Sen. Bernie Sanders announced a plan on Monday to erase the country’s $1.6 trillion outstanding student loan tab, intensifying the higher education policy debate in the 2020 Democratic presidential primary.

Hear what one company is doing to help employees save for retirement and help pay down student debt at the same time. Sharon Epperson reports.

The recent celebrity college admissions cheating scandal meted out its first criminal sentence this week — one day of jail for a former Stanford University sailing coach — but at a larger level, it has revealed the insane lengths the rich and well connected will go when it comes to their child’s chances of attending a top college or university.

The Chinese government issued a warning to its students who are studying here in the U.S. Robert Frank explains how it may affect the economy of major U.S. universities.

As the calendar shows it’s 5/29, it is also the day to understand the importance in saving money for college using the “529 Plan”. But, most families in the nation are still struggling to save money for their children’s college. Senior Personal Finance Correspondent, Sharon Epperson, joins us on set and gives us the breakdown on the benefits of the “529 Plan.”

The brightest economic high school students in the nation were in New York competing in the National Economic Challenge. Our Andrew Ross Sorkin moderated the event and has more for us.

A few hundred Morehouse College graduates got a memorable speech and a BIG gift during their commencement service. Robert Frank explains.

For-profit college students are mostly likely to take out loans and experience more percentage of debt than the their traditional college counterparts. Scott Cohn has more on this.

As we head into the month of May, most high school seniors have already made their decision with college they will be attending in the Fall. But, the cost of the tuition and how to cover that cost is causing a concern to many students and especially their parents. We speak with Senior Personal Finance Correspondent, Sharon Epperson, on our set who has more on this.

Two giant textbook companies announced their plans to merge: McGraw-Hill and Cengage. If regulators approve this deal, it will be the second largest publishers of college textbooks in the U.S. We speak with both respective CEOs regarding the merge and the future of the publisher’s industry.

Leaving the workforce for graduate school can more than double your student loan debt. What to look for before you leap.

States offer 86 tax-advantaged 529 college savings plans, and more are on the way.

Digging into retirement funds early will wreak havoc on your retirement, thanks to missed compound interest and hefty fees.

With the cost of attending a four-year public university topping $34,000, more students are turning to online education as a cheaper choice.

Some schools are using bitcoin technology, blockchain, to record students’ achievements in a cheap, secure and public way.