Small business owners are feeling the pinch of the escalating trade tensions with China. Our Kate Rogers speaks to a small business owner in Colorado who held out for as long as possible before raising her prices.

We delve more into the chip semiconductor sector and ask if the U.S. recent trade war with China is doing a long-term damage to the industry. Kim Forrest, CIO from Bokeh Capital Partners, joins us in the discussion.

The semiconductor sector has been trapped in the middle of the U.S. trade war with China and it may take some time to undo that damage. Josh Lipton reports.

The U.S. trade tensions with China has also affected the Chinese economy. Eunice Yoon is in Beijing and breaks down all the data for us.

The owner of Denver Concrete Vibrator, which manufactures equipment that strengthens and settles concrete for infrastructure projects, said tariffs finally took a toll on her business.

How is the retail industry affected by the U.S. tariff trade war with China? Many retailers are watching this situation very closely and even there is a tariff strategy emerging. Seema Mody has more for us.

From all the major factors going on in today’s economy from tariff and inflation to interest rates, we speak with Karissa McDonough, a Chief Fixed Income Strategist at People’s United Advisors, with her expertise on the topics.

The trade war and global slowdown are combining to trigger a sharp drawdown in profits for U.S. multinational companies.

A new report from China shows a decline in Chinese imports possibly indicating the trade war with the U.S. is reducing demand in China. This comes as U.S. Secretary of the Treasury Steven Mnuchin threatened China that more tariffs may be on the horizon. Eunice Yoon has the latest for us.

Huawei has reportedly been building its Android rival for at least the last seven years in secret.

A former top trade advisor to President Donald Trump says he thinks the U.S. will emerge from its lengthy negotiations with China with a deal — but it won’t happen at the G-20 summit at the end of this month.

President Donald Trump confirmed on Monday that additional tariffs on Chinese goods will be levied if Chinese President Xi Jinping does not attend this month’s G-20 meeting.

Both the Chinese and Russian presidents presented an unified economic front during their latest meeting in St. Petersburg, Russia. Geoff Cutmore is in Russia for us and has more.

While the trade tensions between the U.S. and China is stagnant, there is some movement in the relationship between Russia and China. What are both countries view to the U.S.? Our Geoff Cutmore has more for us at St. Petersburg, Russia.

President Donald Trump told reporters Thursday that tariffs on China could be raised by another $300 billion if necessary.