Prospects for vet jobs improving

Hampton Pearson takes a look at what companies are doing to help the men and women who served this country transition from the battlefield to the workplace.


Dire news about drought in the West and avian flu in the Midwest may lead Americans to believe farming is struggling. They’d be wrong. The industry is thriving—and hiring college grads. A new report finds there’s high demand, at least for the foreseeable future, for college graduates with a degree in agricultural programs. An average …


At a time when 8.5 million Americans still don’t have jobs, some 40 percent have given up even looking. The revelation, contained in a new survey Wednesday showing how much work needs to be done yet in the U.S. labor market, comes as the labor force participation rate remains mired near 37-year lows. A tight …

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A job seeker waits to be interviewed during a job fair at California's Great America theme park in Santa Clara, Calif.

More than one-third of employers around the world are experiencing difficulty filling job positions, global employment consultancy Manpower reported on Monday. Manpower surveyed 41,700 hiring managers across 42 countries in its annual “talent shortage” report in the first three months of 2015. It found that 38 percent of managers could not find the talent they …

Preparing teens for future jobs

Summer jobs for teens are disappearing. Mary Thompson explains why.

Goldilocks employment report

Hampton Pearson tells us why both Wall Street and Main Street cheered this jobs report.


Over the next eight weeks, high schools across the country will be letting out for summer, and that means there will be plenty of teenagers with time on their hands. If that time is not filled with a summer job, it could have long-term implications for their professional lives. “For kids who aren’t going to …

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Note to job seekers (especially younger ones, perhaps): If you’re weighing competing job offers from fast-growing start-ups, you might not want to post your thought process in a public forum, especially in language a company CEO might find insulting. An anonymous job seeker took to the question-and-answer site Quora and asked for advice on whether …

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The U.S. economy created 223,000 jobs in April, bouncing back from a sluggish period the first three months of the year, as companies shook off the effects of a surging U.S. dollar and falling profits. The unemployment rate fell to a seven-year low of 5.4 percent, the Labor Department said Friday. Economists expected nonfarm payrolls …

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A floor hand works on an oil rig in the Bakken shale formation outside Watford City, N.D.

In good times, Big Roy Trucking runs 17 trucks to haul water to and from the Bakken oilfields. In the first quarter of this year, the family owned business scaled back to just the 11 trucks it owns. But recently, Big Roy has been able take two of its subcontractors back on, and Trista Rust, …

Jobs data disappoints

Companies added the fewest number of workers to their payrolls in more than a year, putting investors on alert ahead of Friday’s jobs report.

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Summer is just around the corner. And that means summer vacations and for many students … that also means your first summer job or internship. Here are tips for how to make the most out of your summer internship. Who knows … this could be the first step to landing your dream job out of …

Port truckers strike

Morgan Brennan tells us about another labor dispute at the nation’s biggest port complex.

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Recent college graduates at commencement from Hunter College in New York City.

Demand for college-educated employees is on the rise, a trend that can be a mixed bag for job hunters. From 1967 to 2007, the share of high-skill managerial and professional jobs rose from 21 percent to 35 percent of U.S. employment, according to a new report from Georgetown University’s Center on Education and the Workforce. …

Signs of economic strength

A better initial jobless claims number have some wondering if the monthly employment number from last week was a fluke.