Presidential candidate Mike Bloomberg is pouring tens of millions of dollars from his vast personal fortune into his campaign. A piece of it is going to an unknown digital business called Hawkfish — which Bloomberg himself founded during the spring.

Sen. Elizabeth Warren, D-Mass., released a $10.7 trillion plan Friday that would rebuild the economy using “100% clean energy” and create 10.6 million union jobs.

Democratic presidential contender Sen. Elizabeth Warren refused to take a lucrative legal job in 2006 after a consumer advocacy group raised concerns about the work, earning the fury of an attorney who had sought to hire her, court documents show.

Entrepreneur and 2020 Democratic presidential candidate Andrew Yang released a health-care plan Monday morning that focuses on lowering costs and expanding coverage.

Sen. Elizabeth Warren is one of the top-tier Democratic candidates for president, near the head of the pack, along with former Vice President Joe Biden, fellow progressive Sen. Bernie Sanders and upstart Mayor Pete Buttigieg.

If history is any guide, the odds of finding agreement on major health-care legislation and regulations that don’t get passed before the New Year will fall off dramatically in 2020.

Shifts in recent polls have shaken the top of the 2020 Democratic primary field, though the top contenders to face President Donald Trump have not changed with a little more than two months until nominating contests start.

Robert Frank reports on tax proposals where it will hit billionaires and millions more who make a lot less.

Mike Bloomberg’s announcement to run for president didn’t deliver full details of his platform, but his 12-year run as mayor and his philanthropy in political causes provide good clues. Here are some issues Bloomberg cares about and the industries they would affect.

Fully 8 out of 10 Americans feel that retirement policy should be a top priority for presidential candidates, according to a recent retirement study conducted by Wells Fargo of more than 2,700 working adults and about 1,000 retirees.

The 10 leading Democratic presidential contenders took to the debate stage on Wednesday in Atlanta after a momentous day of impeachment testimony in Washington.

John Harwood is in Atlanta for us at the latest Democratic Presidential Debate where ten candidates will likely be talking about the economy.

Kayla Tausche takes a look at the economic and health care policies from the moderate Democratic Presidential Candidates.

Joe Biden released a plan Thursday to pile $1.3 trillion into a U.S. infrastructure refresh as part of a push to boost the economy and curb climate change.