Prices at the pump are expected to top $3 a gallon for unleaded gasoline in many parts of the country in coming weeks, as summer driving season approaches.

If Beijing relaxes foreign ownership limit in its auto industry, international companies may seek greater or full control of their ventures in China — a move that would hurt their local partners, analysts at Daiwa Capital Markets said.

Stable oil prices, improvements in SUV and truck design, and a big shift in consumer tastes seem to spell the end of sedans and small cars in the U.S.

Phil LeBeau reports on how automakers & jet maker Boeing would be impacted by China’s newly proposed tariffs.

Phil LeBeau reports on what drove strong sales for automakers in March.

The American luxury brand is releasing the first of 11 new vehicles this month.

Self-driving cars can get confused in certain scenarios. One company wants to provide support through remote control. Phil LeBeau reports.

The electric vehicle market is tiny, but it’s created some very big questions about the future of gasoline demand. Morgan Stanley analysts Wednesday issued a forecast for global miles driven rising to 32 trillion by 2030, up from 11 trillion currently, with emerging markets a big driver of the growth. They say that forecast is …

Toyota says the tariffs would “substantially raise costs and therefore prices of cars and trucks sold in America.”

Reviewers appreciate much about Tesla’s lowest-priced car, but point out some issues with its design and execution.

Phil LeBeau is at the Detroit Auto Show taking a look at automaker sentiment in regards to NAFTA renegotiations.

Would you get inside a car with no steering wheels or pedals. General Motors thinks you would.

Phil LeBeau reports that auto exports in Mexico are at a record high.

The numbers show automakers are not slowing down final production at plants in Mexico, despite threats from the Trump Administration.

Tesla delivers 1,550 Model 3 sedans and 29,870 total vehicles in fourth quarter