A new report shows older Americans owe a lot more money now than just a decade ago. Could that make retirement a predicament? Joining us to discuss this topic is Joe Brusuelas, Chief Economist at RSM US.

The Senate on Thursday passed a bill to raise the U.S. budget and lift the debt ceiling for the next two years. It now heads to the Oval Office desk to be signed by President Trump.

With Washington’s recent budget deal on the debt ceiling, it raises spending for the next two years but should we fear these deficits? Steve Liesman reports.

The president of the Committee for a Responsible Federal Budget said the proposed deal to raise the debt ceiling and spending caps may be the worst budget deal ever and represents a bipartisan “abdication of responsibility.”

President Trump says a two-year debt ceiling agreement is done. Lifting a cloud that’s been hanging over Wall Street. Contessa Brewer has more for us.

The White House and congressional Democrats have moved close to a budget deal that would raise the U.S. debt ceiling for two years, a source close to the talks told CNBC.

Republican Sen. Kevin Cramer praised House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s work on the debt ceiling, telling CNBC on Friday that the final deal “doesn’t need to be perfect.”

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is rejecting the White House’s most recent debt ceiling proposal, which included $150 billion in spending cuts, Bloomberg News reported on Friday.

We look back to see how Wall Street reacted in the past when there is fiscal uncertainty in regards with the debt ceiling. Dominic Chu reports.

All eyes are on Washington to see if lawmakers are inching closer to a deal to eventually lift the federal debt ceiling. Ylan Mui reports.

Wall Street is keeping a close eye on Washington to see if Congress will raise the debt ceiling. Ylan Mui has more for us.

We turn to Ed Mills, Washington Policy Analyst at Raymond James, who gives us his perspective on the debt ceiling deadline and what might happen.

Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin warns Congress that time is running out for the country’s debt limit. Ylan Mui has more for us.

Ylan Mui reports on the impending debate over the national debt as the debt limit comes back into force.

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