Despite the doubters, Donald Trump’s campaign was “very confident throughout the election,” Kellyanne Conway told CNBC in an interview.

Even with GOP control of Congress, President-elect Trump’s ambitious agenda faces obstacles.

We might get assigned to vote at a school, church, library or community center. But where we vote actually affects how we vote.

Over 6 million Floridians have already cast their ballots in early voting, more than the total 5.9 million cast by registered voters in 2000.

More than $125 million has been spent over an initiative to bar state agencies from paying more for drugs than the Veterans Affairs Department pays.

The Republican nominee’s plan to cut corporate taxes makes buying in equity markets a smart move if he wins, strategist Mark Grant says.

Pre-game and post-game, Wall Street will be handicapping outcomes of what has been the most contentious presidential election in recent history.

Sunday night’s decision by the FBI to take no action against Hillary Clinton is unlikely to change things much, says an academic specialist.

Thirty-four states have a combined total of 157 propositions on the ballot that could go a long way in determining policies across the U.S.

The case against Hillary Clinton is easily prosecutable, says former prosecutor and New York mayor Rudy Giuliani.

The former New Hampshire governor tells CNBC that Donald Trump can beat Hillary Clinton on Tuesday.

White-collar workers seem to be considering a move, according to a Monster Worldwide report.

Market anxiety may persist through the inauguration thanks to uncertainty about both presidential candidates, one analyst says.

The FBI should not speed up or slow down its probe due to the election, Trump campaign manager Kellyanne Conway says.

Donald Trump is getting no help from econ data that show America is not doing as terribly as he would have us believe, Politico’s Ben White says.