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A young biomedical engineer is hoping to reduce avoidable hospital-acquired infections with a lighting technology that kills bacteria.

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As the world looks for innovative ways to jump-start economic growth through job creation, more attention is being focused on how entrepreneurship can ignite the process. Taking that into account, the 2015 edition of the Global Entrepreneurship Index—which measures the quality and scale of small-business start-up activity—was released today, coinciding with Global Entrepreneurship Week, an international …

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Richard Branson works from his home on Necker Island

Tired of only two weeks of vacation a year? Perhaps you should work for Virgin—where boss Richard Branson believes employees should be allowed to take off as much time as they want. The self-made billionaire laid out Virgin’s vacation policy on the company’s website in a blog post on Wednesday entitled “Why we’re letting Virgin staff take …

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Nicholas 'Nick' Woodman, founder and chief executive officer of GoPro.

Nick Woodman is described as a “mad billionaire,” a thrill seeker who drinks Red Bull, eats McDonald’s and howls his way down ski slopes. But Woodman, who is the founder of action camera maker GoPro, also is an entrepreneur, now running one of the most popular consumer electronics companies on the planet. Read More GoPro’s hot, but …

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China’s rich have acquired many of the tastes of the Western rich: art, Gulfstream jets, DRC Burgundy, and Hermes bags. But Bill Gates says they haven’t embraced one of the most important: philanthropy. Last year, China’s top 100 philanthropists donated a mere $890 million, according to the Hurun Report. America’s top 50 donors, by contrast, …


Meet two guys who saw the future of television, left their job and risked it all to be part of the transformation and eventually turned a profit.

Entrepreneur school

Stanford University students are enrolling in a special program that aims to teach them how to become high-tech entrepreneurs.

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Landegren set out to give Americans the kind of chocolate products they craved, made with better ingredient, “a superb business concept eh, yet it failed miserably.”

Bright Ideas: GoldieBlox

“Engineering doesn’t have to be this incredibly intimidating, math, science-y thing. We can start showing girls engineering actually changes people’s lives and it can help make the world a better place,” says the woman behind GoldieBlox.

College football and second screens

One legendary coach is hoping to change the way fans watch football by using a second screen strategy.


They’ve been telling the Honest Tea story for years. “We grew it from five thermoses and an empty Snapple bottle with a label pasted on it to over a hundred million bottles a year,” Co-Founder and CEO Seth Goldman likes to say. Goldman and his former business professor at the Yale School of Management, Barry …

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Kickstarter home page

Crowdfunding is a way to raise money by asking many individuals to contribute funds, often in small amounts, to a specific business venture or cause. The contributions can be in small amounts, say $1, or large amounts such as in the thousands of dollars or even millions. Crowdfunding can also refer to the funding of …

Crowdfunding Rules

Entrepreneurs love it and now federal regulators are taking notice and looking at setting up new rules.

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Trucks are parked near new homes rented by oil workers on July 28, 2013 in Williston, North Dakota.

A handful of counties in North Dakota are churning out more oil and gas than the entire state of Alaska. Welcome to the Bakken, the jewel of The Rough Rider State. But a look beyond the drillers working the state’s Bakken field reveals many players who see another opportunity: building North Dakota’s infrastructure. In May, environmental nonprofit group …


In 2008, presidential candidate Barack Obama realized he could raise a lot more money from millions of individual donors on the Internet making small contributions than he could by begging hundreds of traditional party big donors to write big checks. That discovery revolutionized American politics, and something similar may be about to happen to American business. That’s …