Joining us on the show to give his perspective on what may be ahead for the oil sector is Rob Thummel, Portfolio Manager at Tortoise Advisors.

Brian Sullivan reports on what we may expect to see in the energy sector in 2020.

Many major oil-producing countries have been fervently working to stem this downward trend.

A newly-discovered oilfield in the Norwegian part of the North Sea is on track to produce almost 0.5% of global oil supplies next year, despite calls for it to immediately stop producing crude altogether.

Mike Bloomberg’s announcement to run for president didn’t deliver full details of his platform, but his 12-year run as mayor and his philanthropy in political causes provide good clues. Here are some issues Bloomberg cares about and the industries they would affect.

The world needs a “grand coalition” to address climate change, according to the Executive Director of the International Energy Agency (IEA).

McDonald’s has inked two power purchase agreements which will see the fast food giant buy renewable energy generated by wind and solar projects in Texas.

Saudi Aramco may have finally fired the starting pistol on its initial public offering (IPO), but some analysts still believe investors should think carefully before jumping on board.

Banning fracking in the United States will aid foreign oil producers at the expense of the American economy, an Exxon executive said Friday.

Former California Gov. Gray Davis says the state can turn around its wildfire crisis in the next 18 months if it does the work that’s needed.

Jane Wells continues her reporting from California where the massive wildfires there has impacted some of the wealthiest neighborhoods in Los Angeles and some of the utility companies may have its day of reckoning.

California Rep. Ro Khanna told CNBC on Tuesday the government should take control of PG&E as the nation’s largest utility puts millions of state residents in the dark in hopes of preventing more wildfires.

Jane Wells is in California for us and gives us the latest on the wildfires that has caused major destruction both in the northern and southern part of the state as California’s largest utility companies are trying to stay one step ahead of the blaze.

California’s governor declared a statewide emergency on Sunday as wildfires fueled by high winds continue to ravage parts of the state and millions are left without power because of planned power shutoffs.

President Donald Trump says he’s interested in making a deal with ExxonMobil or another energy company to tap Syrian oil reserves.