Gold, iron ore and oil prices are seeing a rebound at the moment with many analysts believing that commodity prices have “bottomed out” and are eyeing gains, but Goldman Sachs has issued a warning on the current surge in commodities arguing that it is “not sustainable.” Goldman’s commodity analysts noted that while last year commodity …


Investors are turning their attention to a lesser-known commodity which experienced its biggest ever price surge at the start of this year.

Commodities crush

It’s not just oil… iron ore, aluminum and steel are all getting slammed, as the decline in commodity prices takes a toll on companies and the global markets.

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After escaping the summer doldrums, gold has been edging up in recent weeks, raising the possibility of a rally in the final quarter of 2015. However, some analysts are doubtful that the precious metal will push much higher. Spot gold crept up 0.2 percent on Tuesday to $1,137.66 an ounce, but gold prices are still …

Commodities crush

Seema Mody tells us which companies are feeling the squeeze as commodity prices get crushed.

Alcoa to split into two companies

The nation’s biggest aluminum producer will split into two publicly traded companies as it tries to deal with an oversupply of the metal and falling prices.

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A mile-long train loaded with coal rolls out of the Spring Creek Mine in Montana headed for Detroit.

The news in the commodities business is not showing any signs of improving.

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Fund managers cut their exposure to both commodities and emerging market equities to record lows this month, as oil and metals seem unable to shrug off price weakness and China recession fears mount, new research shows.

Commodities pullback

It’s not just oil that’s getting walloped but also gold and copper. Why? And is it signaling something about the global economy?

Texas gold rush?

Texas wants to do something no state has done before, it wants to get its gold back.

Danger on the rails?

A massive fire from a derailed train carrying crude has some wondering how the commodity can be safely transported.

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A contractor works in the control room at an Anadarko Petroleum Corp. oil rig site in Fort Lupton, Colorado.

The news on oil is still mostly bearish—BP announced a $3 billion cut in capital expenditures for 2015 on Tuesday—but analysts and strategists are again trying to call a bottom. Raymond James’ Jeff Saut told CNBC Monday that oil has indeed found a bottom. This morning, following a disappointing earnings report from Anadarko Petroleum, Stifel …

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After countless oil price downgrades, analysts at Goldman Sachs have cut their outlook for the commodity sector as a whole. Goldman downgraded commodities on Wednesday—including energy, metals, agriculture and livestock—to “underweight” from “neutral” on a 3-month basis. “Despite the large declines in commodity prices, we see risks as still skewed to the downside over the …

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Soybean harvest

Oil isn’t the only commodity that’s gotten cheaper. From nickel to soybean oil, plywood to sugar, global commodity prices have been on a steady decline as the world’s economy has lost momentum. That lower demand helps explain, in part, why nearly everything from crude oil to cotton has been getting cheaper. Sure, some commodity prices …

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Risk aversion among year-end buyers and short-covering boosted gold futures, but the rally could be short-lived, with the stronger dollar keeping a lid on further gains. Gold futures jumped more than 2 percent, breaking above the key $1,200-per-ounce level, as traders used a weaker dollar Tuesday as an excuse to buy. Worries about Greece’s election …