Why copper matters

The recent slide in copper prices is an economic indicator that investors should pay close attention to.

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Cascading copper prices have multiple root causes that lead to one conclusion: The anticipated global economic recovery may not be all it’s cracked up to be. Consequently, analysts are in virtual unison that the extended-term trajectory is lower for the metal often used as a growth barometer. Copper futures are off more than 12 percent …


Investors’ bullishness on gold at the start of this year looks set to continue, with bets on rising prices for the precious metal rising to the highest level in over 14 months. According to U.S. Commodity Futures Trading Commission data, gold futures’ net-long positions – where investors bet on the price of an asset rising …


Domestic natural gas prices are unlikely to surge—even when the U.S. is exporting to a world now paying three to four times more for gas— because of the vastness of U.S. reserves, industry experts say. Those experts were speaking at the annual IHS CERAWeek Energy conference, where exporting American natural gas, and even oil, were major topics …


Oil prices are poised to shoot through the top of recent ranges amid growing global demand and that could boost U.S. crude by some 36 percent from current levels, one analyst told CNBC. U.S. crude futures were trading around $102.50 a barrel on Tuesday, not far off four-month highs hit last week above $103. Brent crude hovered at …


It’s been a banner week for natural gas. Hitting $6.40 per million BTUs on Thursday, the commodity has risen more than 30 percent in eight trading sessions, up to a five-year high. But expert energy trader Rob Raymond says we may not have seen the top just yet. “With sustained cold, you could see $7 or …

Coffee prices soar

The price of your morning Joe is about to get a big jolt because of supply concerns in Brazil.

Natural gas prices surge

The brutally cold winter isn’t the only thing sending natural gas prices higher, a declining supply is too.

Hotter cocoa prices

More people across the globe are eating chocolate and not just on Valentine’s Day, which could mean higher cocoa prices.

Time to invest in gold?

Precious metals are getting renewed attention from investors because as stocks fall, commodity prices are rising.

ExxonMobil gets drilled

Energy giants like Exxon Mobil are reporting a sharp declines in profit.


Natural gas prices are likely to stay low for at least the next 20 years, with a long term annual average price of $4 to $5 per million Btu, a new study says. The study by IHS details anticipated increase in demand from residential and commercial users and from exports. Even with new demand, the …


With the growing number of calls for a significant stock market pullback ahead, one area likely to start seeing investor inflows is commodities. The space has suffered a rough couple of years as the so-called Commodity Supercycle broke down. Strong supplies of various crops, wobbly global economic growth and a meltdown in gold and other …


The price of oil will come under “serious downward pressure” as the nuclear deal between Iran and six world powers kicks in next week, a leading analyst told CNBC. In an interim deal struck between Iran and the UN Security Council plus Germany in November, Iran agreed to freeze parts of its nuclear program in return for …


Commodities were not exactly the place to be in 2013. While the S&P 500 rose nearly 30 percent, the S&P GSCI Commodity Index dropped 3.5 percent. But in 2014, some investors are playing for that trade to turn around. “I do think there are some reasons why you could be somewhat optimistic about the possibilities for commodities in 2014,” …