Facebook’s cryptocurrency plans looked shaky this week after a handful of high-profile members bowed out of the project. But while libra slowly gets off the ground, China is looking to launch an alternative.

On Monday, China reportedly wants more trade talks before agreeing to “Phase 1” of the deal. Eunice Yoon has more for us from Beijing.

Seema Mody reports on how Caterpillar is greatly impacted by the U.S. – China trade war.

China wants another round of talks before signing what President Donald Trump called last week the first phase of a trade deal between the two nations, a source told CNBC’s Kayla Tausche on Monday.

Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin tells CNBC he expects the mid-December round of tariffs on Chinese goods to take effect if no deal is in place between the two economic superpowers.

Chinese state media warned the U.S. over the weekend to “avoid backpedaling” on the partial trade agreement, and expressed caution about the initial phase of the deal which President Donald Trump called “very substantial.”

Josh Lipton reports on how semiconductors stocks are rallying lately on Wall Street and is heavily impacted with the trade talks with China.

On Friday, the U.S. and China reached a partial accord on trade and said tariff increases will not go into effect this week. Kayla Tausche has more for us from the White House.

Bob Pisani is at the New York Stock Exchange for us and gives us a recap on how stocks rallied on Friday.

The U.S. has come to a “very substantial phase one deal” with China in the high-stakes trade negotiations between the two economic superpowers, President Donald Trump said Friday.

Sen. Elizabeth Warren is positioning herself to be tougher on China than President Donald Trump, former White House chief strategist Steve Bannon told CNBC on Friday.

On Thursday, Wall Street was keeping a close eye on the trade talks in Washington. Bob Pisani has more for us at the New York Stock Exchange.

Eunice Yoon is in Beijing for us and reports on the growing rift between the NBA and China.

President Trump will be meeting with China’s chief trade negotiator in the latest trade talks between the two biggest economies in the world. Kayla Tausche has more for us from Washington.

President Donald Trump said he’s meeting with Chinese Vice Premier Liu He on Friday, fueling optimism about a positive outcome from this week’s high-level trade talks.