Here’s why cranking your heat when the temperatures drop this winter may not cost you as much.

Morgan Brennan explains why this quarter could be especially strong for the crude tanker industry.

The energy sector is still suffering job losses.

Liberty Resources CEO Chris Wright describes himself as part science and tech geek, part oil-and-gas guy, and part entrepreneur. Many in the American oil industry know him as one of the pioneers who made drilling more efficient on the cusp of the steepest crude oil downturn in decades. U.S. drillers like Liberty have confounded expectations …

Morgan Brennan tells us how a Texas town at the center of the energy boom is handling the sharp and fast decline in oil prices.

Morgan Brennan tells us the important sectors of the economy that are benefiting from low oil prices.

Consumers cheer tumbling oil prices, but at what point is cheap crude bad for the economy?

Increased pumping by OPEC as Chinese demand appears to be slackening could drive oil to the lowest prices since the peak of the financial crisis. West Texas Intermediate crude futures skidded through the year’s lows and looked set to break into the $30s-per-barrel range after the Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries admitted to more …

The job losses in the energy sector may be far from over.

Jackie DeAngelis breaks down the potential winners and losers behind President Obama’s new emission rules.

The White House issues new energy regulations that could change the industry as we know it.

Energy stocks had another tough start Monday, falling more than 1 percent even after the sector concluded its 13th straight losing week. But the real bad news is that even after such a plunge, the sector’s valuation suggests energy stocks continue to be overvalued—leading some traders to see even more downside ahead. Based on the …

Big oil’s profits get slammed, but are their dividends safe?

Chevron delivered quarterly earnings that fell well short of analysts’ expectations on Friday. Chevron shares fell in premarket trading following the announcement. (Click here to track its shares.) The company posted net income of $571 million, or 30 cents per share, compared with $5.67 billion, or $2.98 per share, in the year-ago period. It was the …

As some of the world’s biggest energy companies report earnings, many aren’t optimistic that prices will rebound anytime soon.