While a more confident consumer base is helping Main Street’s bottom line, the labor market is tightening, making finding workers a challenge for companies. Many are increasing pay for the workers they already have to keep them on board.

Frank Holland reports on one of the world’s largest package delivery companys, DHL, looking for skilled workers ahead of the holiday shopping season.

Kate Rogers reports on the aviation industry’s growing need for mechanics, and what one New York high school is doing to help close the gap.

Ylan Mui breaks down the numbers in the September jobs report.

The unemployment rate fell two-tenths of a percentage point to 3.7 percent, the lowest since December 1969 and one-tenth of a percentage point below expectations.

Job growth surged in September to its highest level in seven months as the economy put up another show of strength, according to a report Wednesday from ADP and Moody’s Analytics.

Companies such as McDonald’s and Delta Air hire ex-cons as part of their inclusion strategy. Many employers find that if reformed, these employees are loyal and trusted workers.

The business services, education and health services industries led job gains for the month of August, besting laggards like retail and manufacturing, according to the latest government jobs report.

Eric Chemi reports on a new phenomenon called “ghosting,” where job candidates stop showing up during the hiring process, without explanation.

Contessa Brewer reports on what some U.S. casinos are doing to close the skills gap and the gender gap.

Some 500,000 nonlocal, for-hire truckers are delivering freight in the U.S., and the industry needs 51,000 more, experts say.

Payroll growth turned sluggish in July after two robust months.

States are in a heated battle for skilled talent, especially for STEM jobs. But some states are managing to bridge the skills gap. Here are the top 10 states leading the nation in the quality of its workforces.

Kate Rogers reports on what it takes to work at the TSA, which is hiring to meet the strong travel demand this summer.

Scott Cohn reports on the measures Wisconsin is taking to attract more workers.