New malware has already been used against banks in the U.S., Canada and Europe, bilking customers out of about $4 million.

Imagine a burglar breaks into your home, photographs your stuff, then sends you the pics and a message: “Pay now, and I’ll tell you how I got in.”

The cyberattack that knocked hundreds of Japanese school networks offline had at least one novel feature: It was allegedly instigated by a student.

A Fed official tells CNBC that the Fed has no authority to see oversee cybersecurity precautions for foreign assets held at the NY Fed.

For doctors and nurses in a growing number of hospitals, worrying about security when they input data into computers requires a balancing act.

The inspector general for the Federal Reserve is warning that a key database at the central bank needs more cybersecurity protections, according to a summary report.

Viruses and security threats targeting Apple products have spiked in the past 18 months, a new study said Tuesday. There were 22 threats targeting the Mac operating system since June 2014, up from 17 in the 18 months prior, according to Symantec, the information protection company behind Norton AntiVirus and other products. And there were …

Despite high-profile hack attacks, like the Anthem breach in which cybercriminals exposed 80 million medical records, the health-care industry continues to shortchange Americans when it comes to protecting their data. That’s the key takeaway from a new cybersecurity report from Forrester. Read More Anthem hacked, millions of records likely stolen “When it comes to preparedness, they’re …

Going on an international business trip is a hassle, almost inherently. But traveling abroad and staying connected in a country with high-stakes cybercrime is downright stressful and possibly dangerous. As China has shown repeatedly and Iran demonstrated prominently by hacking Obama administration emails just last week, the world’s autocratic governments utilize cybertheft to get the …

Eamon Javers tells us about the criminal charges that were filed in the biggest bank breach ever.

Retailers are preparing for chip enabled cards, but gas stations and ATM operators have up to two more years to be compliant.

Here’s what you need to know about the more secure credit cards that go into effect later this week.

China and the U.S. agree not to commit cyber thefts against each other, but President Obama wants actions, not words.

Chinese president Xi Jinping will arrive in Washington, D.C., on Thursday for meetings with U.S. political leaders. And while the visit is likely to herald several announcements, experts say they’ll be paying attention to what isn’t said. Xi, who comes to the U.S. capital from Seattle meetings with business leaders, may well show a willingness …

CEOs from some of America’s biggest companies discuss thorny issues with the president of China.