The Federal Reserve’s Beige Book showed that the economy is growing at a modest pace but it flagged a weak spot in manufacturing. Steve Liesman reports.

Courtney Reagan reports from the Goldman Sachs Global Retailing Conference and how retailer CEOs believe the consumer environment is strong even with fears of recession and China tariffs.

Six in 10 people are worried about tariffs impacting their holiday shopping, according to a new study.

Jane Wells is at the Port of Los Angeles where a large amount of consumer goods that’s impacted by the tariffs are imported to the United States.

The American Apparel and Footwear Association says 91.6% of apparel, 68.4% of home textiles and 52.5% of footwear imports from China will be hit with a 15% tariff beginning Sept. 1.

We’re seeing in the retail sector that the middle class consumers are driving the U.S. economy. But how long will this last? More now to discuss this topic is the Retail Analyst from UBS, Michael Lasser.

Courtney Reagan breaks down the latest quarterly report from electronic retailer Best Buy with the company missing on revenue and lowering its sales guidance.

While we are seeing many companies urging President Trump to postpone the impending China tariffs, Ylan Mui reports on how a surfboard shop owner in California actually wants more tariffs.

Three Senate Democrats sent a letter to Amazon urging the company to do something about the thousands of unsafe or banned products listed on the e-commerce site.

We’re seeing the working class consumers helping the U.S. economy but the wealthy consumers are actually spending less. What does this all mean? Robert Frank has more for us.

Peloton is going public on Wall Street but some investors are pondering why the fitness startup company is listing itself as a media company during a time when that industry is facing numerous challenges. Julia Boorstin reports.

Despite retailers banking on acceleration in the fourth quarter from holiday sales, Wells Fargo said fundamental trends have deteriorated.

If the economy loses its strength, will the consumer spending on fitness, especially with gym and health clubs, be the first expense to take a hit? Diana Olick continues our “The American Consumer” installment.

Big retailers like Target and Walmart posted strong earnings, but weak spots persist. Concerns about slowing global growth amid trade tensions continue to cloud the outlook.

From the latest retail earnings, we have been seeing a trend where big box retail companies like Walmart and Target perform well but department stores such as Macy’s are not. More to discuss this topic is John Morris, a Senior Brand Apparel Analyst at D.A. Davidson.