Aditi Roy reports on why there’s a growing trend among millennials to become farmers.

A widely used farm pesticide that the Trump administration refused to ban could get restricted in California.

President Trump’s plans to gut the Agriculture Department’s discretionary funding is getting criticized by key lawmakers.

The powerful March storm packing cold air to parts of the Southeast and Midwest is a becoming menace to farmers.

“You don’t want to irritate one of your largest buyers,” says one economist in Missouri, “and that’s got everybody on edge right now.”

Farmers say they helped put Donald Trump over the top. Here’s what they now say they want in return.

It might be hip for supermarkets such as Wal-Mart to embrace the sale of so-called ugly produce as a way to reduce food waste, but whether it even makes practical or economic sense to launch regular offerings of odd-looking or funny-shaped fruits and vegetables maybe something altogether different.

There’s another weed taking root in the Golden State, one being called a “super food”: quinoa.

Some California farmers are planning to flood their farms with the coming El Niño.

Suburbia was built on sod. The post-World War II housing boom in California saw row after row of tract homes pop up with lawns in front and back. This is a region of the country where you need your lawn mowed every week, where grass feels cool under your feet in August, and where it’s …

New water rules in California are causing a lot of confusion.

When you think of farming, you probably don’t think of Newark, New Jersey, but that’s exactly where green vegetables are being grown indoors.

The drought in California is so severe, no solution is considered too far-fetched. Not even using recycled toilet water to irrigate the nation’s most prestigious wine grapes in Napa Valley. Call it effluent for the affluent. “California has a lot of growing up to do on how to use water well,” said Will Nord, a …

Dire news about drought in the West and avian flu in the Midwest may lead Americans to believe farming is struggling. They’d be wrong. The industry is thriving—and hiring college grads. A new report finds there’s high demand, at least for the foreseeable future, for college graduates with a degree in agricultural programs. An average …

The government reportedly approved $330 million in emergency funds to help contain the avian flu.