No matter which candidate wins the election this year, there is already at least one clear loser: Americans’ sanity.

Georgia has voted Republican for the past five presidential elections. This year, the state may be more of a toss-up.

Too many people are jumping to the conclusion that Donald Trump’s campaign is dead, says Jake Novak. Here’s why they’re wrong.

Neither Clinton nor Trump would boost growth or reduce debt and deficits, according to the Committee for a Responsible Federal Budget.

As a result of stolen email messages released by WikiLeaks, we now know what President Barack Obama’s email address was during the presidential transition.

Trump’s proposals to grow the economy and create jobs “are the issues that affect everyday Americans,” Kellyanne Conway said.

The two previous debates were bruising affairs that saw more headlines from the candidates’ attacks than from any policy discussion.

However, Andy Puzder, CEO of Carl’s Jr. and Hardee’s parent CKE Restaurants, did acknowledge on CNBC that neither Trump nor Clinton “are not perfect.”

In a letter to Obama, Sen. Elizabeth Warren pressed her call for the SEC to develop a political spending disclosure rule.

The November election outcome could trigger renewed volatility in financial markets, but should investors bother to do anything about it?

A wounded Donald Trump took his attacks on Hillary Clinton one step further Sunday night on a national stage.

Donald Trump gets one of his last major chances to gain ground on Hillary Clinton as the pair square off in the second presidential debate Sunday.

The former GE chief and longtime Republican supporter tells CNBC he likes Donald Trump’s policy ideas more.

A new report finds political uncertainty on Main Street is growing.

A soft jobs number released on Friday drew a loud response from one of the GOP presidential candidate’s political operatives.