China is not purchasing U.S. crops as the world’s two largest economies scramble to end their trade war, President Donald Trump said Thursday.

What is the aerospace industry and Europe have to do with tariffs on specialty foods? Rahel Solomon explains to us at a specialty foods convention in New York.

How can the dairy industry repair its image after the growing backlash of a viral video surface of farm animals being abused? Karen Tiber Leland, the Founder & President from Sterling Marketing Group, joins us in this discussion.

The dairy industry is facing a number of challenges…now including a growing backlash from a video that has gone viral – and we must warn you, some of the images are very disturbing. Rahel Solomon has the story.

The controversy over video showing alleged abuse of calves at a farm in Indiana is calling attention to so-called ag-gag laws on the books in at least seven states.

We delve into the flooding problems in the Midwest where crops’ production is feeling the brunt of the storms and affecting its prices. How does the flooding affect the economy as a whole? We speak with Scott Nations, the President and CIO at NationsShares.

On the Mississippi River between Illinois and Iowa, shipping has hit a stand still because of a historic flooding this Spring season. Contessa Brewer reports on how farmers there are reeling with these heavy floods.

Farmers in the U.S. are saying trade uncertainty is causing them to be “collateral damage” and in the middle of the political crosshairs in Washington. Ylan Mui speaks with a local farmer from Georgia.

Prices for lettuce varieties including iceberg and Boston lettuce soared after an outbreak of E. coli linked to romaine lettuce stopped sales of the popular salad green.

The Trump administration plans to offer billions in aid to farmers hit by tariffs on their goods, a move that aimed at easing the pain caused by Trump’s escalating trade war in key electoral states.

Contessa Brewer reports dairy farmers across eight states are struggling as big retailers, such as Walmart and Kroger, get into the milk business.

Aditi Roy reports on why there’s a growing trend among millennials to become farmers.

A widely used farm pesticide that the Trump administration refused to ban could get restricted in California.

President Trump’s plans to gut the Agriculture Department’s discretionary funding is getting criticized by key lawmakers.

The powerful March storm packing cold air to parts of the Southeast and Midwest is a becoming menace to farmers.