Energy stocks had another tough start Monday, falling more than 1 percent even after the sector concluded its 13th straight losing week. But the real bad news is that even after such a plunge, the sector’s valuation suggests energy stocks continue to be overvalued—leading some traders to see even more downside ahead. Based on the …

Are energy dividends safe?

Big oil’s profits get slammed, but are their dividends safe?

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The Chevron logo is shown at Chevron Plaza in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.

Chevron delivered quarterly earnings that fell well short of analysts’ expectations on Friday. Chevron shares fell in premarket trading following the announcement. (Click here to track its shares.) The company posted net income of $571 million, or 30 cents per share, compared with $5.67 billion, or $2.98 per share, in the year-ago period. It was the …

Volatile energy markets

As some of the world’s biggest energy companies report earnings, many aren’t optimistic that prices will rebound anytime soon.

Major themes impacting earnings

We’re halfway through earnings season and some big themes have emerged.

Oil prices rebound

Bertha Coombs reports on how dependent insurers are on government programs.

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Natural gas is flared off at Apache Corp.'s Deadwood natural gas plant in Garden City, Texas.

It’s now been more than a year since crude oil began its vertigo-inducing plunge. Yet S&P 500 Index earnings continue to remind one of the classic joke that references the assassination of America’s 16th president: “Other than that, how was the play, Mrs. Lincoln?” Based on a mix between the reported earnings and the expectations …

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Flared natural gas is burned at an Apache natural gas plant in the Permian Basin in Garden City, Texas.

The U.S. onshore drilling boom has unleashed a tidal wave of natural gas. From 2005 through 2014, U.S. dry natural gas production surged more than 40 percent, according to the Energy Information Administration. It’s a big reason the commodity is so cheap—futures are priced at under $3 per million British thermal units, and the number …

Natural gas attracting investments

Morgan Brennan tells us about a part of the energy market that’s flying under the radar, even as it attracts a lot of investment dollars.

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A woman pumps gas at the Victory gas station in Pembroke Pines, Florida.

Americans are not spending much of the money they’re saving at the pump. Some benefit in home prices and employment have come to areas with long commutes, but effects on retail spending have been “more ambiguous,” according to an analysis from Goldman Sachs economists. “Our view has been that the boost to real incomes from …

Coal prices plunge

Demand for coal is undergoing a crippling decline and that is now rippling into other industries.

Iran deal winners

Could the biggest winners from the nuclear agreement with Iran come from corporate America?

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Oil took a tumble Tuesday after a historic nuclear deal between Iran and six major powers was signed. But analysts are warning the commodity’s price could stay lower for longer. The landmark agreement sees economic sanctions on Iran lifted in agreement for it curbing its nuclear ambitions. As a result, Iran will now be able …

California gas prices spike

Gas prices in California are spiking, despite the overall downward trend.

Oil sinks amid global concerns

Jackie DeAngelis tells us why oil prices are tumbling.