Dividend cuts coming?

After Freeport McMoRan cut its dividend because of falling oil prices, some investors are wondering if energy companies will follow Freeport’s lead.


Still drilling at four-decade highs, the U.S. oil industry could help drive another price collapse in crude this spring. OPEC Secretary General Abdalla Salem el-Badri told a conference this past weekend that the cartel’s policy has hurt the U.S. shale oil industry and triggered a global reduction in capital spending that could ultimately lead to …


The aircraft Solar Impulse isn’t the only unusual item being powered by the sun. Why shouldn’t everything be powered by the sun? It’s the most powerful thing in the solar system! That’s why it’s called the SOLAR system. Here are five more unusual items already using solar energy. Cars Solar-powered cars have been in development for …

Justin Solomon | CNBC

Cushing, Oklahoma, 70 miles northeast of Oklahoma City, is a sleepy town with a population just under 8,000. It’s also the intense focus of every major player in the American oil market right now. North American crude oil is pouring into Cushing, where dozens of steel storage tanks fan out from the outskirts of town, …

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Workers move a section of pipe during construction of the Gulf Coast Project pipeline in Atoka, Oklahoma.

Amidst the worst crash in oil prices since the 1980s, with oil companies cutting capital spending budgets, Bayard Closser had an idea: Try to sell investors on a new fund focused on master limited partnerships in the energy business. Does that make Closser crazy, or just crazy like a fox? He’s betting that the decline …

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Iranian men hold placards during a demonstration outside the Tehran Research Reactor in the capital Tehran on November 23, 2014, to show their support to Iran's nuclear program.

Talk is growing of a nuclear deal that could see a lifting of sanctions against Iran, a move that could turn the tap on its oil exports – something that would have significant ramifications for the volatile commodity, analysts say. A deal on Iran’s nuclear program could be reached this week if the U.S. and …

Growing solar industry trend

Solar companies are creating Yieldcos, which generates capital to fund new power projects. Morgan Brennan explains the growing trend.

Danger on the rails?

A massive fire from a derailed train carrying crude has some wondering how the commodity can be safely transported.

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A rig hand removes drill pipe from a natural gas well at a hydraulic fracturing site in Washington Township, Pennsylvania.

A tiny start-up in Boston is pioneering a revolution in the wastewater treatment industry that could turn it on its head: a forward-osmosis technology to purify the water used in fracking. Backed by $35 million in total financing, 45 patents and a team of 60 full-time employees that counts veterans of GE and Siemens among …

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Men employed in the oil industry wait in line for food at a service station in Odessa, Texas, Feb. 4, 2015.

The fall to six-year lows in oil prices has been swift and unexpected. The pace of energy sector layoffs in recent weeks has been similarly quick, if not so surprising. Job cuts are inevitable as oil and gas companies watch commodity prices tumble, but layoffs today could have significant ramifications for the sector tomorrow. For …


The rollercoaster ride in oil prices continued on Thursday, after the market tumbled on news that U.S. inventories were at a near-80 year high. The price of Brent and WTI crude oil veered between losses and gains in early trading. By 12:00 p.m. GMT, Brent was around 1.3 percent higher at $54.89 a barrel and …

Sergei Karpukhin | Reuters
A worker inspects valves and pipes at an oil gathering station in Russia, January 28, 2015.

Oil prices have rallied off their post-crisis lows, in a move that may mark the bottom of the rout as producers’ cutbacks begin pinching supply, some analysts said. “We’ve seen the lows for the year,” Daniel Morgan, global commodity analyst at UBS, told CNBC, citing producers’ steps to decrease counts and aggressively cut capital spending. …

Main Street & low gas prices

Low gas prices are helping small businesses in more ways than one.

Successful January for autos

Low gas prices and an improving economy helped send auto sales much higher in January.


Oil prices rallied again Tuesday, with producers announcing spending cuts that added to a slew of positive factors helping to drive the commodity higher. U.S. crude climbed more than $1.50 a barrel on Tuesday and was trading above $51 a barrel by 12:30 p.m GMT (7:30 a.m. EST). Brent crude for March delivery opened at …