Yum earnings: Finger lickin’ ugly

Jane Wells explains the challenges Yum Brands is facing.

China’s President meets with CEOs

CEOs from some of America’s biggest companies discuss thorny issues with the president of China.

Arrival of China’s president

Michelle Caruso-Cabrera tells us what we can expect from the president of China’s visit to the U.S.

China’s president visits the U.S.

Eunice Yoon tells us the thorny issues that the world’s two biggest economies will discuss when they meet this week.

China’s impact on the U.S. economy

Are the fears about China’s economy overblown? The U.S. may be the least affected by what’s going on in that country.

Uber in China

China’s growth may be slowing, but that’s not stopping Uber from betting on Beijing.

Treasury Secretary Lew on China

In an exclusive interview with Steve Liesman, Treasury Secretary Jack Lew criticized China over the way it handled its recent currency devaluation.

ChinaFotoPress | Getty Images
Investors observe the stock market at an exchange hall in Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province of China.

Most non-Chinese don’t trade stocks in China, but the continuing crash in the Shanghai market still threatens to change their lives. The challenge is that China is the world’s largest exporter ($2.2 trillion worth in 2013) and second-largest importer ($2 trillion), so its struggles are potentially the world’s problems. Compounding the importance of China’s sheer …

China freezes U.S. fund

China’s push to stabilize its stock market puts a major U.S. hedge fund in the crosshairs.

China stock market backlash

Eunice Yoon introduces us to a Chinese farmer who lost more than just his money in the Chinese stock market, he also lost hope.

Luxury companies’ China concerns

As the Chinese stock market pulls back and the economy slows, Chinese consumers are spending a lot less.

Dimas Ardian | Bloomberg | Getty Images
A clerk stacks bundles of Indonesian 100,000 rupiah banknotes at a currency exchange office in Jakarta, Indonesia.

The ripple effects from China’s market drama is being felt far and wide. Among the hardest hit: emerging markets currencies. Read More 3 charts explaining the Chinese stock market Currencies in Latin America, Eastern Europe and Asia were already under pressure this year, and China’s meltdown is just the latest trigger for the selling. “The trend …


China’s stock market rebounded slightly on Thursday, slowing a massive selloff that has erased trillions of yuan of value in recent weeks. The crash and subsequent measures to slow the losses have emphasized how different the Chinese stock market—which was established in the early 1990s—is from its American counterpart. 1. Everyday Chinese citizens dominate the …

China auto sales struggle

A new report shows auto sales have dropped for the first time in two years in China and that could be a big blow to U.S. automakers.

China’s volatile market

Chinese stocks took another dramatic plunge, despite regulators taking fresh steps to support the markets.