Davos 2015 – World Economic Forum

Lawrence Delevingne | CNBC

Full of global leaders, policymakers, business gurus and the odd music star, the attendees at the World Economic Forum (WEF) at Davos aren’t short of a dollar or two. But they might well be at the end of the week — with some of the food prices around town proving to be a little hard to …

Global reaction to ECB stimulus

Nightly Business Report has reaction to the European Central Bank’s new historic bond-buying program from our across Europe.

Patrick Bucci | CNBC
Ray Dalio speaks with CNBC at the 2014 WEF in Davos, Switzerland.

Prominent economic thinkers in Davos believe the U.S. economy is strong, but its ability to deal with the next crisis is in doubt. “The U.S. is growing and I think that’s a non-debatable fact,” Gary Cohn, president of Goldman Sachs, said Thursday at the World Economic Forum in Switzerland. “What I am concerned about is …

The Davos agenda

The 45th annual World Economic Forum kicked off today as business and political leaders prepare for urgent and immediate changes that are about to shake up the global economy.

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In an effort to build its relevance to the world outside traditional “Davos man” — the slightly scornful phrase used by political scientist Samuel Huntington to describe attendees, this year’s World Economic Forum meeting in Switzerland is pushing to be a little more touchy-feely, for want of a better word. The WEF social media team …