Natural gas export battle

Natural gas prices closed slightly higher today, even as a new government report says the U.S. is sitting on a massive stockpile of reserves. That has energy producers pushing to export more of that gas, but it won’t be easy.


The U.S. Navy may someday turn its back on fossil fuels entirely, thanks to an effort to turn seawater into fuel for ships at sea, according to a story in International Business Times. Scientists at the U.S. Naval Research Laboratory developed a way to extract carbon dioxide and hydrogen gas from seawater “by a gas-to-liquids process …


The first thing you notice at the Spring Creek mine in Decker, Mont., is the size. It’s not just the sprawling, 9,000 acre site in Big Sky Country near the Montana-Wyoming line. It’s everything about mining the coal. Giant coal hauling trucks the size of two-story buildings zip around the complex with surprising ease, considering the …


The oil and gas industry is celebrating a milestone on Monday: the birth of hydraulic fracturing, otherwise known as fracking. The controversial process of pumping water underground to release gas—which has helped grease the resurgence of U.S. energy production—was created 65 years ago, according to a statement by the American Petroleum Institute released on Monday. To commemorate …


How safe is our utility infrastructure? NBR has details of a new report that shows it won’t take much to cause a national blackout.


A study by the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission raises concerns about the seriousness of electricity grid vulnerability, The Wall Street Journal reports. The study found that if saboteurs attacked just nine of the country’s 55,000 electric-transmission substations, the country’s power network would collapse. An ensuing nationwide blackout could last weeks or even months, the newspaper said. (Read …


Investors can see it in the facts and figures put out by government agencies, in the wary statements made by OPEC and on the streets of small-town North Dakota and Pennsylvania: The United States is in the middle of a major energy boom. So how does the average U.S. investor get in on these very above-average days for U.S. energy production? …


Domestic natural gas prices are unlikely to surge—even when the U.S. is exporting to a world now paying three to four times more for gas— because of the vastness of U.S. reserves, industry experts say. Those experts were speaking at the annual IHS CERAWeek Energy conference, where exporting American natural gas, and even oil, were major topics …

Exxon Mobil sees less spending

Exxon Mobil disappointed investors with its oil and gas production outlook, but new production projects could re-energize growth at the world’s largest publicly traded energy company.

Ukraine and natural gas

Europe gets about one-third of its energy needs from Russia, much of it moved through natural gas pipelines in Ukraine. Nat gas traders here in the U.S. are closely watching the stand-off between Russia and Ukraine.


Refining company Valero Energy, already sending U.S. crude across the border to its Canadian refinery, is now seeking to export Canadian crude to its refinery in the UK. Valero CEO Bill Klesse told a group of journalists and others at the annual IHS CERAWeek energy conference that Valero would be joining others in the industry in …

Fueling the future

Some of the biggest names in the energy business are at CERA Week discussing everything from Ukraine to natural gas and crude oil exports.

California running low

Californians are thousands of miles from the harsh winter, but they’re also feeling the chill as their natural gas supply runs low.

Propane problems

Propane prices are soaring and supplies are dwindling, causing a lot of problems in the Midwest.

Natural gas soars

This bone-chilling winter could be a very expensive one as the price of natural gas spiked to a multi-year high.