Bright Ideas

Source: Yoobi
Usher delivers Yoobi supplies to Hillcrest Elementary School in LA.

While today’s trends and inventions often deemed narcissistic (think the selfie stick), an interest in making the world a better place is also driving innovation. Yoobi, a Los Angeles-based school supplies company, falls in this camp. The startup connects customers to a mission to provide supplies to classrooms in need. Every purchase results in a …

Source: CoachUp
Stephen Curry and Jordan Fliegel

Private athletic coaching used to be something for the pros, or the rich, but CoachUp, a Boston-based start-up is trying to change that. “It’s nothing new. At the highest level, all the best athletes in the world all do private coaching… that’s because it really works. It’s the best way to improve,” explained Jordan Fliegel, …


In 2003, only months after a Super Bowl victory, Casey Crawford gave up a lucrative NFL career and decided to cash in on a booming real estate business.

Source: Flatiron School

Go to college for four years, take out tens of thousands in student loans and hope that someone will hire you so you can pay off your debt. It may not be the American dream, but it has become the American standard. Flatiron School is hoping to change that. Students at the New York City-based …


When Renee Sandler read there were only 12 female CEOs at Fortune 500 companies back in 2007, she said, “something snapped.” Her daughters, aged 9 and 10 at the time, could enter a workforce and become limited by their gender. She decided it was time to begin teaching them, through business, what might be in …


Two Israeli doctors have come up with a wearable solution that promotes knee and hip alignment to reduce joint pain and it’s backed by former pro athletes.

Source: Managed by Q
Saman Rahmanian, Managed by Q

In a landscape full of start-ups, one company is making its mark by capitalizing on other start-ups. The strategy is paying off, Managed by Q’s client list has doubled in the past four months to 200. Knowing that there’s typically no such thing as a set of extra hands when you work for a small …

Source: Food Cowboy
Richard and Roger Gordon are hoping their business, Food Cowboy, can help eliminate some of the billions of dollars of food that is wasted each year.

You know that bruised apple you pushed aside at the grocery store? It’s probably in a dumpster or a landfill somewhere, along with the 40 percent of America’s food that is thrown away. Food Cowboy is a start-up looking to redirect the fate of rejected food, not only to end hunger in America but to …

Source: CNBC
Nancy, driver for SheTaxis

If you’re a woman looking for a female cabbie, there’s an app for that. SheTaxis is a recently launched New York taxi start-up that connects female passengers with female drivers.

Colleen and James students 4

A young biomedical engineer is hoping to reduce avoidable hospital-acquired infections with a lighting technology that kills bacteria.

furniture anchor canvas w flag

The founders of Maker’s Row aim make it easier and cheaper for would-be entrepreneurs to find domestic manufacturers.

Normal headphones

Meet the entrepreneur who is using 3D printing to prevent those pesky earbuds from falling out.

Patrick Smith flying one of his drones

A former Marine is making drones for aerial photography and selling them for various applications from farming to film making.


“All work and no play” may be your mantra, but one San Francisco woman has turned playtime into a profession. Sophie Maletsky can turn a garage into a cave using newspaper and toilet paper tubes, or an old refrigerator box into a rocket ship. Her installations aren’t part of a grand movie set; she is …

Bright ideas: A treatment plan for America’s health-care system

Martin Refsal woke up one morning feeling “deathly ill.” His neck was swollen. He has a primary care physician, but decided to phone a company called Sherpaa. Within one hour he had a prescription called in at a pharmacy down the block and a referral to see a specialist later that same afternoon. The best …