Bright Ideas

One entrepreneur set out on a mission to create a device that he believes will reduce your chances of getting bitten by a shark.

After noticing a lack of female-oriented action figures in the toy aisle, one mom had the bright idea to change that, giving girls a new way to play. Tyler Mathisen reports.

Tyler Mathisen reports the story of one ex-marine who got the bright idea to make it his business to give back to vets and their families, full-time.

Tyler Mathisen reports how two entrepreneurs are taking the frustration out of pharmacy visits so that patients can quickly get the medicine they need.

Bill Griffeth reports the story of one entrepreneur who’s hoping to change the way Americans get around town.

Tyler Mathisen has the story of one electrician who started his own business and then got the bright idea to advise others how to be CEO warriors.

Tyler Mathisen reports the story of one start-up that’s hoping to disrupt this nation’s political system and change American democracy for the better.

One entrepreneur hopes a healthier bread and a bright idea will help bring in the dough. Sue Herera has the story.

Tyler Mathisen reports on the three guys who turned their fix-it hobby into a big business.

One teenager’s device aims to help the millions who suffer from Alzheimer’s disease. Tyler Mathisen reports the details for this story.

Meet the entrepreneur who had the bright idea to super charge your cup of coffee, and how he turned that idea into a fast-growing business.

Meet the man who had the bright idea to reduce the risk of injury in America’s workforce.

SpotCrime provides nationwide crime incident information on Google maps.

Ever get sick and tired of your job and crave a change? Tania Isenstein did just that. A lifelong dog lover and career lawyer, she gave up a high-paying job at Goldman Sachs to buy Camp Canine, a doggie daycare center in New York City… sounds crazy right? “All my friends looked at me and …

While on a family vacation in Paris this summer, 14-year-old Katie Rothstein fell off a Segway, hitting her head. She felt dizzy at first, but she seemed to recover quickly. Plus, she was wearing a helmet. Her parents thought she was fine. Almost three weeks later, her mother, Adrienne Rothstein, brought Katie in as a …