-based entrepreneurs who buy, sell and trade Air Jordans and other brands at their Sneaker Pawn USA store.

Like many 16-year-olds, Chase Reed spends his days tied to his iPhone and Instagram account. But you won’t catch his dad, Troy Reed, bugging him to get off social media anytime soon. That’s because with each “like” the teenager acquires online, the father and son are seeing big dollars. The father and son have opened …

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Kristin Brinckerhoff ponders the selection of marijuana at 3D Cannabis Center in Denver, Jan. 2, 2014.

Marijuana entrepreneurs in Colorado recently got a reminder of the risks associated with selling a product that’s technically illegal under federal law. In the end, there’s no business guarantee. Attorneys general in neighboring states filed a lawsuit last week with the Supreme Court attempting to overturn parts of Colorado’s historic marijuana law. They were able …

Colleen and James students 4

A young biomedical engineer is hoping to reduce avoidable hospital-acquired infections with a lighting technology that kills bacteria.

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As the world looks for innovative ways to jump-start economic growth through job creation, more attention is being focused on how entrepreneurship can ignite the process. Taking that into account, the 2015 edition of the Global Entrepreneurship Index—which measures the quality and scale of small-business start-up activity—was released today, coinciding with Global Entrepreneurship Week, an international …

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Richard Branson works from his home on Necker Island

Tired of only two weeks of vacation a year? Perhaps you should work for Virgin—where boss Richard Branson believes employees should be allowed to take off as much time as they want. The self-made billionaire laid out Virgin’s vacation policy on the company’s website in a blog post on Wednesday entitled “Why we’re letting Virgin staff take …