When it comes to saving for retirement, is the traditional approach outdated? Win Smathers, a financial advisor at Shorebridge Wealth Management, gives us his pointers for alternative routes.

What are investors and strategists saying about the economy today? Will there be an upcoming recession or not? What’s the data saying? Steve Liesman reports.

How will the trade tensions with China affect stocks and bonds in the market? We speak with experts who give their analysis on the issue.

As Amazon enjoyed record profits and cash balances last year, it turned to one of the safest and lowest-risk investments: government debt.

On Tuesday, the U.S. 10-year Treasury yield and 30-year Treasury yield rose to fresh multi-year highs.

Bob Pisani explains why bond yields have been rising.

The two most important factors in stock prices are earnings and the interest rates and the good news in earnings is already out, says Wharton’s Jeremy Siegel.

Rick Rieder runs fixed income investing for BlackRock, but lately he is a big believer in stocks. Persistently low interest rates, weak inflation and a lack of supply relative to demand for bonds leaves Rieder advocating for equities rather than the fixed income market. Rieder is chief investment officer for fixed income at BlackRock, which …

U.S. government debt yields rose Friday, as investors received their first sign that inflation may be on the rise in the latest jobs report.

China’s markets, long considered insulated from global ructions by strict capital controls, took a hit this week from the U.S. rate hike.

With the Federal Reserve planning to gradually raise interest rates, investors should know this about their fixed-income portfolios.

U.S. sovereign bond prices were higher Tuesday, after being closed Monday for the July 4 holiday, resuming a strong “safe-haven” bid as global equities fell lower.

BlackRock’s Peter Fisher said Monday he does not see the risky end of the corporate fixed income market sinking the overall U.S. economy like the bust in subprime mortgages did during the Great Recession.

One of the most basic rules of investing is this: the higher the return you seek, the greater your risk becomes. And that lesson is vividly on display today with news that a prominent New York mutual fund, Third Avenue Focused Credit, is liquidating.  That’s a fancy way of saying, going out of business. The …

A part of the bond market could be sending warning signs about the economy and the stock market.