Bright Ideas

Two entrepreneurs who were fed up with not being able to find a quiet place to get work done came up with a bright idea to bring privacy to public spaces. Bill Griffeth has their story.

A young entrepreneur with Down’s syndrome teamed up with his father on a venture to get more people with disabilities into the workforce. Their bright idea turned into a million dollar business. Tyler Mathisen has their story.

Tyler Mathisen has the story of one entrepreneur who made it her mission to make home geothermal systems more affordable.

Tyler Mathisen reports on how digital start-up Capsule Pharmacy is reinventing pharmacies by working directly with doctors and hand delivering medications to patients.

Sue Herera has the story of two friends who set out on a mission to redefine how women shop for jewelry and accessories.

Tyler Mathisen has the story of how a simple watch made of wood went from a bright idea to a growing business.

Student loans are the second largest source of debt in the US economy. One entrepreneur is on a mission to give borrowers lower rates and guidance on how to manage debt.

Sue Herera has the story of how one entrepreneur got the bright idea to take warehouse shopping mobile.

One young woman’s bright idea to create an easy-to-remove wallpaper has turned into a business on track to do $1 million in sales this year. Tyler Mathisen has the story.

Tyler Mathisen has the story of a graffiti artist who used her skills to build a legitimate and thriving business.

Sue Herera reports on how one start-up’s idea could help to solve one of 911’s biggest problems.

Two sisters, who are a part of a military family, are giving back through a very successful business. Tyler Mathisen has their story.

Tyler Mathisen reports how one man’s desire to help his customers quench their thirst turned into a bright idea and a very tidy business.

Tyler Mathisen reports how two entrepreneurs are changing the way office spaces are rented, so that both renters and building owners can have increased flexibility.

Tyler Mathisen has the story of a former college football player who started a business by tapping into the emotions of sports’ fans everywhere.