Phil LeBeau reports from the Geneva Motor Show, where carmakers are rolling out their new electric car and SUV models.

Phil LeBeau reports on how the increasing cost of buying a car or truck is impacting the auto industry.

Sales of new cars and trucks in February showed declines. Phil LeBeau breaks down the numbers.

The store closures are part of a push to slash costs as much as possible to ensure the lowest-priced version of the car makes money.

Phil LeBeau reports on why borrowers are increasingly missing their car payments.

Phil LeBeau reports that a new round of tariffs could impact new car prices and car sales.

A new report, based in part on the reviews of thousands of vehicle owners, raises questions about the reliability of Tesla’s Model 3.

Ford is aware of five accidents involving a defect that can cause up to 1.48 million F-150 trucks to suddenly downshift to first gear, potentially causing whiplash.

General Motors and Amazon are reportedly in talks to invest in Rivian Automotive, indicating a massive shift in the “next and potentially imminent” electric vehicle market of pickup trucks, Morgan Stanley says.

Morgan Stanley’s Adam Jonas says Tesla’s control of the electric vehicle market is “unsustainable” and will soon be disrupted by Rivian.

The move is part of Ford’s overall strategy to beef up production of sport utility vehicles, crossovers, and trucks.

“Yes, it was a beat relative to consensus, but we think you have to take this report with a grain of salt,” CFRA analyst Garrett Nelson says.

Phil LeBeau reports that the “Big Three” automakers are battling on sales of heavy-duty pick-up trucks.

Shares of Tesla tumbled as manufacturers from Detroit to Japan unveiled new competition for buyers in the electric carmaker’s key market at the Detroit auto show on Monday.

As Phil LeBeau reports, GM expects to beat their earnings projections from 2018 and is giving an upbeat outlook for 2019 as well.