Citigroup on Wednesday reported a quarterly profit $1.14 a share on revenue of $17.012 billion.

Record credit card sales helped move JPMorgan Chase’s quarterly earnings well past analysts’ expectations.

Watch trade revenues, interest rates and credit risks as banks announce quarterly results.

Italian lender says it now expected its 10.6 billion euro liquidity position to turn negative after four months.

Banks are surging on the back of Trump’s presidential win, but are they overbought at these levels?

After weeks of ugly headlines, the worst of the fallout may just be starting for Wells Fargo, according to a new study on the bank’s troubles.

Bank of America dedicated an entire slide of its quarterly earnings presentation to digital banking trends as a focus on consumer finance tech grows.

The bank posted earnings of 81 cents per share on revenue of $8.9 billion.

The bank posted earnings of 41 cents a share on revenue of $21.64 billion.

The bank topped analysts’ forecasts in its first earnings report since its phony accounts scandal, but the firm revealed that its consumer business may be taking a hit.

“There was clearly something wrong, and we will make the necessary changes to fix it,” Wells Fargo’s new CEO Tim Sloan pledges.

The scandal served as a reminder of how far banks have to go yet to recover the public trust they lost after the 2008 financial crisis.

Wells Fargo share prices rose after CEO John Stumpf stepped down, putting the stock on pace to rise above $46 a share in Thursday’s session.

Wells Fargo’s board “should’ve started this investigation years ago, certainly months ago,” management expert Jeffrey Sonnenfeld tells CNBC.

The good news for banks is that most people have more faith in them than in Congress and the media. The bad news is that’s still not very good.