Goldman Sachs gets grilled on aluminum prices

Lawmakers go after Goldman Sachs, accusing it of manipulating the prices of aluminum.


Chocoholics beware! A chocolate shortage looms: Report Bad news: chocolate, the delicacy of choice for children, chocoholics and depressives everywhere, has become increasingly expensive. Now comes even worse news: global supplies of the brown stuff are becoming increasingly scarce, according to one report. The Washington Post reported on Saturday that due to a host of …

Winter chill for natural gas?

A winter weather blast across much of the U.S. this week has sent the price of natural gas spiking higher, weeks before the official start of winter.

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If oil prices stay where they are now, Russia’s economy could be in serious trouble and could face recession in the coming year, analysts warn. Sergei Guriev, a former advisor to the Russian government, told CNBC that, should oil prices stay at their near-record lows of around $82 a barrel, Russia, which is basing its …

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An oil refinery in Kenai, Alaska.

The recent drop in oil prices is providing relief to consumers’ budgets in the form of lower gasoline prices. But if you happen to live in a region that’s a big energy producer, falling oil prices may soon take a bite out of your state’s budget. Take Alaska. The state, which relies on oil taxes …

Oil prices continue to decline

The price of oil fell below $80 a barrel during the trading day. That’s good news for drivers, but could be bad news for parts of the job market.

How low will oil go

Oil prices continue to slide, which is good for consumers, but bad for producers.


Gold slumped to its lowest level in 15 months on Monday, leaving investors split over the near-term outlook as it trades near key technical levels. Better-than-expected U.S. jobs data on Friday boosted the dollar and dampened safe-haven demand for gold, pushing prices to $1,183.46 on Monday. A break below key support $1,180 would spell further pain for gold, said Chris Weston, chief market …

Q4 outlook for bonds & commodities

What’s next for bonds and commodities in the fourth quarter?

Pressure to export crude oil

A new report suggests that U.S. crude prices could tumble $30 below international prices, unless the nation begins exporting some of the product it’s producing.

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Oilfield workers at a drilling platform near the Iraqi city of Badra, south of Baghdad.

Geopolitical tensions between Russia and the West and troubles in Middle East have dominated headlines all summer, but investors so far have managed to shrug off fears, with the market reaction remaining fairly contained. The Organisation of Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) basket of 12 crude oils slid to $94.31 on Tuesday, the lowest level since …

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Predictions of a second year of record grain harvests in the U.S. should seem like a cause for celebration. But for grain farmers and grain elevator operators in states like Minnesota and the Dakotas, it’s a near disastrous crisis that could continue to cost them tens of millions of dollars. The reason: A lack of …

Commodity prices fall

From the oil patch to the metals pit, why are commodity prices sinking?

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With uncertainties surrounding the independence referendum, anxious investors in Scotland have been busy adding to their holdings of gold. Online dealer BullionByPost, which claims to be the biggest online gold dealer in the U.K., said that it saw a 37 percent jump in sales to customers from Scotland between Sept. 9 and Sept. 16, a bigger …

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The hottest trade of the past two months has been a surprising one: Going long the U.S. dollar against other currencies. And the recent dollar strength appears to have had a profoundly negative impact on commodity prices. Since the end of June, the U.S. Dollar Index (which compares the dollar to a basket of other currencies) has …