United Airlines is scrambling to respond to intense and far-reaching scrutiny after the airline bumped an unwilling passenger, whom authorities forcibly dragged down the aisle, off the flight on Sunday evening.

The combination of a strong economy and near-record consumer confidence is convincing many Americans this is the time to get away.

Warm weather and an economy heating up mean a record number of people will be flying this spring.

It’s looking like it will be a crowded but profitable holiday season for U.S. airlines.

Ever had a bad flight and decided to rant about a your experience on Twitter or Facebook? A new study shows those complaints are being heard.

Airfares are dropping and this fall could be a great time to save money on a flight.

As the world tries to make sense of the U.K.’s historic vote, three sectors could be especially hard hit.

Imagine scanning your passport and face and then boarding an airplane without ever having to deal with a member of airport staff.

When Oscar Munoz walks into his office at United headquarters Monday, there will be plenty of smiles seeing him return from a heart transplant just two months ago. But he won’t be able to ease back on the job after his major surgery.

Here’s something to keep in mind the next time you’re trudging through a crowded airport: A new study has found that travelers are actually more satisfied with their experience as they go from check-in, through security and onto the plane. According to J.D. Power’s latest survey, released Wednesday, overall airline satisfaction registered 725 points on …

Hoverboards are gaining popularity as holiday gifts, but you might want to think twice before traveling with one this holiday season.

Hoverboards have seen a recent uptick in popularity, especially as a holiday gift for the techies in your life. But airline authorities are warning that you should think twice before wrapping one up and packing it onto a flight home this holiday season. This is because hoverboards are powered by lithium-ion and lithium-metal batteries. If …

Starting next month, Delta is revamping its dishes on transoceanic flights to shift to seasonally rotating, regionally-influenced menus, the company announced Wednesday. The move, which affects its Delta One cabin, comes as restaurants and packaged food companies aggressively tweak products to cater to evolving consumer tastes and an increasing focus on ingredients. But overhauling dishes …

The terror attacks in Paris have millions re-thinking travel plans.

When an airline decides where and when to fly its planes, there’s often a lot more at stake than just the bottom line. The final choice of routes can be controversial, as United Continental‘s recently ousted CEO discovered after allegations surfaced that the company initiated money-losing, nonstop service as a personal favor to a New …