Bright Ideas

Sue Herera reports on two dog lovers who couldn’t find fresh, homemade dog food on the market – so they decided to create it themselves.

A growing number of businesses are offering online chat services to help employees answer customer questions and address concerns. But those chats are often stilted and awkward. And that’s why one entrepreneur made it his mission to make chatting more personal. Bill Griffeth reports.

Bill Griffeth reports how one entrepreneur is helping others turn their vision into reality with a sustainable twist.

No one ever said logistics was sexy, but it is lucrative for one entrepreneur who had the bright idea to ship packages around the world. Sue Herera has his story.

The baseball bat business is dominated by a few big players, but an entrepreneur with a bright idea found his way into the game. Bill Griffeth has his story.

Two Houston-based entrepreneurs came up with a way to make the process of creating hydrogen peroxide safer and cheaper. Bill Griffeth tells their story.

Sue Herera has the story of one entrepreneur who had the bright idea to turn fungus into light fixtures.

Bill Griffeth reports on how one woman turned a hobby into a multi-million dollar fashion business.

In this longer version of “Bright Ideas: Ship of Treasures” we learn more about the Accelerated Learning Program for Students at Olivia and Brynna’s elementary school outside of Chicago.

Two entrepreneurs who were fed up with not being able to find a quiet place to get work done came up with a bright idea to bring privacy to public spaces. Bill Griffeth has their story.

A young entrepreneur with Down’s syndrome teamed up with his father on a venture to get more people with disabilities into the workforce. Their bright idea turned into a million dollar business. Tyler Mathisen has their story.

Tyler Mathisen has the story of one entrepreneur who made it her mission to make home geothermal systems more affordable.

Tyler Mathisen reports on how digital start-up Capsule Pharmacy is reinventing pharmacies by working directly with doctors and hand delivering medications to patients.

Sue Herera has the story of two friends who set out on a mission to redefine how women shop for jewelry and accessories.