Biotech & Pharmaceuticals

Traders are worried that Repatha isn’t effective enough to justify the drug’s hefty price tag of over $14,500 per year.

The drug, known as JCAR015, was being tested in adults with relapsed acute lymphoblastic leukemia, a rare and deadly blood cancer.

Express Scripts said despite the double-digit increase, costs for employers rose just 2.5 percent across all prescription drugs.

More than $125 million has been spent over an initiative to bar state agencies from paying more for drugs than the Veterans Affairs Department pays.

Price increases on life-saving EpiPens have parents outraged — but the CEO of the company that makes them said no one’s more frustrated than her.

With biotech stocks at their highest level since January, one strategist thinks a Donald Trump presidential win could send them even higher.

Biotech has been at a low year-to-date, but traders believe the sector is going to make a comeback.

Meg Tirrell explains what to look for in the biotech industry in 2016.

One morning in October, I was frantically scrambling around my apartment, trying to find a thumb drive. It’s probably the most valuable thumb drive I’ll ever have, and I couldn’t believe I had misplaced it. It contains the blueprint of who I am: My genome. Or at least, all the ways my genes differ from …

Meg Tirrell reports from the American Society of Hematology’s annual meeting where many of the latest blood disease treatments were presented.

There may be a big advantage to treating people with personalized medicine — drugs and treatments tailored to an individual’s genetic profile — but improved health outcomes for them will come at a big cost. That’s because it is very costly to screen patients for such tailored treatments and to produce medicine that targets individuals …

Of the 41 new drugs that were FDA-approved in 2014, 18 were for drugs with orphan indications, a record level.

Pfizer and Allergan are combining in a $160 billion deal, handing Pfizer a new address and creating a lot of controversy.

Over the next couple of weeks two drugs that combat a rare and fatal form of muscular dystrophy will come under review, in what could be a watershed moment for patients.

Why one lawsuit accuses a drug company of illegally driving sales of its pain killing drug.