Gun control advocacy groups have dedicated more than $2 million on digital and TV ads, widely outspending the National Rifle Association, since the mass shootings weeks ago in California, Texas and Ohio that left more than 30 dead.

Though a newly announced bundle for Disney+, ESPN+ and Hulu might seem like a steal from the consumer subscription point of view, Disney CEO Bob Iger said the move will be valuable for the company’s advertising business.

Facebook and Google’s long-held dominance in the digital ad market is showing some more cracks after a strong report from Pinterest Thursday.

Amazon has built a huge advertising business. Here’s a little more about how it all works.

Companies like Netflix are using an alternative way in its market strategy to target binge watchers. Julia Boorstin reports.

This year as executives from the world’s biggest brands and ad agencies gathered on the French Riveria for the annual Cannes Lions advertising festival, Facebook and Google, which control the majority of all digital advertising, are facing unprecedented scrutiny.

Facebook and Google are out in full force at the annual advertising festival in Cannes, France but so is the talk of “Techlash”. What’s the potential regulatory scrutiny could mean to the other companies in this industry? Julia Boorstin is at that festival and reports.

Advertisers are facing a big challenge right now and that’s making sure their ads do not appear on offensive content on the internet. Julia Boorstin has more for us from the annual Cannes Lions Global Advertisement Festival.

Cybersecurity firm White Ops says an army of automated web browsers is siphoning millions of dollars of advertising per day away from media outfits and advertisers.